Pet Psychics Can Help Us Communicate Better With Man’s Best Friend

Albuquerque, NM. – Humans have kept animals as pets for a long time, and they’ve wondered what’s going on in their pet’s minds for just as long. So many people are curious that it’s created a market for scientific research.

Surprisingly, pet tarot cards, radio and TV shows dedicated to pets, and books written by pet psychics have exploded recently. Unfortunately, whether these tactics can genuinely answer our questions about our pets has yet to be determined. We may never learn how dogs think and what causes them to behave, good or bad.

However, pet owners are spending large amounts of money as well as time in an attempt to satisfy their curiosity. Even though they haven’t come across any definitive answers, pet owners who’ve tried these methods to get to know their furry friend feel they’ve at least learned better pet communication skills.

They also state that getting to know them better has been a blast. David Radis and Andrea Gladstone from Encino, California, are one example. They were dying to know what was happening in their rescued dog’s mind. They bought “The Original Dog Tarot: Divine The Canine Mind,” a guidebook, and a deck of 30 cards developed by Heidi Schulman to see into a dog’s mind.

Using Tarot To Understand Your Pet

David and Andrea decided to try the tarot cards and laid all the cards out on the floor. They then asked their dog, Lola, “Why did you chew up the Dog Tarot guide and a puppy-training book we purchased?” Lola then pawed at three cards, which gave her owners an answer…sort of. The cards she picked were The Cat, The Pack, and Justice.

When David and Andrea saw what cards Lola picked, they referred to the guidebook to see what those cards meant. The guidebook interpreted it as Lola not feeling secure with her place in her new home and deciding to trash the books to establish her security and see if her new owners hold grudges.

David said that Andrea purchased the pet tarot cards as a fun gift. “For me, it is more the fun than the life lessons to be learned. But I respect the tarot,” says David. “I have done one reading for each dog, and they were spot-on. I spread the cards out and ask the dog to touch them with their nose or paw.”

Although no one has researched how much pet owners have spent on pet psychic services or services related to dogs’ behavior, American Pet Products Association reports that $53 billion were spent on pets by Americans. Most of that money went to food, health care, and pet supplies. However, approximately $4 billion of the $53 billion went towards pet-sitting/doggy daycare, grooming, and pampering.

Pet Happiness Services Are Growing

The latter services have been growing increasingly popular quickly, increasing about 9.7 percent in 2011. Financiers predict it will continue to grow rapidly. Based on anecdotal evidence, pet owners are willing to spend much money on their beloved dogs. For instance, Kessler’s pet psychic fees are around $350 per session, and her book has been displayed mostly on coveted airport bookstore shelves.

Sonya Fitzpatrick, a pet psychic who previously had a show on the Animal Planet channel, now hosts a top-rated call-in radio show on Sirius XM. She recently hosted two workshops designed to teach pet owners how to deal with anything dog-related, like biting/anger issues and housebreaking. She did two of these shows, which cost attendees $500 a day and were so popular they sold out.

Veterinarian Jeff Nichol of Albuquerque specializes in behavior work and contributes a weekly column in the Albuquerque Journal. He states that since the arrival of channels like Animal Planet and shows having to do with training pets and understanding pet behavior. He’s noticed a significant increase in pet owners turning to more unconventional pet training methods.

However, he feels that behavior and health issues need to be dealt with by a professional versus attempting to solve them via nontraditional methods. “Often, the methods worsen the problem, and the behavior becomes more challenging to turn around,” he says. Read Can Pet Psychics Really Help Your Furry Friend? for more information on the fascinating world of pet psychics!

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