New Lotus Web: The Mega Corporation Behind Fake Online Psychics

Who Is New Lotus Web? 

Unfortunately, the psychic industry is an easy target for abuse. Scammers are rampant in this field and they’re good at telling people what they want to hear. New Lotus Web is no exception. Just like the others, they take advantage of people who are in distress and are desperate for help.

When people have fallen on bad times they’re more likely to believe what they’re told. Fake psychics know this and use it to make money off of them. Psychic scams are wide and varied, ranging from fortune-tellers to spirit mediums. Sadly, fake psychics give real psychics a bad name because not all psychics are fake or out to scam you.

There are some really great ones out there. I have personal experience with psychics who are blessed with genuine abilities and who have been able to help me when I needed them the most. I hate that psychic scammers keep good, trusting people from getting the advice and guidance they really need.

Readings from genuine psychics can be life-changing and can help you move forward in your life. I believe everyone should have access to them and consult with them now and then. That’s the reason I started this website and blog in the first place.

I didn’t always know who to trust when it came to psychics and psychic readings. I was scammed by a mother/daughter team once and that didn’t feel good at all. It was then that I decided to try and help as many people as possible avoid being scammed by people pretending to be psychic.

Throughout my years of researching online psychics, one company that kept popping up was New Lotus Web. Not only have I received emails from their psychics, but so have a lot of my readers. I get a lot of questions about the emails they send out. People want to know if these are the real deal or if they’re just another fake.

I decided to research this popular company to see what they were all about. Their website seemed harmless enough when I first landed on it. It’s very streamlined and easy to navigate. No annoying ads popped up on my screen trying to distract me from the reason I was there. There is a real address and phone number to contact them if need be.

They’re Not Even A Psychic Company

New Lotus Web Scam

My first red flag was that despite being the company behind a lot of different psychics, they aren’t a psychic company. They’re actually a “digital marketing company” that specializes in the psychic field. Their whole business model is to Copywrite, strategize, advertise, and monetize psychic scams.

They’re basically a factory and one-stop-shop for fake psychics. The kind of psychics that flood your inbox with scary-sounding messages and “warnings”. The type that sends emails designed to make you question your future and your safety if you don’t contact them for a reading. They know how to get unsuspecting victims’ attention and they’re good at what they do.

The “psychics” they create aren’t real people at all, just fabrications. My personal opinion is that these “psychics” are nothing more than automated bots who were created to make and send emails and reply with fake readings when someone pays.

They’re Based Out Of Gibraltar

As if that weren’t enough, my second red flag was the fact that they’re based out of Gibraltar. This is cause for concern because Gibraltar is a well-known international tax haven. The country allows any company, no matter what they do, to use their address. They then receive payment for services at this address without having to report it to anyone.

They don’t require them to pay taxes on their revenue like other countries. For this reason, unethical companies who don’t care to be honest or genuine prefer doing business there. It also means that customers have no recourse if they get scammed by a company based here.

They’re able to skirt around regular laws and don’t have to appear in court for anyone. This is definitely a big NO from me as far as doing business with them. If a company takes money from my credit card without my approval, I want to be able to fight for my money back.

Popular Psychic Extraordinary Chris Is One Of Their Scams


One of New Lotus Web’s most popular psychic creations is Extraordinary Chris. You may also know him as Chris Voyance, Chris the Psychic, or Psychic Chris.  His website is

When I looked on his website, I noticed that his address is the same one in Gibraltar as New Lotus Web so that pretty much told me everything I needed to know. I kept looking however because I like to give everyone a fair chance before calling them fake.

The website provides a short video where they introduce us to him and tell us more about who he is. He calls himself a “hypnotist” and a “para-psychologist.” You can get an initial reading for about £5 which includes a mailed or emailed reading, a tarot card drawing, and your lucky numbers.

They claim to have a 100% satisfaction guarantee but again, being based out of Gibraltar, this doesn’t actually mean anything. I’ve heard from hundreds of dissatisfied users who were never able to get a refund but I’ll touch more on that later.

Other Fake Psychics Created By New Lotus Web

Celeste Angelic Medium scam

Extraordinary Christ isn’t the only fake psychic created and run by New Lotus Web. I’ve only just begun to uncover some of them and it’s a continuous process because as soon as I discover one, they’ve already created more.

It’s also hard to speak directly to New Lotus Web because there is no one listed as the owner. It’s owned and operated by “Private Company Ltd.” There’s no one who can be held accountable for their services. Another one of their psychics that I know for a fact is a scam is Esmeralda Psychic.

Her whole existence is just like Chris’s. The website has a photo of her and a short little bio telling us about her. Another popular one is William, Your Guardian Angel. This one is also really well-known but just as fake as the others.

Medium Maria is yet another one of their famous scams. Just like the others, the website looks legitimate and seems very believable. They all function the same way, simply using different images and personas to attract different types of victims. Chris might appeal more to one person while William Guardian Angel appeals to another.

By creating various “psychics” they cover all their bases. New Lotus Web isn’t the only company that creates these fake psychics. There are a lot based out of Gibraltar, as well as Hong Kong, Switzerland, etc. Here is a list of just some that I know of:

New Lotus Web’s Scam Process


The process for all of New Lotus Web’s psychic scams are essentially the same with only slight differences here and there. It basically goes something like this: You land on their website, either by doing a web search for psychic readings or clicking on the link in an email they sent you.

There they convince you they’re a genuine psychic and you sign up for the “free” reading. Once you do this, you’ve already given New Lotus Web some of your personal information such as gender, date of birth, etc. You get sent a supposed reading but it’s nothing but bad news.

The digital marketing part of the company strategizes how to best convince you to pay for a full reading. Unfortunately, that usually always involves doom and gloom. They tell you that if you don’t pay to hear what they have to say, your future will be bleak.

You’ll have bad luck or your curse will never get removed. They might also try to tell you that something bad will happen to you or someone you love. When they’ve frightened you enough, you agree to pay for a reading that will supposedly tell you how to avoid these bad things.

New Lotus Web has a “funnel monetization plan” in place which basically means that their email campaigns are designed to increase the company’s conversion rate. The more people they sign up, the more money they get. Pretty simple.

This means that if you sign up just one time, you’ll get constant emails trying to sell you services. Once they have your email address they can send you emails from different “psychics” hoping that one of them strikes a chord with you and you’ll bite.

Customer Experiences With New Lotus Web And Their Psychics


I’m not alone in my dislike for New Lotus Web and its various psychics such as Extraordinary Chris. While there are *some* good reviews for him, there are definitely more bad ones than good. This is always a red flag to me. It really makes me question what’s going on.

I decided to research other people’s experiences so that I could compare them to my own. One thing I kept coming across is how so many people were unable to get a refund after requesting one. I couldn’t find anyone who said they successfully managed to do so.

Maybe they’re out there and just never took the time to report back, that’s totally possible. It still makes me really suspicious though. People stated that they sent numerous email requests that were never replied to. They also tried calling various phone numbers which all went unanswered as well.

Most reviewers stated that they found the tactics used by Esmeralda Psychic, Medium Maria, Extraordinary Chris, and William, Your Guardian Angel to be unethical. So many complained about receiving threatening emails after requesting for the service to be canceled.

They were told things like “the Black Mark of Janus is on you.” Authentic psychics abide by a code of ethics and would never say things like this. They also have genuine gifts and skills and therefore don’t have to go as low as to use disingenuous scare tactics to get customers.

Everyone Gets The Same Reading

The final nail in the coffin for me was when I realized that everyone basically gets the same exact generic readings. When I compared mine with other people’s I noticed that they were almost identical with only a few words changed.

I even signed up for the same psychic from a different email address, DOB, and name and got the same thing as before. Names and dates of birth were changed of course but that’s about it.

There’s hardly any personalization in their messages which tells me they’re all automated. Just a “bot” they put to work replying to people who paid. If you’re in a tough place emotionally and are looking for help from a psychic, please do your homework!

Stay away from the psychics I’ve mentioned here and any others that come from New Lotus Web. All you’ll get from them is ripped off. For authentic, trustworthy psychics please check out my reviews page or click on the box below. This will take you to a list of all the online psychic sites I use and trust.

Unlike New Lotus Web psychics, these aren’t run out of a shady country. They also come with actual satisfaction guarantees so you have nothing to lose!

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Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.


    • Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

      Es gab mehrere Betrugsversuche, die allerdings mit meiner Kreditkarte in Zusammenhang standen.(New Web Lotus) Diese Angelegenheiten wurden nie erledigt etc Ich mußte mehrmals meine Paßwörter ändern, da Unbefugte offenbar meine Daten benutzt hatten.(New Web Lotus) Es gab mehrere Belästigungen per Handy und E-Mail.(New Web Lotus)Ich habe alles verloren etc

      Viele herzliche Grüße


  2. Hi I’ve found this website to be very informative and helpful. What are your thoughts on the website of California They offer many services but I’m not sure if their legitimacy. Any feedback would be appreciated before I try their services.
    Thank you!

  3. It is a scam from lotus web. You try to email pyscics and they just throw the email back at you. Chris is real but the website sucks

    • Chris has been sending me stuff and this Janis is upon you scam and I figured wait I don’t got that goin on like wth wow and I know now he’s just to get your money beware people don’t fall for Chris the Extraordinary don’t believe it!

  4. Chris is real have a look at website on chris webster enterprises. People love him he is legit

  5. California is also a rip-off! Don’t use them! You do get a refund if you ask for one in a year, but none of their so-called spells or lucky charms work! They’re a waste of time.

  6. I was stupid to have to pay £39 knew something was wrong but they act so comfortably u believe anything they email you how stupid that feels now

  7. I feel very very stupid I’ve been scammed for 1year I’ve been giving f—king William money doing so many rituals prayers ect. I have lost so much money what a dum cow I am thank you Angela for your insight. Wendy

  8. I have always been under the assumption that all these were not actually real people. more like chain letters. how do you k now who is a “real” psychic and who isnt? i figure anyone responding to me who is truly psyhic would already know i have no money to pay them, and that i will find a truly gifted person when they say, this is a gift to you. other than that, is there amyone to find that actually is a real person? i would love to find one.. thank you ms harry houdini the third or fourth for trying to protect people from money hungry fraudsters. job well done for so many who really are trying to believe.

  9. This is what he sent me today! I think it’s a total scare tactic and it’s intended to induce panic. I almost fell for the videos and messages but after I got this email this morning, I looked it up and found this psychic review page thankfully.

    My dear Laura,

    One day in January 2006 you found yourself confronted with a real dilemma! Remember this impossible situation where you had to choose, with a heavy heart, between remaining faithful to what you are and making a compromise that you didn’t want.

    Yes, on this day, you lied to yourself but also to others. If you don’t want it to begin again, then come and watch the video recording here because history could well repeat itself again and again and you could end up being seriously affected…

    This time, you must do something, Laura! In 2006, it was finally only a warning of what was being prepared since long ago and that seems to be leaving its mark on your future. In any case, this is what all the omens predict concerning you for the months and years to come: the Runes, the Tarot, the stars, the pendulum, all tell me the same things. There’s no doubt about it…

    Sit down, dear Laura! I must make you an important revelation and you won’t like hearing what I have to say. If you’re ready, this is what I regret having to say:


    the Black Mark of Janus is on you!

    Look at it but don’t flee from it!

    This black mark is a first rate, evil totem that obliges all people to regularly make the wrong choices when they have a choice to make! It’s a real calamity and in addition, it’s invulnerable to counter-spells and insensitive to normal protections. This means that you’re not equipped to face it alone! And especially, you mustn’t try!

    At the time I’m speaking to you, I’ve already set up a Shield of defense but it won’t resist long, a few days at the most. We are, you and I, in a situation to be honest with you.

    And during this complicated time, Laura, I therefore ask you to count on me, to trust me and to join me here immediately if you want to eliminate this Black Mark of Janus thanks to the Katabatic Strength of Auster.

    This Strength is irresistible in the sense where nothing can resist it, not even the Black Mark of Janus and I’ll call upon it.

    Your sincere Guide,


  10. I had an initial ” reading” then Chris contacted me to say he’d been doing work and a name come to him with a message!
    It was my late daughter’s name which I never mentioned so do not know where he had that name from?
    Then in the message from her name he Chris said my daughter!
    I never said that name was my daughter so where would Chris get this information from?

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