Psychic Leads Man To Discover Body Of Missing Friend

Psychic Jennifer Von Behren states William Bo Kirk’s friend Brian Johnston contacted her for help when he went missing. She gave him information that led to the discovery of his body. Johnston found his body in a creek at the Coeur d’Alene National Forest last week. His wife had reported him missing after failing to show up at home after work. Johnston said a psychic had told him he would be near water and a ravine.

This psychic was Von Behren. Johnston contacted her and asked about his missing friend via Facebook a few days before finding the body. “A lot of times when I’m connecting with somebody, things will just pop in. I just start feeling things,” Von Behren says. The psychic said she began getting sensations while communicating with Johnston on Facebook Messenger. Almost all mediums describe getting these same sensations. 

Johnston Acted On The Psychic’s Information

“The stuff that I did relay across was that I kept seeing water. And I kept seeing a ravine or a creek. And I kept hearing a creek, so I was like, I’m going to send him anything I’m picking up on right now,” Von Behren said. Johnston relayed her words- ravine and water- to other family friends. He and several friends then set out to look for his friend Kirk, and their search led him to Hayden Creek in the national forest.

Von Behren shared that while messaging with the family friend, she kept getting images of water and a ravine. She also received an image of a tall man standing in her room that she didn’t recognize. She had not seen a picture of Bo Kirk or was even familiar with the case while messaging the concerned friend.

“I have since heard about it. And I was like, man that guy looks just like the one that I saw standing in my room when I was doing the messaging,” she says. Von Behren also assisted authorities in 2005 on a kidnapping case involving the Groene family and was able to provide crucial information then as well.

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