Why There Are Things You Should Never Ask A Psychic

Every day, people worldwide rely on the guidance and advice of psychics. They consult them to help make business decisions, improve their personal lives, and add an extra ‘oomph’ to their love life. Psychics can be a tremendously powerful tool.

They can help us learn about the future and discover who we are as people. However, just like with any power, psychics must use it carefully. They can provide dangerous details sometimes and need to be mindful of what they disclose.

They Can’t Predict Everything

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The human mind isn’t designed to comprehend the supernatural. The information that many psychics carry can be a huge mental burden. Asking them for specific details of your future would be unfair. There’s also a misconception that psychics know precisely what the future holds. This isn’t true. It is, but not how television and movies have made us think.

Instead of asking them, “What date will I get married?” Ask them, “Is my partner the one I should commit to forever?” They can’t determine or foresee your wedding date because that’s out of their control. They could give you a date, but you could decide you want a Sunday wedding instead of a Saturday one. You have free will, and this is what determines your future.

However, they can tell you whether your partner is the one for you. They know how the relationship goes by connecting with you and using their unique gifts. They can tell if your partner is treating you how you deserve to be treated by the energy you give off and the sadness or joy in your voice. Psychics can help you determine if you’re in love with this person or just with them because you think you must be.

Ask them questions that help you grow and improve instead of exact details. That helps you more in the long run because you know more about yourself now. Psychics can open your eyes to things you’ve hidden or repressed deep in your soul for so long. Then you can decide on your own what date to seal the deal with the love of your life.

Some Things Are Better Off Unknown

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Professional psychics are trained in proper communication and are morally obligated to provide information that can improve people’s lives. When we talk to psychics, whether over the phone or in person, we talk to someone who knows more about who we are than we know about ourselves. A psychic knows our fears, weaknesses, hopes, strengths, and dreams.

They know when we were born and how we live our lives. Every time a psychic gives a reading, they must decide what information they should provide. When we look at our lives, it’s like looking out the window of a train barreling down a track at 90 miles an hour. We can’t see into the future and only vaguely remember the past.

Everything we see out the window is a blur, marred by our perceptions about the world. We can only see what is happening now as time blurs past. Psychics, however, can see everywhere the train has gone and will go. They see the entire track simultaneously: past, present, and future, all intertwined. The mind of a regular person isn’t built to comprehend this. Their true comprehension of reality tortures many psychics.

They see the world as it is, not through rose-colored glasses. Sometimes they tell you things that might be hard to hear. They do their best to word things gently but dislike sugarcoating things. As difficult as it may be to face some things, doing so is necessary for you to evolve. Be sure to have mentally prepared yourself before getting a reading. 

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Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. Hi Angela. After reading most of the topics on your website, I remain confused over something. You say that the future cannot be predicted, that we have “free will” and are able to change things, yet you give examples of readings that do just that – predict the unchangeable future: “She saw him die. She saw him gasping for breath, with a seatbelt strapped around his neck as his car filled with water. … as the water extinguished the light that had kept him alive for 44 years.” You also say, “In the most basic terms, authentic fortune tellers do not exist because no one is capable of predicting the future.” This seems to be a contradiction. You stated, “The individual can change the trends and paths that they are on in their life and, thus, alter their future.” I also believe as you say, “There are certain things about are lives we aren’t designed to comprehend.”
    So can you offer some credible explanation to this complex issue regarding a psychic’s ability to predict the future? As with the example of man who died from drowning and the psychic who predicted it, do we have a destiny after all? I would truly like to get a psychic reading, but after reading the things on your site, I have strong doubt about what can be believed about future predictions. Please help me understand.
    Respectfully, Beth

    • Hi Beth,

      Ultimately free will trumps all. So lets say you visit a Psychic and they tell you that on Thursday they see you in a major car accident that leads to your unfortunate and untimely demise. Based on this information you don’t go out Thursday and thus you aren’t in a car accident and you go on to live a happy life. Your free will, or your choice not to get in a car that day changed the future. Had you not had that information and went out that day you could have ended up in a terrible accident. Psychics can usually see the future of the path you are currently on but that can be changed with simple decisions you make every day. I’m not going to lie and say Psychics have all the information, no Psychic is 100% accurate, no one is capable of predicting the future with 100% accuracy. There are some things they can’t see, but I have found them to be an invaluable resource for viewing the path I’m currently on and where it is leading me. They’re great at showing you the future from that moment on, but things change. Based on that information I can make decisions to change things that lead me down another, hopefully better path. This is something I struggled with as well, its not an exact science. Matters of the spirit are rarely logical and that’s why there are so many skeptics. All I can say is go in with an open mind and give it a try. I will admit, its not for everyone. I really hope that helps.

  2. You’re running a good site, but you’re wrong on certain points. I’m a natural medium lifelong aged 77. In the UK. I have vast experience of premonitions along with every aspect of the paranormal. A premonition once received can never be avoided. You can’t say Sunday it will happen, then avoid Sunday outings, and prevent it. Our conception is ordained, and at that same instant, so is the date we die. We choose the tests we undertake in life at that moment we’re conceived. I spent a year trying to stop a premonition of the death of a child related to my first late husband, in the 1970’s. I approached every church/religion in my town, and got abused and called a ‘tool of the devil’. For my supposed interference with the other side. Yet l’d never dabbled in my life, it persued me. l was haunted, taunted, and unknown to me, had a hex (something solid) put on my car underneath it, by a male leader of a covern of witches l had earlier helped to break up. He wanted me dead because l freed his wife and child from his covern, and helped them escape him. He forced them both to live with human skulls he’d dug up from ancient graveyards, of which we have many in old and ruined churchyards. He wanted me to crash my car and die. I never knew about the hex till afterward. I did crash, just not in that car. But l was at the wheel. I should have died, the police and surgeon said so, the car was written off, engine underbeath my feet. I was front paged because police got involved. Long story, but it was my unwanted ‘coming out time’ as a Medium
    And the noisy burglars in the early hours that started up that same time, were Poltergeists who made two police officers, and four priests run from my home. It was one of many, many NDEs throughout my life. The Church of England got involved and a Bishop declared me a Medium (l hate the word, l’d called myself an ‘unwilling psychic’) l ran to the church for help, and protection, and asked the Bishop to make it stop, to go away, he said he could not. “It’s a very special gift, use it wisely!” So l have ever since. My doctor was front paged on my sanity. Because the media wanted his say on me. And he was unafraid of ridicule, and spoke highly of me. Giving short shrift to my accusers who were calling me a liar. “Why wouldn’t God speak to Jeanette?” He said in his deep Irish brogue. Like he was talking of a man across the road l’d known lifelong. Which God is, to all of us. And l had to learn to stop running, both inside and out, especially from myself, from spirits, from God’s choices for me. And face my fear, of dead people, and of fear itself. I’ve never had a day free of paranormal events lifelong and ever since, but l’ve been free of fear of it since 1973. When l fronted God’s biggest enemy, with God right by my side. The true stories l can tell, you would not believe. I’ve ceased even needing to, l no longer care what people think of me. I know what God thinks, He tells me, daily. He loves me
    because life with God and spirits is one on one, and all of us can have the same relationship l have with Him too. I do not fear accusers, l answer to God, since He controls my gifts. I use them when He vhooses, and never take monies, or make capital on them, especially at other people’s expense. I will never take money for my gifts, l’m a lowly old age pensioner on basic income till l die. I since age 22 l’ve had rheumatoid arthritis throughout my body, and since age 40, osteoarthritis throughout my body, my hands are twisted out of shape, l hurt everywhere, every day, have chronic asthma and allergies to meds and vaccines with immune deficiency condition and a very rare blood type. Been close to death so many times, had massive blood transfusion and much divine intervention through two major road accidents, and failed surgeries. I have survived a nine month coma, under the wheels of a lorry, and a broken body, had Toxaemia in pregnancy, septicemia twice, far more incidents of NDEs l can count, and am blessed to have had divine intervention more times than l can count. I’m a walking breathing miracle. And my only judge is yours too, God. I’m the only female Medium verified by the Church of England since 1973. I did not pursue Mediumship, it pursues me. But l wouldn’t change my life for all the gold on earth. I know God loves all of us the same, and l know l’m going back to Him when my body dies, it’s just a vehicle for my soul. So is yours. Don’t make choices that will change its path to God. By using, abusing, hurting, killing, another person’s vehicle for their soul.

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