Psychic And Son Allegedly Scam Elderly Man Out Of $147,000 In ‘Soul-Cleansing’ Scam

A man from New Jersey was scammed out of $147,000 by a psychic and her son in a ‘soul-cleansing’ scam. Police say he was told by the psychic that he needed “treatments to cleanse his soul” to live in peace. The Galloway Township Police Department arrested 49-year-old psychic Sally “Kim” Wando and her 24-year-old son Franco Marco.

Both had charges of second-degree theft by deception and third-degree conspiracy to commit robbery after police received a report from a man who felt he was being scammed by a psychic. Police state the victim told investigators he had been visiting with a woman at Village Psychic in Smithville and that she offered him ‘treatments to cleanse his soul.’

“The first visit required a payment of $5,000,” said the department on an August 25th Facebook post. “After additional visits, Kim recommended a 14-step Chakra program for him to complete, costing $10,500 per step. Kim advised him that he had eight evil spirits that only she could eradicate via the 14 steps.”

Scammer Took Advantage Of Victim’s Childhood And Used Scare Tactics On Him

According to police, Wando allegedly took advantage of the victim’s “unpleasant childhood” that he shared with her. She used this personal information to make him believe she could relieve him from his troubles. She also predicted further torment in this life and the afterlife if he didn’t complete the 14 steps.

The gentleman ultimately agreed to the steps and was provided specific instructions to transfer $147,700. He was to transfer it from his checking account to her son Frank Marco’s business account. Marco owned a car dealership called Frank’s Classic Carz in Ventnor, New York.” The scamming psychic also told the victim he needed to keep the agreed-upon arrangement a secret.

She told him that “more evil spirits” would need to be cleansed from his body if he didn’t. She even told him to tell the bank tellers he used the funds to purchase a car. When interrogated by investigators, Wando and Marco told them the wired money was to buy a vehicle at the dealership instead of for a soul-cleansing program.

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