Graham Bishop, TV Psychic, Pleads Not Guilty In Court. Sent to Isolation In a Psychiatric Hospital.

This is an update to a terrible story I reported on previously.

A 58-year-old British man named Graham Bishop who was accused of stabbing his four-year-old twin daughters pleaded not guilty when he appeared in court yesterday. Bishop’s lawyer had indicated at a preliminary hearing that Bishop would point to temporary insanity in his defense.

“There is a likelihood that he was suffering from insanity at the time [of the attack]” Bishops’ lawyer stated.

B.T tabloid reported that Bishop entered the courtroom on crutches and appeared beaten and lambasted from his self-inflicted wounds after the attack. Since Bishop moved from England to Denmark in 2000, he required an English-speaking interpreter to accompany him in court.

Bishop is a medium who has appeared on several Danish reality shows. He has claimed that he can communicate with spirits and that often when he does so, a spirit, which he refers to as “Dr Karl”, possesses him.

He was accused of stabbing his daughters at Rigshospital’s pediatric center on Sunday, 09-02-12 where one of the daughters was receiving long-term care. After the police entered the room (following the stabbing), he reportedly stabbed himself in the stomach and proceeded to jump out the window. Fortunately, both of the daughters are in stable condition at Rigshospital but are still in comas, according to B.T.

Ekstra Bladet tabloid reports that the considerably younger wife of Bishop had asked him for a divorce prior to the stabbings, and could have been the reason for him to carry out the attack on his twin daughters.

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