Scamming Psychic Gina Miller Conned Clients By Lying To Them

A self-proclaimed ‘psychic’ in Mentor, Ohio, allegedly scammed her clients by lying to them. She convinced her victims that great harm would come to their lives if they didn’t do what she asked. She had the clients give her credit cards, jewelry, cash, or vehicles. Moreover, she scared them into thinking this harm could extend to their families. The supposed psychic, 40-year-old Gina B Miller, faces theft charges.

Miller ran her scam in a business office on 7496 Mentor Ave, named ‘Psychic Reader,’ according to police. Detectives discovered these lies and threats during an investigation. They realized Miller had been doing this to her clients for over 20 years, and it seems she based her business on lies and threats. Her customers believed her when she told them the only way to stay safe was to keep paying her. She successfully convinced the victims to give her gift cards, open lines of credit, jewelry, leased luxury vehicles, and cash.

This Scamming Psychic Was A Professional Con Artist

The Mentor Police Department has uncovered losses to the victims in the hundred thousand dollar range. They also expect that number to grow as more victims come forward with their experiences. Search warrants of Miller’s place of business and residence were granted and executed as part of the investigation. Plenty of evidence, including $20,000 in cash, was retrieved from the home and office.

The scamming psychic was brought to trial at the Mentor Municipal Court and given a bond of $150,000. She is to appear in court again in October 2015. The police officers in charge of the investigation believe that Miller has more victims who haven’t come forward yet. They believe this may be because many of her victims could fear Miller since she convinced them she had the power to harm them and their loved ones.

However, police stress the importance of not believing these lies and calling them at 440-974-5763 if you think you may be a victim of hers. Since publishing this article, more news has come forth about this scamming psychic. Read Court Records Detail How A Psychic From Ohio Named Gina Miller Scammed Her Clients Out Of More Than $1.4 Million Using Scare Tactics.

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