Fraudulent Psychic Sonia Marks Arrested After Being On The Run for 14 Years

A supposed “psychic” who had her home and business raided and fled the state afterward over 20 years ago has returned to Cincinnati to face the charges against her. Authorities accuse her of conning and stealing about $1 million from 11 people through her psychic business in three years.

Her victims knew her as “Miss Ann,” but her real name was Sonia Marks. A judge indicted her in 1994 on grand theft, theft, engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity, and conspiracy. However, she evaded arrest by disappearing in 1992 after the police raided her business and her home in College Hill. Unfortunately for her, her luck ran out this November.

Court documents state that police arrested the 50-year-old in Oklahoma City and brought her back to Hamilton County. The investigation into Marks began in the ’90s when a 69-year-old man from Springfield Township reported her to the police. He told authorities he paid her $3,000 to cure his leg and back pains but never experienced any relief.

How She Scammed Her Customers

Police records state Marks would have her customers bring cash to her business. Once handed to her, she would tell them their money was full of evil spirits and convince them that the cursed cash was the reason for all their problems. Several clients told the police she would promise to remove the evil spirits from the bills and return them, but they never got them back.

One victim told police that Marks took his whole life savings under the pretense that she would cure his emotional turmoil and physical ailments. Last month, Marks pleaded “not guilty” to all charges. The judge released her on a $100,000 bond for agreeing to wear an ankle monitor and remaining in Hamilton County. Her attorney, Cornelius “Carl” Lewis, feels the judge should drop the charges against her because “too much time has passed since the accusations.”

In a motion to discharge the indictment, Lewis stated, “The record is void, for 14 years, of any efforts by the state to effectuate the warrant or prosecute the indictment of Mrs. Marks.” He also adds that she has been a law-abiding citizen for 14 years. “She is married with two adult children and (living) a full and active life in Oklahoma. It would be unjust to hold and prosecute her for alleged activity over 14 years ago,” states the motion.

Lewis insists that authorities are not legally allowed to prosecute her due to the statute of limitations. Marks will appear in court later this month for a hearing concerning the motion to drop the charges. Since this article was published, Sonia Marks has had further legal trouble. See Fraudulent Psychic Sonia Marks, Who Was Arrested Before Gets Busted Again By Oklahoma City Undercover Agents, for the latest.

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