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What sets Kasamba apart? Kasamba is unique in that it is a chat-based online psychic network. Some Psychics do offer phone readings but not many. Several Psychics are available 24/7. Readings take place via an instant messenger-like interface. Several multi-lingual Psychics are available in case English isn't your first language. Kasamba is formerly Live Person Psychics so all of your favorite Live Person psychics are now on the Kasamba network. If you've had a reading with Live Person you'll feel right at home with Kasamba.

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Psychic Chat! 3.5

Kasamba is a relatively new Psychic service started by the company that owns Live Person. Live Person split Kasamba off as it's own company so they could focus specifically on the needs of Psychic customers. What sets Kasamba apart? Kasamba is unique in that it is a chat-based online psychic network. They do offer phone readings, but only for certain Psychics.

You choose from a list of psychics and chat with them via an instant messenger-like interface. They have many multilingual psychics available. I also like the fact that all my readings are stored in a secure chat log so I can go back and read the advice the psychic gave anytime I want.

Some of the psychics at Kasamba are pretty famous, I have seen several on TV shows, radio programs, and more. Because of this some Psychics per minute rate can be as high as $20 per minute so be careful to look at the fees you will be paying. Many Psychics are exclusive to Kasamba as well, so they don't give readings anywhere else.

Screening Process For Psychics

Kasamba doesn't have much of a screening process. Because of this you have to be really careful with who you decide to get a reading with. Fortunately customers can leave ratings and reviews. You can also see how long a Psychic has been with the Kasamba network. This is important due to their lack of a decent screening process.

Kasamba Website

Kasamba's website is very easy to use and well laid out. You can easily locate Psychics that give readings for your specific question like relationships, career, etc.. or you can sort by the Psychics skills like tarot readings, sprit guides and more. This makes finding the right Psychic very easy. I love that they save your chat logs so that you can go back and look at what your Psychic said. I've had some great "ah-ha!" moments after reading what my Psychic said a second or third time.

New Deals For Customers

New Kasamba customers can get the first 3 minutes of their reading free. To take advantage of the deal you have to purchase at least 10 minutes up front. I didn't think this was as good of a deal as some of the other psychic services, but it lets you spend a few "free" minutes trying out the service.

Customer Service

Kasamba provides very little customer service. There is no telephone support. I felt like this was a huge hassle and having virtually no customer service makes it difficult to get a refund if you're not happy with your reading. If you aren't happy and want a refund you have to fill out a form on their website. The form states that they reserve the right to not refund any of your money if they see fit. There is a satisfaction guarantee at least.

The guarantee states if you're not happy they will refund your purchase price up to $50. No telephone based support is really unacceptable in this day and age. Many issues can be resolved with a simple phone call instead of waiting days for an email response. Overall Kasamba did handle any problems I had though.

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32 Customer Reviews

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      Review By: john Sun Jul 14, 2019 star

      Accurate and real psychic reading by Kasamba.com

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      Review By: Celeste Thu Nov 22, 2018 star

      I cannot believe how unethical this company is! I was notified by another customer service rep referring to my first review on this site. They offered me a full refund in exchange for the removal of my review. I agreed, but requested for the credit to be processed BEFORE I removed it because I did not trust this company. I was send another e-mail with a threatening tone stating that the credit will occur ONLY after I remove my review. Well, I told them that I did not trust them and that I already reported the charge as fraud on my credit card account, and a new card was on the way. THEY got even meaner with more words and stated that they report all charges for third party inquires as legitimate! These charges are already under investigation with my bank because of the type of service it is and the way in which they increase your billing amount unethically. If they did credit me for the full amount, I was instructed to report it back to my bank and they would drop the fraud charges against them. This is what I thought would be the resolution, but since I requested a credit receipt first as proof because I cannot trust this company, they got meaner. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED TO STAY AWAY FROM THIS SERVICE! Now, let me tell you how they get you. They advertise that the first three minutes are free so you can decide which person you want, but this is nearly impossible because the person does not even get back to you in time with an answer so you can evaluate his/her talent and abilities to read you! By the time the three minutes are up, and you dont have a clear answer yet, your time has begun to charge you so you are stuck waiting for the answer. Another way they get is by repeating the same answer in different ways ~ all ways to keep the time ticking because you cannot respond with answers or ask other questions until you know what the readers current answer is! Then, you realize the answer is the same and generic! The next thing you know you owe over $50.00! SCAM!!!!! Oh, and be extra careful for the readers that charge $20.00 a MINUTE and UP! Five minutes with them will cost you over $100.00 and you might not even get an answer within this time frame. Good Luck!

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      Review By: Patricia Wed Aug 22, 2018 star

      Using them for a few years now but just tried their app. The best experience yet and of course loyal to my few readers there. Worth every penny!

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      Review By: Alison Wed Aug 22, 2018 star

      I had a good reading, so far the predictions went well......

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      Review By: Evie Mon Apr 16, 2018 star

      Id say be very careful. If you choose a psychic from Kasamba, see if that psychic offers their services for less on a different psychic site. (Wish I knew that beforehand) I was ripped off, royally, on Kasamba! I thought I was getting a reading for half price. It turned out I wasnt. I connected to customer service and they wouldnt do the half price. I paid a fortune for my reading! Yes, the reader was good, but not worth the huge sum of money that I paid, unfortunately, leaving me angry.

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      Review By: Patricia Keisa Wed Feb 07, 2018 star

      Its the most scam website covered under a big company like kasamba. I have tried many there. I was using the website for more than 3 years. Lost a lot of money until I realize its all fake. They just tell you what you want to hear. If you have complains then your account is blocked from kasamba customer service and you cant complain anywhere!

      BE AWARE! In terms of use it is clear that this website is only for ENTERTAINMENT! So please dont put your trust and money on this website

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      Review By: Healthy Soul Tue Feb 21, 2017 star

      Several Kasamba readers operate Multiple accounts on Kasamba and/ or sharing
      scripts with the exact grammatical errors. These readers can also be found operating multi accounts on other websites. Predictions dont happen, they change, time frames get pushed back. Ive run out of typing space. REMEMBER: For YOUR ENTERTAINMENT Only.

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      Review By: rosie Sun Feb 12, 2017 star

      Save your time and money and avoid using Kasamba. I've been using them for years, yes, many readers can make you feel happy and positive while they give you their sugar coated reading...so you end up leaving them 5* for being so positive; however, down the road, you soon see that NONE of the predictions happen. I have wasted a lot of money on these fakes, so spare yourself. Kasamba does not screen their readers; all you gotta do to become a reader is pay them 50 bucks and voila!

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      Review By: Julia Tue Feb 02, 2016 star

      Do not spend your time and money hire. Some advisors are really unprofessional, one lady was telling me that she feels dark energy around me and that she can help me etc ... straight from the start clearly she was not interesting even to hear why im there looking for reading. Than I just finished chat and decided looking for another advisor. Guess what after we start chat he asked me for some time... after like i lost 7$ of my credit he apologized that he cannot help me. Truly disappointing.

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      Review By: Pisces 77 Thu Dec 31, 2015 star

      I cannot understand how come people give such a bad name to Kasamba. All the times I have been on it and I mainly use one psychic, I have been given full support and perfect predictions by my psychic. I do not over use it like some people tend to do and also I do not run from my psychic to another just to hear what I want. I connected with one and I trust him. Before bad mouthing, I think one has to look inward and understand one's own fears. I trust Kasamba.

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      Review By: Dave Whittens Mon Apr 20, 2015 star


      I have had some good readings on here for sure. BUT

      beware some are complete scams, they are very unethical and will try and trick you. you have to be very discerning to find the good readers.

      often there are problems with the live chat and if you make a complaint the block you from being able to contact them again and they sent me an email saying i sent it to the wrong address and told me to send my complaint to the service centre which convieniently is now blocke

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      Review By: kiki Sat Nov 22, 2014 star

      psychic hr

      I am soooo glad it worked out to be HR! I tried a couple of others but they were unavailable and I think it was meant all along for me to contact HR! She was honest, direct, quick and very personable - She really knows what's going on! Really and truly! her past statements were true and as they are now. I will come back to her for the truth always!:)

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      Review By: MC Wed Oct 15, 2014 star


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      Review By: Sarah Sat Jul 26, 2014 star

      Kasamba is clearly focused on keeping clients online for as long as possible. They do offer 3 "free" minutes, however, it ALWAYS takes the psychic 3 minutes to make a "connection" before starting to answer your questions. For people who make a living online, they are notoriously slow typers, which eats up more time. The readings are generic and too many leading questions. Plus, if you look at the ratings, virtually NONE of the psychics have less than 4 1/2 stars, which is totally unrealistic

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      Review By: Sandy Fri Jul 04, 2014 star

      I have been using Kasamba/Liveperson for many years now. I think as long as you are careful who you pick, you are fine. I personally only use Spiritual Insights by Lee, and also David James. Lee has never been wrong on any predictions and David is just so lovely. I had one other "psychic" say I had a curse on me, and I reported them to the authorities.

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