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How Do The Highest Rated Online Psychic Sites Of 2022 Compare?

Finding the right Psychic is difficult, I found out the hard way that some Psychics aren't the honest, genuine people they claim to be. Over the last 10+ years I have paid for hundreds of Psychic readings. The only way to guarantee you get a honest, accurate Psychic at a great price is to go through a Psychic service that certifies their Psychics. Not all Psychic sites offer the same services, customer support or integrity you would expect, so I put together this easy to read side by side psychic service comparison.
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Online Psychic Reading FAQ

Can you really get an accurate psychic reading online or over the phone?

Yes! The connection to the universe we all share is not bound by our physical limitations. We have 5 senses that tell us if someone isn’t in the same room then they aren’t in contact. In the physical world that is still very true. A real psychic can tap into the fabric of the universe that we’re all apart of. They can feel you just by hearing your voice or reading your words.

Why do I need to ask questions? Shouldn’t the psychic already know?

In order to make a good connection, and get a good reading you need to participate. The more aware of the issues you’re experiencing, the more effective your psychic reading will be. Your focus on your issues help guide your psychic’s inner vision to narrow it down to the information you need now. Without focus your psychic will still receive information but it might not be what you were looking for. This helps you and them save a little time.

Why do psychics need my birthdate?

They don’t necessarily need it, but your astrological chart plays a big role in your life, and your future. It definitely helps your psychic make an accurate prediction for your future and help guide you on the right path. Psychics don’t use newspaper horoscopes, professional astrology is a science.

What do I gain from getting a psychic reading?

Psychic readings from a qualified psychic can help you to uncover your hidden talents and fears. They put you back in touch with your spirit within. You will be given the ability to look at your life from another perspective with their help. They will help you to understand what your focus in life should be and help you find real solutions to the current challenges you’re currently facing in life. By the end of your psychic reading you will have a deeper appreciation of yourself, that path that your life is on, how you can change that path for the better, and understand your feelings about your current difficulties in life.

Can a psychic reunite me and my loved one?

Psychics can not control anyone’s life, everyone was given freewill and is free to choose their own path. A psychic can help you gain perspective and understanding about your relationships and why and how they will unfold so you can live your life wide awake.

Can psychics cast love spells?

A psychic can not control anyone, we all have a god given right to free will. Spells, curses and other “magic” are not in a real psychics toolbox. A real psychic understands that they do not have the power to control another persons life, nor would they want to.

Do psychics use evil spirits or black magic?

No! This is a common misconception. Psychics come from all different religions, races, ethnicities, backgrounds and countries. People with psychic ability are as diverse as the world! Psychics were born with a gift that they learned to harness over their lives. It does not conflict with any religion. Most of the time psychics want to use this gift to help people, not hurt them.

What’s the difference between a psychic and a medium?

Mediums have a special ability to form a connection between the living world and the spirit world. They become a channel or a relay to allow loved ones to communicate with someone they lost. A Psychic has the ability to sense, understand and interpret information about your life. They do not make contact with the spirit world. However, this guidance can greatly help you with emotional, physical and spiritual issues in peoples lives. This additional information allows you to make better decisions about your future.

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