Pat Bussard’s Book Reveals A Darker Side Of The World

Warning- reading psychic Pat Bussard’s 2013 book “Thirty True Tales of the Weird, Unusual and Macabre” might shock you! “Listening to the Dead,” “Fourteen Ghosts (and Counting),” “Water Witch,” “A Brief History of Ghosts,” and “Hospital of Souls” are just a few examples of the chapter titles in the medium’s book. That’s just the beginning, though.

Some of the other chapters’ titles include “Zodiac Panic,” “When Death was Grand and the Dead Were Puppets,” and “The Future is in the Cards.” My favorite is the one titled “Hunting the Elusive Ghosts.” In this chapter, Bussard writes about the famous Sensabaugh Tunnel outside Kingsport, Tennessee. “The story behind the Sensabaugh Tunnel is really unknown.

However, there are many variations of a story with the recurring characters of the Sensabaugh family, father, mother and baby, and in most variations, a murdering hobo.” People who visit this tunnel agree there’s something creepy and eerie about it. Legend has it that if you turn your car off in there, it’ll have a hard time starting back up.

Other Chapters Of The Book

“Individuals who’ve visited the site reported the piteous crying of a woman and a baby,” writes Bussard in her book. “Orbs, shadows, and full-body apparitions have also been reported. With so many eyewitness accounts of paranormal activity at the Sensabaugh Tunnel, it’s earned its place on legend tripping maps.” The Bristol Train Station in Bristol, Virginia, also has the same creepy legend behind it. In the same chapter, the medium writes about HAUNT, a ghost-hunting team.

Bussard also talks about when they picked up a woman’s scream from the train track outside the station. The scream was picked up on a digital audio recorder at 1:00 in the morning one day. In a different chapter, she explores what could be hiding inside the Appalachian Caverns in Blountville, Tennessee.

“How many spirits are reported to wander the underground and grounds of the Appalachian Caverns? Some reports are as high as 30. However, whether there is one spirit or 30 that inhabit this dark nether-world, if you can journey deep into his underground land, listen carefully,” she writes. “The voices you hear may be echoes from the past.”

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