Padre Messenger Of Angels Review- Is Padre, The Angels’ Messenger A Scam?

Have you received emails from ‘Padre, the Messenger of the Angels?’ He was flooding my inbox before I reported all contact from him as spam. I was curious whether he was fake or the real deal, so I researched him before coming to that conclusion. He’s no different than Esmeralda Psychic, William Guardian Angel, Extraordinary Chris, Tara Medium, or Angela Guardian Medium Angel. Here’s my review of Padre and why I do not recommend him to anyone looking for genuine psychic advice.

1st Red Flag- The Website Doesn’t Have Any Information or History About Padre


When I first landed on his website, I couldn’t help but notice how pushy it was toward paying for things! You see a big block where you can request “your first free angel reading.” The following two slides are links for buying some of his books. That automatically put me off. I clicked on the “Who is Padre?” section to see if I could get helpful information about him.

He clearly states that he isn’t a priest and claims to be just a basic guy who has been gifted as a Medium and can speak to angels. His family nicknamed him Padre as a young child because of his abilities and how he always dressed in all black and was constantly praying. That’s the only personal information we get from him. He says he wants to speak with me today to help me with my problems, whether they’re financial, romantic, or luck related.

One line, in particular, made me chuckle- where he says, “It was not chance that led you here and inspired you to consult me. It was because you decided, ‘I need help to solve my personal problems as soon as possible.’” I hate to break it to him, but I was not there because I decided I needed his help; I was there because he wouldn’t stop emailing me with promises of fixing my life!

Something Needed To Be Done

I knew that if I was getting his emails, so were many other unsuspecting victims, so I needed to see what his deal was. The fact that he quickly changed the subject from himself to trying to convince me to connect with my guardian angel was my first red flag. To trust a psychic, I need more information about their abilities, skills, talents, gifts, specialties, experience, etc.

Authentic psychics work hard daily to verify their abilities and not be mistaken as fake. Padre did nothing to assure me of his skills or convince me he had any talent. This is one of the biggest reasons I stopped wasting time with these emailing psychics! On my reviews page, I stick with verified and trustworthy psychic networks such as Psychic Source, Ask Now, Path Forward, and other fan favorites.

2nd Red Flag- The Website Feels Very Deceitful

Padre Pio

The website looks professional enough and has a little angel blog, but as I mentioned, it has no heart. It’s full of links and blocks designed to push you into purchasing something or signing up for his services. Many repeated messages appear throughout, along with testimonies whose writers seem to be fake stock images. Padre’s website has lots of trickery and deception, and even his ‘about me’ section was intended to trick me.

I wanted to get valuable information and background from his bio section. Instead, I got a couple of lines and a lot of sales tactics urging me to try a free reading for my problems. Whoever picked the image to represent Padre did a good job; I’ll give them that. They chose a photo of a man who looks gentle, wise, and caring. He seems like a loving grandfather you’d come to for comfort or a caring school teacher.

They based his whole image and person on an Italian Saint, Saint Padre Pio. He was said to have worn black, prayed constantly, and was known as ‘The Angel of the Highway.’ I don’t have definitive proof that this image isn’t Padre Guardian Angel and that he has nothing to do with running this website, but I’m convinced it’s not.

3rd Red Flag- Padre’s Site Is Owned By A Digital Marketing Company And Not By A Psychic

Padre Angel

While researching and reviewing other psychic scams, I learned about online digital marketing companies whose whole business is to create and market these fake psychic websites. A very common one that I’ve run into a lot is called New Lotus Web Ltd., based out of Gibraltar. There are hundreds of them, though, and they are always based out of either Gibraltar or Hong Kong! They’re always foreign countries that target and market directly to the Western world. The company that owns Padre’s site is called Sesam Limited, and they list two different addresses:

Sesam Ltd
Unit 3007
30/F Tower 2
Metroplaza 223 Hing Fond Road
Kwai Chung, NT, Hong Kong


Sesam Limited
8A Pitmans Alley
Main Street, Gibraltar

The second Gibraltar address is the same for a different psychic scam I reviewed before, Maria Medium. The company that owns her website and persona is Mediaweb Limited, but interestingly, this one has a different name but an identical address. The same goes for Angela, Guardian Angel, and Celeste, Angelic Medium. I noticed that Sesam Ltd, Padre’s website, was based in Great Britain from 2009 until 2011.

That must’ve been when they started doing their business out of a country with laxer laws and less customer protection. Gibraltar is known for being a shady country to conduct business in. There’s no reason to operate from there unless you’re trying to get away with something. This address makes it even harder for me to trust Padre and his services.

4th Red Flag- His Shady Promotional Tactics

Free psychicsThe idea that you could receive an angel reading free of charge sounds excellent. Unfortunately, nothing is ever free when it comes to these scamming psychics. “Free” is just a way to get your personal information, such as gender, date of birth, relationship status, etc. I signed up for the free reading to see what I would receive, but I didn’t get a reading at all. All I got in exchange for my personal details was the supposed name of my guardian angel (Ariel, in case you’re wondering.)

Knowing a lot about how the psychic fraud game works, I feel that they send the cheesy response to your email first to see who opens it, and then they can focus on making things up that might resonate for that person. That way, it’s easier for them to convince you to give them your money. They lump you into a group based on what you answered for gender, age, residency, etc.

5th Red Flag- The Unethical Content Of Padre’s Emails And Readings

Psychic curse scam

Nobody should ever use fear tactics on you to pressure you into paying for their services. Thanks to what I’ve learned throughout the years, I’ve always believed that and always will. I was so upset to see that this was Padre’s tactic. He uses trigger words and creates a sense of worry and unease throughout his emails. He’s not the first fake psychic that has done this, and he certainly won’t be the last!

These types of scams are why I started my blog- to try and keep as many people as aware as possible when choosing the right psychic for them. Never trust anyone who tells you that you have a curse or a spell placed on you. That’s a huge warning signal, and you should mark these emails as spam or report them if you’ve already paid.

6th Red Flag- The Photos Of The Customers Who Supposedly Left Testimonials Are All Stock Images


I touched on this subject earlier but wanted to go into more detail about what I mean. While I can’t prove beyond a doubt that the testimonials themselves are fake and made up, I can assure you that the photos of the alleged testimonial writer are all stock photos. The company paid for them from companies like and is passing them off as their own.

Sure, they could be authentic testimonials, and they’re using stock images to represent the customer since they don’t ask the customers for pictures of themselves, but I highly doubt that. I would be more likely to believe him and his services if he just had the testimonials without any pictures. Or he could mention that the testimonials are real but let us know that the photos are not of them. This is another lie that keeps me from believing anything else about him.

7th Red Flag- The Massive Amount Of Complaints Against Him

Psychic scam

You’ll find overwhelming negative feedback if you check out Padre’s reviews on websites such as and! The people have spoken, and they are not happy with him at all. Many have the same complaint- that he sent them messages and that Padre convinced them to pay for readings because the messages were scary.

However, they were unhappy with the readings they bought. They all wanted a refund and for someone to shut the website down. Padre scammed some customers out of hundreds of dollars, some just paid the one-time fee of $69.99, and some kept getting debited automatically from their bank account when they weren’t supposed to!

8th Red Flag- Is He Even A Real Person Or Digitally Created?

Padre Messenger scam

As I mentioned, his website is owned and operated by a marketing company, and there is no way to verify that Padre exists or is real. I believe that “Padre” is entirely fabricated, and a computer, not a psychic, creates his readings and other communications. Companies can create auto-bots to do and say anything they would like them to automatically. They can take the personal information you give them and make an entirely automated and generic speech about you.

Many people complaining said they received the same reading from Padre that their friend received, just with their names changed. I don’t want to get a reading done by a machine. I reach out to psychics when I’m having a tough time and need answers, advice, etc. They’re always sensitive and intimate topics, and I need to know that the person I’m spilling my heart out to is an actual person with psychic gifts!

I love the psychic sites listed on my reviews page and below because they have reputable psychics that have been tested and verified. They go through various tests and background checks and are very particular about who they trust to bring on as readers with their company. The reviews and testimonials on these sites are all 100% real, and their satisfaction guarantee is terrific.


There’s so much I don’t trust about Padre’s website, but the bottom line is that I highly suggest you stay away from him and his services. Nothing on his website comes off to me as genuine or trustworthy, and the content of his readings is despicable, to say the least. Save yourself the hassle and avoid him at all costs. You deserve to talk to authentic, trustworthy psychics like the ones below, who will provide genuine readings and outstanding intuitive guidance.

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Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. Hi Angela, thanks for your reviews. thankfully i was not scammed by Padre but did respond to find out about my angel and became suspicious of messages offered for free but a request for funds, each time. I was told ‘all will change in 3’ weeks but unless i perform a ritual , due to bada karma in a previous life, that only Padre could fix… etc..

    today i received the final email and again there is the following statement

    “I will send it to you for free and directly by email”

    when you click there is dialogue plus

    “To contribute to all this important work you will be performing on my behalf, I agree to send you a modest contribution of $59 instead of $99.”

    I don’t have an issue paying for genuine services, nothing is for free, its just sorting out the genuine article

    i’ll take a look at the Psychic source as you mention to Bethel.

    P.S. do you have any thoughts on Dawn Anne of Astrology Answers, this was where ‘Padre’ link came from?

    • Hi Norman,

      These scams are advertised on numerous legitimate looking Psychic sites. That makes it all the more troubling because it does look legitimate. I’m doing a write up on where these scams are being advertised and promoted. The pandemic has slowed my progress though. Hopefully it will be finished soon.

  2. Hi, therefore I must say I am also a victim of this padre. How do I report and get refund please as I have already paid him twice.
    After second payment he said he would send whatever and now his website seems to be u der construction, I am glad I checked it out as it seemed very fishy.
    How sad is this, taking advantage of those that are really struggling and looking for ways to better their lives. So so sad and disappointing

    • Hi Glo,

      I would contact your credit card company and file a chargeback. They will help you get your money back.

      • Hi I have unfortunately come across these psychics another one Ronald .Don’t trust any of them. They lie and take your money. Anthea is another.Amanda is another and Chris.
        Came across Ron and Padre , not good.

        • They say that you are going to have money and about spells and bad luck put on you and they can help you to stop the bad luck and the spells. It’s frightening.

      • Dear Angela Thanks GOD people like you do exist. Bless you ! Would you help me on this one? Just feel the silliest one to be honest.


        Padre is the biggest scam ever. He took over 1000 euros from me. He does have psychic abilities and does use them to take money from you persuading you in a very strong manipulative way. I would like to be fully refunded IMMEDIATELY! I will not rest until I expose this scam everywhere and make this business disapear. I demand JUSTICE to be made.

  3. Ive been had by padre and now asking for my money back is there any advice on what I can do many thanks

  4. I have been cheated by that ‘Padre’ of £770, because of all his promises which never came true, and done in a frightening way of curses and blockages he said he needed to do for me! While sending me strange symbols to look at, and telling me to never show to anyone! I became suspicious and tried to ask for refund of my money, but then he said I was losing my Guardian Angel, that he could only returned to me , for more money, I tried again asking for refund, but refused with more frightening tactics! If only you Angela could expose him as the fraud that I feel he is, so the Banks will know for sure!

  5. Hi Angela!

    Let me tell you about my experience with Padre: My life – for as long as I’ve lived it – has been pretty terrible. I’ll spare y’all the details of it, but, basically, I have no will to live. Discovered Padre. I’m usually into stuff like this and I was kinda curious about who my guardian angel could be, so I said “what the hell?” and gave it a shot. Now, my intuition? It goes crazy. I just don’t listen to it all the time because it’s hard for me to tell when it’s anxiety/paranoia and when it’s intuition. The first thing that stuck out was the name “Padre”; I had gone to Catholic school all my life and we had learned about the saints – including Saint Padre Pio. His picture is also literally of Padre Pio. Just digitalized. Another thing that made the alarm bells sound was the language he uses in his emails. Others have pointed out that he’s using buzz words and dog whistles, but that’s not what I mean: It sounds like he’s trying too hard to sound all poetic. Maybe it’s just where I’m from, but… no one is talking like they’re signing a letter to a friend in High Renaissance Florence. I know people who are psychics – some professionals (either working out of their homes, botánicas, indie book stores, magic shops, or goth street fairs) and some who just offer readings for their friends/social media followers – and literally none of them talk like that. (Not saying that you can’t be a psychic and wax lyrical – I’m doing it right now – but his specifically seemed super forced.)

    I get my angel; cool. I read the email and I was intrigued by what the rest had to say. Did I believe any of it? Mm, to be honest, the part of me that isn’t so dead inside wanted to have hope that my life would finally turn around and I’ll finally be able to just exist without so much suffering and pain; however, I wondered exactly how many people are getting the SAME. EXACT. thing about “undeserved karmic debt” and “hyper-angelical forces” and being rich, happy, successful, and popular after your “D Day.” (To be honest, my life has never been any of those things. I would have liked to have been able to believe that all my suffering in my life wasn’t my fault and to have a reason to feel compelled to use my inhaler during an asthma attack, I couldn’t buy it because I just shouldn’t have been born period.) So, after the second email, I was still highly skeptical and figured that Padre would want some money soon.

    Lo and behold, I was right. I was asked for $39 USD in exchange for my angelic seal and the incantations that go with it. I was curious, weak, and desperate, but also broke as hell, so installments it was. The worst that could happen is that I’m out $16 now and I’ll call my bank as soon as possible and tell them that Padre is providing false services. (Also, for everyone freaking out about being scammed out of your money, don’t trip: Just call your card issuer and ask for a chargeback. You’ll have to tell them why when they do the claim, but it was a scam, so you’ll have no problem getting the money back. I’m not sure if that’ll work if your comment is older than 2020, though. Sorry 🙁 )

    So I’m out $16 and not buying that my life is really going to change in three weeks. I get the seal and the incantations. I thought that was it.

    But then I get ANOTHER email from “Padre” saying that someone is trying to put a curse on me. Now, despite my religious practices, I don’t believe all that much in curses and it couldn’t have and wasn’t going to add up that someone would be putting a curse on me right now when I am already cursed, so what else would be taken from me that I didn’t already lose? Once he mentioned this amulet that is supposed to protect me from this curse, I knew there was going to be another fee, but this time, for “protection.”

    I had seen more than enough and didn’t need to see any more. I closed the page and blocked his emails from my inbox. I’m calling my bank when they open so I can tell them to block all charges from “Padre Gibraltar” (yes, that’s literally how he shows up in your statements; it’s like they’re not even trying to tell you they’re here to get in between you and your cash).

    I want to thank you for helping others who might not have known that Padre (and other “psychics” that operate similarly to “him”); I also want you to thank you (and another psychic review blog) for at least convincing me a little bit that my intuition isn’t always paranoia.

    • I wish I would ha e read this before hand. I’ve been trying to get a refund for the bogus services he provided. It’s been nearly 30 days of messaging and trying to contact them through their contact page and all attempts are being ignored. I hope other see this review before they loose their money.

    • Oof, this was a long one.

      Sorry y’all and thanks for reading if you take the time out to read alladet.

  6. I went through a few of them. I paid a bit for ISHA, ROXANE ASTROLOGER, VICTORIA and Mary/Christian, Maria plus a few others. Just to find out. I paid for 1 shield next another it would not stop. That was with all of them. ISHA then referred me to Padre. I stopped it was costing to much, around $600-800 just to hear the same thing. I was interested but got caught in what they had to say. So i am done. Nothing ever happened. There is more stuff they had me doing to further charge more money. Mary and Christian started to ask for around $499 for a 4 week session. Most i paid was $149 that was way to much just to have them say something is still blocking you and now to rid of that was another amount. OMG, don’t do what i did go to a trusted source.

  7. I got scammed from padre paid but never received the reading so pls people do not send money to him avoid him and find someone that you trust I sent messages but no replies so bad

  8. can i get your newsletters ?

  9. I got scammed by this phony three times. I just so happened to come across him on google. Out of curiosity, I requested the guardian angel reading. I really didn’t need help solving my problems, I just wanted to know the name of my “guardian angel”.His site was so realistic that it had me fooled. I was stressed out for days, because I was worried about the so-called “consequences” of what would happen if I didn’t pay his fee. I know what you mean about the unethical content of his readings/emails because he kept saying things like “I am begging you as a friend” or “act now or you’ll lose everything!”. After finding out that his fake psychic site was a scam, instead of feeling angry, I actually felt relieved. I haven’t given him any more payments since. Thank you Angela for taking the weight off my shoulders and exposing this clown once and for all.

    • To everyone who wrote here: a real card reader or psychic should be wise rather than instilling fear into people. Also you should not take advantage of people who are struggling. Anyway both Angela and Padre have the company based in Hong Kong. Juat found them because Padre mentioned Angela. I am subscribed to different readers but there are better readers out there. I am a reader myself, but I would not like to prey upon struggling people and that is why I did not believe in Tarot and paid psychics until I became one myself (my name is Giada by the way)…and I still do not fully trust psychics and Tarot readers aside a few people who do seem to be more honest or wise. But some people can not discern well, and unfortunately scammers do take advantage of them. I think anyone should be nice and talk about possible issues with calm and kindness rather than talking about curses etc. I even do not do readings about courses, spells etc so… oracle and Tarot readings should be used wisely. Also, how many people do actively place a curse on someone? Not everyone dwells in that kind of magick…while being unlucky is more common right? Not many people are into cursing someone even if they are pagan or follow black magick beliefs and religions lol…just saying. And good luck to everyone on their path for them to hopefully find happiness and luck! G.

  10. Reply
    Anne Marie Windsor King May 14, 2023 at 5:56 pm

    So Glad, I happened to Look on this Information today! I warned This Padre, a few months Back! Pay as He Promised or The con- sequences would come crashing Down on “Him” and ALL His Mocking of God! Mockery! Will be overturned immediately and the Suffering Souls Will be Vindicated and Helped Financially! His, Jig is Up! I know Who Padre is! Yes it is Digital Computer generated! He laughed all the way to His Bank! I know Him! God, Will NOT Be Mocked! Your Pay Days will Be Made Available and More to alleviate your Suffering! Give me A week or Two to rout Him Out! I AM THaT I AM!

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