Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry Shares His Advice On How To Spot A Fraudulent Psychic

Psychics, especially television psychics, are constantly accused of being scammers and deceivers- this is no secret. There is, however, a trick that can tell you who is the real deal and who is just trying to take your money, according to Hollywood medium Tyler Henry. Henry gave Digital Spy an interview where he said:

No one legitimate will say something that will frighten the person in front of them. That is not the goal of someone truly connected to what I believe to be the source.” “It’s important to have a validating experience [when seeing a psychic]. The information that comes through for me intends to help the person in front of me.

Telling the person something as they will die is not helpful unless they can prevent it,” he added. “A good way to tell if a psychic is authentic is, if they are going to verbalize these things, it should be with the intention of helping the person,” he added. Henry has given about 125 readings on camera as a psychic.

He says all five senses are involved when communicating with the other side, resulting in a sixth sense. The psychic said he never knew he had psychic gifts until he was eleven when he foresaw his grandmother dying. He revealed his premonition to his mom, and the phone rang about five minutes later. It was a phone call advising them that his grandmother had passed away.

Being A Psychic Isn’t An Easy Job

“I would say the nature of what I do can be very overwhelming. Some things revolve around things that are not positive, but I cannot allow fear to dictate my readings. If I did that, I wouldn’t be productive. Ultimately, I look at the long-term goal of communicating messages. Although I’ve seen some traumatic things, delivering messages of comfort and closure allows for a sense of peace.”

Despite having years of experience and being trusted by several very well-known celebrities, he admits he experiences a lot of skepticism. Jersey Shore star JWoww was on his show called Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry, and during filming, she tried to “catch him lying” by giving him an object and lying to him about it having belonged to someone very close to her who had passed away.

“That was quite an experience- she came to me as a complete non-believer,” Tyler says while laughing. “But when the person came through, [I knew] he wasn’t connected to her. I acknowledged that in the reading and said, ‘He isn’t here for you.’ She admitted afterward that she tried to trick me. I don’t love it when that happens, but I understand some people take that mentality. I like to give people life-changing experiences and turn skeptics into believers.”

Tyler fully embraced his psychic abilities at the young age of 16 and began giving readings. He admits that he has encountered several scamming psychics in his field and states that they make it harder for people like him, who have an authentic gift. “This is why I put such an emphasis on validation and make sure people have experiences where they can validate the information coming through; my goal in doing my show is to redefine what a medium is.”

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Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. Hello Angela
    I suppose it was a coincidence but I was looking at your site due to my receiving so many offers from Psycic’s and stopped to get my mail. The first envelope I opened said “private enclosure” and was from none other than an Angela Moore Psycic from New Hope Emporium. Just had to relay that to you!
    Also, your site is informative and I’m glad I found it! What my life has become over the course of the last 7+ Years is nothing short if a nightmare. As I have my good days when I don’t give up for the umpteenth time I intend to take your advise when continuing my search for someone who will truly help me.
    Maybe opening this letter was a good sign..
    Be well

    • Hi Donna,

      I’m glad that you found my site! I am NOT Angela Moore from New Hope Emporium however. She and I just happen to have the same name, but I’m so glad it led you to my site instead of hers! Best Wishes Donna!

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    Jennifer Dalla Rosa April 5, 2018 at 1:39 pm

    Hello there, my name is Jennifer Dalla Rosa and I was born with the gift as well. At the age of 9 there was 3 times that my mom’s phone rang late in the evening, calls that were from family about tragedy’s. I was awoken in my room just 5 minutes prior to the phone ringing. Each time I woke up and saw a huge red circle on my wall. I would wake up my mom, and tell her that the phone was about to ring, and I told her each time what it was going to be about! Since then I have had so many other things like that happens to me, not only being awoken by aura’s yet so many visions and I have been correct with most all things that I either see happening either if it is in aura’s and in another dimension, or just a feeling throughout my body. I have been thinking about using my gifts, which have also included healing without touching the person that I pull the pain from. I have been able to do long distance healing, and have actually been able to pull pain from several people that I have been able to get testimonies from. A few have included pulling pain from a young girl that had just stubbed her toe very badly. I took her into the garage and her mother looked at me and said do what you can I’ve seen you heal. I used my energies and removed the broken skin the redness which by the way was about to bleed. Within two minutes her toe looked as if it had gone back to a normal state prior to her stubbing it. I have also stated to take before and after pictures of a few people that I have been able to pull bruises from, as well as rug burns. I have no fear of the gifts that I have been blessed with and never question my abilities. I come from a long line of gifted wemon on my mom’s side, as well as many people from my dad’s side. I would very much love to find a group of others in my area to work with. I also have thought many times about doing this with clients via our website as yours either working with patients that are requesting certain things that are ailing them, and connecting using my Spirit guides to give them advice. Any idea about how I can go forward with using my gifts via a website or chat such as you have. Please advise, thank you so much light and love, Jennifer Dalla Rosa, born Jennifer Judd.

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