Mother’s Body Found By Psychic After Missing For A Month

Kent, U.K- A psychic called in by her in-laws has located Mariola Cudworth’s body. Her family can finally begin the process of getting closure. The Kent Police Department was unsuccessful in locating the missing mother of two for almost a month. The family was very disappointed with the lack of results, so they called psychic Aly Austin for assistance.

Now that there is a body, Cudworth’s husband, Jonathon Cudworth, is being accused and charged with her murder. Psychic Aly Austin posted this on her Facebook after finding her: “After feeling let down by Kent Police, the family of Jonathon Cudworth and myself (and some guidance from other realms) took it upon ourselves to attempt to find her.

That attempt was successful at 8:30 pm last night. Mika can now be laid to rest. It has been emotional. Just glad my radar wasn’t totally off. This started as work… and ended with an incredible bond. Just grateful I could help a little at such a horrendous time.”

Mariola, who also goes by the name Mika, went missing from her home on the 29th of April 2015. After the psychic discovered her body, the family called the police to Dover Road in Eastry at around 8:30 pm. After taking photos and evidence, authorities removed the body and opened the area back up. Police arrested Jonathan, her husband of two years, shortly after.

Not Everybody’s Satisfied With The Handling Of The Case

Some of Mika’s friends and family were unhappy with how the police responded to the case. One of the more outspoken individuals regarding how the police failed to locate Mariola’s body has been Jonathon’s sister Natalie. “They didn’t find the body. All I can say is that the police didn’t find the body. I’m sorry I can’t say more on this,” Natalie told the East Kent Mercury.

Police, however, are defending their actions and holding their stance. “When the family notified police of Mika’s disappearance, we launched a full investigation,” a spokesman for the police department said. “Kent police conducted a thorough search using the police helicopter, Kent Search and Rescue, police dogs, and specially trained officers.

In addition to this, the department launched a high-profile media campaign to locate Mrs. Cudworth. Acting on information received, officers attended a field in Eastry on Monday evening and located a body. Officers have contacted Mika’s family in Poland and informed them of the discovery. We haven’t employed the service of a medium,” they said.

Family members are not arguing that the police hired a medium because they are the ones who sought her. They’re happy they did since she successfully located the body for them. Mika and Jonathon lived together in Northbourne at Mill Lane Cottages and had two children together, four and five years old. Based on the evidence collected, 34-year-old Jonathon Cudworth was arrested and will remain in custody until he appears in court on July 27th.

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