$150,000 Psychic Scam Victim Feels She Was Put In A Trance By Fake Psychic

Boca Raton, FL.- A psychic from the Boca Raton area is being accused of scamming a former Boynton Beach teacher out of $150,000. The victim, who wished to remain anonymous, stated she was vulnerable after her father died. One day she was driving and saw the psychic’s business sign.

“I thought… let me just stop there and see. Maybe someone can give me some advice,” she said. The victim is a retired elementary school teacher who has taught for over forty years. She stated that she could tell the psychic was beginning to use fear tactics after only a few visits. “He said that my dad, who passed away, was in purgatory and that he has done something very bad, and we have to get him out,” she recalls.

The victim states that at this time, the psychic began asking for money to save her dad. “He said we need money, and we also need a watch. He said we’re going to travel west on Glades Road,” she said. She recalls them driving to Mayor’s Jewelry Store inside the Boca Town Center Mall. “He said, ‘We must get a Rolex watch because your dad liked nice things. We’re going to use this watch for sacrifice.’

I asked, ‘What will you do with the watch?’ He said, ‘I’m either going to take a hammer to it or throw it in the ocean,’” the victim said. The police reports show that the woman paid $28,000 for the Rolex. They discovered that the fraudulent psychic sold it at Deerfield Beach Pawn Shop. “I put all of my trust in him, which to this day I don’t know why,” she says.

The Fraudulent Psychic Had Power Over His Victim

The victim says that the psychic continued to get away with scamming her. She recalls that he even persuaded her to believe she had cancer in her cervix. He convinced her that the only cure for it was to keep giving him money. The woman finally had enough when she realized she had given him almost $150,000. She decided to employ a private investigator in Boca Raton named Bob Nygaard. She also reported the psychic to the police at this time.

“They think… ‘Well, no one put a gun to your head.’ They don’t think of theft by false promise or theft by false pretenses, so they don’t take the crime seriously,” said Nygaard. The psychic’s shop is no longer in business, and the building that used to house it is currently empty. The Boca Raton police report state that the Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office deemed it impossible to prove that the psychic had criminal intent. The victim was aware that the psychic would never give all the money she was giving him back to her.

“I just feel like I was put into a trance. Every time I hear him say money is the root of all evil, it just did something to me in my head,” the victim said. She and Nygaard fully believe that the psychic did commit a crime. They set up a meeting with Dave Aronberg, a Palm Beach County State Attorney. They hope Aronberg will have second thoughts about prosecuting the psychic and go after him. Lawyers withhold his name since the psychic hasn’t been charged with wrongdoing. Attempts to reach him on his cell phone have been unsuccessful.

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