John Marks Jr. Sentenced 56 Years To Life In Murder And Sexual Assault Of Psychic Kay

Denver, CO.- Kathy Adams’ family always thought there was something strange about her husband. They described him to the judge as “sadistic” and “extreme” during his trial for sexual assault and murder in his wife’s case. “We can never recover,” said Danny Adams- Kathy’s brother. “This man cannot be freed again to put anyone through what this family has been through.”

A jury found her husband, 50-year-old John Marks Jr., guilty of her murder last month, and the judge sentenced him to 56 years to life in prison. Police arrested him in October 2010 after discovering his wife’s body near the Larimer-Boulder County line. She was stripped of her clothes, strangled, and severely beaten at the bottom of a ravine. She was 57 at the time of her death. Kathy Adams ran a psychic business named Psychic Kay in Fort Collins. She and Marks had been married for 20 years.

Kathy’s family was present at all of the trials for Marks, and throughout the trial, they spoke of his history of abuse. Marks had three sons before his marriage to Kathy. They supported their father and asked for a lighter sentence for him. Two were there in person, and the third sent a letter that Jerry Roselle, John’s attorney, read: “[Kathy Adams] never said anything about John being violent toward her,” said Roselle. According to Kathy’s relatives, she was in the process of leaving John when he killed her.

The Court Rules Against Marks

District Judge Thomas French sentenced him to forty-eight years for second-degree murder, the maximum possible time for this charge. For the sexual assault charge, he received a sentence of eight years to life and is to serve both sentences consecutively. It was a pretty easy decision for the jury to convict John because there was a bloody scene and DNA at the Marks’ home on the day of her murder.

These were all presented to the jury in the trial. Larimer County sheriff investigators also tracked John’s cell phone as if that wasn’t enough. They discovered that he had been to the location where they found Kathy’s body. Wal-Mart also had video surveillance footage of him at the store buying work gloves and duct tape around her disappearance. Police located his vehicle in the parking lot of a hotel in Longmont with no license plates on it.

They also found the gloves Marks purchased in the car. Authorities decided to search the vehicle after a cadaver-sniffing dog took an interest in the trunk, and that’s where they found the gloves, garbage bags, and cleaning supplies. Marks stayed in various hotels under different names until his arrest. His arrest took place at a restaurant off Interstate 25 in Perkins.

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