Psychic Arrested After Scamming More Than $300,000 From Client

There has been an update on this case where Paula Lee’s lawyer defends her actions.

Morris County, N.Y.- 36-year-old psychic Paula Lee has been charged in Morris County and arrested for fraud. She scammed jewelry and $150,000 from one client and $324,650 from five other clients. As a result, Paula Lee, who also goes by Pauline Lee, was held at the Morris County Jail on Tuesday.

Additionally, she must pay $75,000 bail for these charges to get out, which occurred from 2004 to 2010. Barry Bittenmaster, the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office Detective, signed the complaints. They claim that Lee, who currently resides in Hewlett, N.Y., convinced her clients to give her large amounts of money to invest in a church and promised to repay them.

Lee moved from Randolph, N.Y., where she had a psychic/fortune-telling shop in 2010. This move happened shortly after her first victim sued her for fraud in a criminal case. The complaints also accuse Lee of stealing between $3,600 and $149,550 from 2004 to 2010. She stole this money from clients in the cities of Randolph and Denville.

Lee Promised To Place The Money In A Church But Never Did

The state also charges Lee for not paying income taxes from 2007 to 2011. Karen Brown is the victim who suffered the most significant loss from Lee’s scamming. She sued Lee at the Morristown State Superior Court back in 2010. According to the suit, Brown had trouble coping with depression and marriage issues. She sought Lee’s help after seeing her sign for psychic services in Randolph.

She accused Lee of preying on her depression and convincing her that she would die without Lee’s assistance. The suit also stated that by utilizing her “psychic powers,” Lee convinced Brown that someone had cursed her. She also made her believe that “dark forces were obstructing her efforts to find happiness.” Aside from the money Lee scammed, she convinced Brown to loan her a credit card. She used this card to purchase an $11,000 ring and a small-scale church for $12,000.

Once again, a fake Psychic uses the guise of “Curses” to steal money. Remember, curses aren’t real!

Don’t let a fake Psychic convince you that some evil curse is hanging over your head and ruining your life!

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