Pervert Psychic Karl Lang Found Guilty And Sent To Prison

This story is an update to a previous article written about this perverted psychic scammer. Police have arrested a 49-year-old scamming psychic named Karl Lang for sexual abuse. He convinced two desperate young women to remove all their clothing to improve their chances of contacting the dead.

The two twenty-something-year-old women sought Lang’s help to contact deceased relatives. He lied to them and made them believe they must strip naked to proceed. Judge Patrick Curran said Lang had an “almost hypnotic ability” to make women rid themselves of their shyness. He even had one of the women “perform like a porn star” to increase her “psychic powers.” Lang was arrested and sentenced to two years at Cardiff Crown Court.

He was also forbidden to practice as a spiritualist, healer, clairvoyant, or medium for the next ten years. In the words of Judge Curran: “This was systematic and repeated conduct- prolonged and plainly planned. You designed it to be grosser and grosser and could only have been for your own sexual gratification. You seem to have had an almost hypnotic ability to make these women overcome their inhibitions.

They put their trust in you, and you betrayed that trust. You violated your role as a spiritual adviser and convinced them to engage in sexual activity. You have displayed an utter lack of remorse because you continue denying these offenses.” The women told the South Wales court they felt embarrassed and ashamed after Lang tricked them. Prosecutor Matthew Roberts told the court, “Lang told the women that by acting more and more outrageously, they could get in touch with their loved ones.

He Told Them They Had To Be Naked As The Spirits Are Also Naked

He encouraged them to send him naked photographs of themselves, saying it would increase their psychic powers. Lang developed a “spirit scale” with exercises to increase his clients’ psychic abilities. “He totally brainwashed them. He was a charming, charismatic spiritualist who was able to dominate his victims”, Mr. Roberts told the court.

One of the women is a 27-year-old who lost her father ten years ago. She stated that Lang impressed her after seeing him give a psychic reading at a friend’s house. She told the court that her “explicit and intense” training required her to touch herself before Lang. He also manipulated her into sending him naked photographs of herself.

She also said that he warned her not to tell anyone about the training methods because he is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. “The first time I stripped off my clothes, he said, “Well done! You’ve gone up a level in the spiritual world,” she said. He told me the more outrageously I behaved, the higher level I would get. It was like a reward system,” added the victim.

“On one occasion, after obeying his sexually explicit instructions, Karl congratulated me, saying, “I didn’t think you had it in you- you really pleased the spirit world.” “He asked me to talk about my sexual fantasies during meditations. I would be naked with my eyes closed. He told me to imagine having sex. The victim said Lang told her: “be as outrageous as you want, don’t just have one man, have five.”

Lang’s Second Victim Speaks Up

The other woman is a 26-year-old who also stated that she felt “embarrassed and ashamed” at being tricked by Lang. He tricked her into taking part in nude séances to make contact with her dead grandfather. “To get stronger, he told me I had to do things that mankind was afraid of,” she said. “This meant I had to get naked and perform a bit like a porn star. He said the more outrageous I performed, the stronger I would become. If you didn’t dance to his tune, all hell would break loose. Bad things would happen.

Thinking about it now, it makes me feel sick. I was embarrassed and ashamed about what I had to do, but he completely controlled me. He mentally abused me”, said the victim. The second woman told the court that Lang called her after his arrest. He told her, “I’m big-time in the s***. Please don’t hang me.” Lang made it sound like he did not ask the women to act this way. He told the court he was “totally shocked” when one of the women undressed herself during one of the sessions.

However, he said the key to spiritualism is “letting yourself go.” “If they decide to remove their clothes, it’s their problem,” he said. Lang says he’s communicated with the dead since he was four. He has been a spiritualist for more than ten years. His defense attorney said that Lang had contacted the dead at hundreds of spiritual churches in Britain. He has performed in front of crowds of more than 1,000 people. He was found guilty of 12 charges, including “causing women to engage in sexual activity without consent,” between 2005 and 2009.

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  1. Hallelujah!!! Thank you so much, I too have been ripped off for several years. I do respect & believe there are REAL spiritualists & believe in the sciences but have not been able to find many honest psychics, if any at all. Matter of fact, there has only been ONE that I did not have to provide my own info (AKA Cold Reading) , which of course you really give them enough hints about your life to make their “true information or predictions” for you feel real. You have just renewed my optimism in being able to possibly resolve things in my life that have sent me searching for a psychic to begin with. Thank you so much again for an excellent website & I will definitely spread the word! Thank you again for your AWESOME work & for saving a lot of people, including myself a lot of grief & money needlessly.
    Marilyn Bailey

  2. Marilyn we work hard over here to bring you the latest news. Thank you so much for reading, and we are glad we can help. Real Psychics are out there, it just takes some time and knowledge to find them. Its unfortunate there are so many charlatans like Mr. Lang giving Psychics a bad name. Keep up your search because the day you find an honest Psychic is the day your whole life will turn for the better.

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