Psychic Mediums On A Mission To Teach Others How To Tap Into Their Own Psychic Abilities

Niagara Falls, NY. – Though it may seem scary, communicating with the spirits of the deceased is a “gift” for the most part. Psychic medium Kristie London from Niagara Falls received her first psychic communication at a restaurant one day. She began receiving messages from the deceased grandparents of her waitress. These messages started as cheery banter but quickly turned into something more serious.

Before London knew what was happening, she relayed the messages from the servers’ dead grandparents to her. The grandparents pleaded with the waitress to please get out of her abusive relationship. The waitress’s face overflowed with grateful tears after London passed on the concerned grandparents’ message. She sat down with London and her family to hear more. When this first happened, London’s husbands’ jaw just dropped.

Even now that he knows his wife’s gift, her veteran husband is still amazed by her unique abilities. London believes anyone willing to learn can learn these skills and abilities. She and her good friend and fellow psychic medium, Amanda Newbury, are opening a mediumship and healing center in Wheatfield. They will offer readings, classes, reiki healings, and monthly gallery shows.

Newbury’s Story

Newbury grew up on the same street as London, and they’ve been friends since they were both young girls. A psychic once told her that she and her son had the psychic gift, and she’s been developing her psychic skills ever since. At first, her other son Kamron was skeptical of his mom and brother taking classes and getting their abilities certified. However, he quickly saw for himself that psychic skills do indeed exist in this world.

It happened when his mother told him his deceased uncle was in the room with them. Kamron wanted to test his mother, so he asked his uncle several questions in his head, not out loud. He was shocked when his mother answered all the questions correctly, even one Kamron planned on asking him before switching to another one. “He hasn’t been skeptical since,” says Newbury. She also states that Kamron now shows signs of having the same intuitive skills as her and his brother.

London says that her 16-year-old son, 15-year-old daughter, and 7-year-old daughter all show signs of having inherited her gift. Her oldest even joined in on one of her group gallery readings to add information for a woman his mom recently gave a reading to. Their office will offer classes and group sessions to help individuals develop and explore their skills. They’re passionate about this because they believe others have the gift but don’t know it.

Their Classes Are Their Passion

Both women experienced unexplainable things when they were children, and these experiences prompted them to explore their mediumship and psychic abilities as adults. “I think many more people out there have these abilities,” Newbury says. “We want people to know there’s nothing wrong with you, and it’s not dangerous. It’s a blessing, and we can teach you how to tap into it.”

Stephanie Hunt, a Reiki practitioner from Niagara Falls, will join them. Hunt states that she has always felt healing energy emanate from her hands as far back as she can remember and has recently begun using her Reiki skills to heal her own body. “My joints are deteriorating,” says Hunt. “Reiki has reduced my pain from a ten to a six or seven.”

Their office is at 2808 Niagara Falls Blvd, and the three of them will hold a “meet and greet” at its grand opening on February 25th from 5:30 to 9:30 pm. They will provide their guests Reiki demonstrations, free gallery readings, card readings, door prizes, and refreshments. For more information, please call London at 716-472-3151, Newbury at 716-990-5495, or Hunt at 716-425-9787.

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  1. I have been emailing with psychic’s, clairvoyant’s, medium’s, shaman, numerologists, tarot reader’s, past life regressionist, and palmistry reader, etc. I’ve have spoken to two psychic’s on the phone & though they sounded like they were up to par, I have my doubt’s about what was told to me, simply because they haven’t came true or even become part of my life. At least they haven’t so far. So, whether I can believe those phone reading’s or not…..I’m waiting to see if they do happen or come true. Other then that, they all have a sense of things going on in my life & can and does give me some insight, but, they don’t really state “what you need to do”, they simply give you hint’s but all in all this is all done at “free will” and whatever you find out about your future, means you are at free will whether to change it or not. In any case, “if” it’s destined to happen……then it “will” happen. I too, have been told by many psychic’s that I have “latent sensory abilities”, and also, a few of them even told me, I have “unusual sensory abilities & highly intelligent”….I don’t quite understand or know what this means, but it sounds good to me. Also, some have mentioned that I’m showing (them) Clairvoyant & Mediumship, and again, I haven’t a clue as to what it is that I got, but, I would really like to practice ‘whatever it is” I need to do & so I can better strengthen “whatever” psychic abilities I do have. My “extra sensory ability” I’ve known about, but didn’t know what it was exactly. I am very excited to have been given these gifts & would like to get more from it, to help other’s. Especially my family & friend’s, to even a total stranger & of which for me to “help other’s” is what I’ve been doing my whole life but want to further this “if” possible. aI had a sense come over me a few weeks ago & when talking to my neighbor, I. in a “jokingly” way, told her, she needs to get out more in the world that the love of her life won’t come to her door (my neighbor, Linda is always babysitting her great grand kids) and is about 60 yrs old. And, she told me, she didn’t think she needed a man & was done with them, (what few she had, obviously, didn’t work out). And, as we stood there talking I had this sense that was like an insight, a feeling, a motion and then came the visualization to back up the fact. (This is my best way of describing it) but, I started to tell her all kinds of things about this man I see her with & describe, (not only what I saw but how she felt). I told her she looked so happy, as he did too. She seemed comfortable, I told her about him, and described him to her, (not so much his appearance)but, what I sensed about him~like he’s gonna pay for everything, not except her money, he is gonna treat her with the utmost respect & is gonna love & enjoy showing her off, and going & doing lots of things together, that they will be pretty much inseparable from each other, that this man “is” the man she is to be together with & like rolling out that red carpet……he’s gonna treat her just like a Princess should be treated & taken care of. Linda seemed happy to hear this, everything I was telling her, and she said that sounds good to me, and we both agreed that we’d have to wait and see if & when this happens. Well, about 4 days after our conversation we had, her daughter came over & had brought a friend & it was a gentleman, of which Linda automatically felt so comfortable and relaxed around him & they all talked for awhile & they parted exchanging phone #’s!! When she told me about this, I felt her excitement and was just as happy for her as she was for herself. Well, we are just gonna have to wait & see if this “is” the man she will be with….After hearing about this man, as Linda described him & her feelings of their encounter, I was extremely happy for us both & I’d really like to see this come true for her…I believe we all deserve that special someone….I’m still waiting for mine…LOL 🙂 Thanks for letting me share this with you!!!

    • That is incredible Sharon. Please keep developing your gift, its obvious your purpose is to help people with these special talents you have been given. You are special, don’t let it go to waste.

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