Nurse With Psychic Ability Decides Work As A Psychic Is More Fulfilling

Journalist Katy Wheeler interviewed Debra Chalmers to find out why she chose to put people in touch with the spirit world over her flourishing career for the NHS with a salary of £50,000 per year.

Chalmers couldn’t have made a more drastic career change than moving from a career based on science and facts to one that deals in the paranormal world.

However, she knew that this is what she wanted to do, so she left her job with the County Durham and Darlington as head of sexual health services and pursued her career as a psychic medium.

37-year-old Debra Chalmers has been living with her special gift since she was just a toddler. She has since learned to live with visions coming to her and seeing spirits of deceased patients walking throughout the hospital where she worked.

Chalmers knows that her new career choice does not deal with anything that can be scientifically proven but she made this decision after years of giving charity readings for free while also managing to work a full time job. After so many years, she finally realized that her passion is in devoting her time solely to her “gift” and she left her job.

She is aware how diverse her two career paths are; “I had a career in science and a masters degree in science and I went into something that can’t be scientifically proven,” she says.

“You do get a lot of criticism for being a medium, but life isn’t black and white,” she adds.

When asked about the first time she realized that she had a unique gift, she replied: “When I was growing up I didn’t realize that everyone couldn’t see my imaginary friend, then as a teenager visions became stronger in the sense that I couldn’t turn them off.”

“I didn’t want the gift at all, I was training to be a nurse and was dealing with death a lot. Then, when I was about 20/21 a doorway to the spirit world flung open and I couldn’t turn it off.”

She states that when she was younger, she wasn’t sure how to handle the things that she would see and here. For example, she would hear things such as ‘she’s in debt’ or ‘he’s cheating on his wife’ when walking down the street.

Chalmers used to see and hear spirits who were attempting to communicate with patients at the hospital where she worked but she never helped them pass on the messages because of her code of conduct as a nurse.

“As I got older I realized it was a gift. I’d got to a point where I was established in my career but I was disillusioned with pushing bits of paper around. I’d gone to see a psychic medium and I might as well have burnt my money, she was just making stuff up. It’s a field that is riddled with frauds but I wanted to prove that not everyone was like that so I began doing it for charity.”

When she realized that she could no longer manage both her job and the free readings, she quit her job at NHS and proceeded to do live shows where she relays messages from spirits to the audience.

“Some of the messages can be generic to start with like saying ‘does anyone know a John?’, everyone knows a John. But as you go through the evening the messages become more specific. I don’t like to make things fit though, so sometimes messages go untaken,” she says.

“I always try to be as honest as I can. I think the key is to be ethical, to pass messages on in a respectful manner and to be transparent.”

“Some things sound random to me, but they make sense to the person they are meant for. I’m just the messenger.”

“I never pass on messages that are bad, always messages of love. Sometimes people just want proof,” she concludes.

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