Successful Financial Astrologer Charts The Course For The Stock Market

When Facebook made its initial public offering last month – the second-biggest IPO in history – Jonathan Pearl told his clients not to invest. He had been charting the course for the stock market. Astrologically, he says, it was “a dicey time to begin a new adventure.” Pearl is a financial astrologer who specializes in financial investment. In addition, he publishes an online daily newsletter ( and offers private consultations.

Pearl, 40, is a practicing Buddhist. He lives alone near Alamo Square and has a girlfriend who works at M.H. de Young Museum. He spoke to about his financial decision-making process and advice: “I’m not a psychic and don’t have a crystal ball. However, I use astrology – which impacts people’s outlook, feelings, confidence, and fear – to forecast the stock market.

In astrology, there’s a kaleidoscopic network of things always going on. Many people know their sun sign, but all the planets are important in actual astrology. I was not too fond of Facebook’s IPO date for several reasons. One is that it was right before an eclipse, and an eclipse is one of the few times of the year something comes out and snatches the sunlight out of the sky. Lastly was the fact that Venus was retrograde.

Facebook is a social networking site, and Venus was moving backward in the sky. With Venus being the goddess of love, beauty, and love principle, you want something moving forward, not backward. This rule is especially critical if you’re launching an IPO or something important. In addition, not only did the price tank, but there were many problems with the IPO itself. People had issues with orders, and it was a mess.

Jonathan Pearl

“From The Astrological Point Of View, Their Timing Was Atrocious”

That same month, on the morning of May 2, I told my investment clients to sell everything now and go entirely to cash. By May 15, the market had dropped 65 points on the S&P. That’s approximately 650 Dow points—a fairly sharp drop in two weeks. I got serious about astrology about ten years ago. I decided to go back to the beginning and read every old text – Greek astrologers, medieval astrologers – that I could get my hand on.

It captivated me, and I spent years learning it very rigorously. From 2005 to 2007, I worked as a personal astrologer. It’s a tough gig. Unfortunately, doing individual readings took a lot of preparation, and there wasn’t enough demand. So I went from that to market astrology. Sadly, there’s an extreme bias against astrology in most parts of the country. There’s no position at any financial company for an “astrologer/market analyst.”

Nevertheless, I challenge anyone in that field to find someone who could say in early 2008, “This year is trouble, and the worst period is August through November.” That was pretty clear from my astrological point of view. I’m interested in more than just markets. To me, that’s the fascination. I get to see how the planets impact the world in real-time, to the minute. Yes, it is the stock market. And you can say greed fuels it.

However, the dot-com bubble bursting, the 2008 meltdown, the “flash crash” of May 2010, and the summer swoon last year hurt many. I would love to be in a position to help people maintain their retirement savings. I can tell them to do things that other people won’t, like ‘Sell everything May 2, get out now.'”

Article courtesy of San Francisco Gate

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