Can Online Psychics See My Aura During A Reading?

You’ve met someone and suddenly feel a special connection. There’s something about this person that’s warm, engaging, and friendly. It almost seems as though their spirit is emanating a powerful energy. You may not have known it, but you probably experienced the power of the human aura.

What Is An Aura?


Psychics know that each of us has an aura, a special life force energy that we radiate and encompasses each of us. Our souls are constantly shining through whether we’re at work, school, party, or home alone. These energies are electromagnet fields that surround all organisms. The aura can extend 1-2 feet beyond the physical body for humans.

People sometimes refer to this energy encasement as the “Auric Egg.” While the idea of auras seems new to many people, cultures worldwide have been familiar with the power of a person’s aura for thousands of years. For example, yogis of ancient India defined the aura as centers of energy throughout the body, known as “chakras.

The Colors Of The Aura

aura colors

While each of us has a unique energy, this incredible electromagnetic force takes on colors that can hold a special significance. While brightly colored auras typically indicate positive aspects of the soul, muddy or darker hues can signify negative energy. Below are some of the colors associated with the human aura:

Red Aura

Individuals with red auras tend to be physical and vibrant. Red auras signify a soul that is highly physically powerful and extremely practical. While people typically describe those with red auras as charismatic, the characteristics of someone with a red aura can also include agitation, anger, and sometimes even violence.

Yellow Aura

Spiritual souls often have auras that are yellow, amber, or golden. Yellow auras indicated someone kind, thoughtful, and optimistic. A person exhibiting a yellow aura is often fun-loving, has a positive attitude, and is highly attuned to the needs of others. Negative qualities that individuals with a yellow aura sometimes exhibit include extreme shyness, laziness, and problem avoidance through drugs and alcohol.

Green Aura

Green auras point to souls with a deep affinity for the earth, people, animals, and nature. Those with a green aura are compassionate and most attracted to the healing arts. Negative aspects of the green aura can sometimes indicate an overly sensitive person with self-esteem issues.

Blue Aura

Blue auras signify a calm, composed, and peaceful spirit. Anyone with superior psychic ability typically has a soul that expresses itself in blue. Anyone with a dark or murky-colored blue aura is afraid to face the truth.

Lavender Aura

For anyone with a creative and imaginary spirit, a psychic will see their aura in the color of lavender. Lavender and violet colors of the aura spectrum are considered the most spiritual and highly developed of all the soul’s colors.

Black Aura

Black is a negative color that draws energy instead of emitting it. Black auras can indicate chronic pain, illness, or emotional hurt. If there is illness or pain in a specific body part, psychics will often see the aura surrounding that area in black.

White Aura

During readings, psychics usually envision white auras as energy coming from souls, advanced spirits, or protective angels. Unsurprisingly, white is indicative of purity, truth, and compassion.

Your Aura Strength

aura strength

While clothing can occasionally block an aura, the actual strength of someone’s aura is often most dependent on several factors. These include physical health and psychological state. If someone has an illness impacting a particular body area, that area will usually appear dark, muddy-colored green. Psychics report that dying souls often have an aura that gradually weakens and eventually fades to a light silver or pale blue.

Psychics And Your Aura

Psychic power

If you’ve found a psychic to work with, there’s a good chance you selected them based intuitively on the aura surrounding them. While you may not have the ability to see or understand the auras of others, the chances are that the psychic you have selected can accurately visualize your soul’s unique energy. They will observe your strengths and those areas where you may be experiencing physical or emotional pain.

In addition, your psychic will also help determine where your energy is blocked and help you release areas of trapped energy for greater health, peace, and fulfillment. If you’re thinking about getting an aura reading from a psychic, you may want to have several questions in mind. Having an idea of what you want to talk about will help them work with you to create the best possible future for yourself. However, aura reading is not a tool for prediction or clairvoyance.

Instead, it is an opportunity for your psychic to help free blocked energy and help you to increase your auric field. By learning the color of your aura, your psychic will also help you better understand any emotional issues your energy field is emanating. Aura reading allows your soul to learn, grow and change, and your psychic aura reading should provide warmth and support as you endeavor on your spiritual journey.

Since the aura has several layers, you must do everything possible to ensure your psychic can accurately see your energy fields. You can help your psychic obtain the best possible aura reading by wearing loose, comfortable clothing. This is especially true if you speak to your psychic through video messaging. Relaxing and meditating, if possible, is also helpful before meeting with your spiritual advisor for a few moments.

Your Aura Can Tell Your Psychic A Lot About You

psychic aura reading

Depending upon your physical and emotional health, they may see various colors. Psychics who perform aura readings may also see different colored shapes emanating from your body. They may also see various shapes that mean something. For example, curves and dents in the aura may indicate illness or injury. If you’re highly emotional, your psychic can pick up on your feelings upon seeing various colors changing and spiking in the energy field around your body.

To gain the greatest focus, your psychic will need you to be in an area that is calm, quiet, and free of distractions. Don’t try to video chat with them while driving to work or making dinner. Since others can interfere with your energy field, your psychic will typically recommend that you be alone during the reading, without anyone else in the room. It’s important to do everything possible to ensure your aura reading is as accurate as possible.

During the reading, your psychic will provide you with vast amounts of detailed personal information. It may be difficult to absorb everything they tell you during the session, which is normal. For this reason, I always suggest taking notes or asking for a copy of your transcript. Sites like Psychic can provide this quickly and easily. Having a copy of the discussion fully lets you understand your psychic’s wisdom and advice.

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Give yourself several days after your aura reading to sit with the information you received. Think about what was said and how it all makes you feel. Contemplate how you can apply the information to your daily life. Remember that a strong and healthy aura can help you attract happiness, love, and health. By working with a psychic, you will attract all of the wonderful things you deserve.

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