Can Psychics Really Be Helpful During Missing Person Cases?

Last week I published British Police Must Now Consider Psychic Information During Investigations. This article made many curious if psychics can genuinely be helpful to police in missing person cases. I believe they can be, and I thought it’d be a good idea to tell you about two psychics who helped law enforcement solve missing person cases.

Diane Lazarus, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham

49-year-old Diane Lazarus is a professional psychic from Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham. She has been a psychic for twenty years and travels worldwide, assisting police officers in solving crimes. Here is her story:

“I first saw spirits at a young age, so it’s nothing unusual for me. When working on a case, I don’t refer to the dead as spirits; I call them energy. The police give me a photo of the victim or arrange a face-to-face meeting with a member of the victim’s family. Occasionally, a family member contacts me directly. I always record these readings and take notes so the police can refer to them.

These notes make it easier if the case goes to court. My first case was 15 years ago when I was living in Swansea. Out of the blue, two police officers came to my home. A man was missing, and they wanted to see if I could pick up any details about what had happened to him. Using my psychic skills, I could see the man slumped in his car after committing suicide. The police later found the man in his vehicle in the location I described.

Diane’s Gift Proved To Be Invaluable To Police

Since then, I’ve worked with police forces around the world. Whenever I work on a case, I ensure that my methods fit in with the police force’s procedures and never ask for payment. One high-profile case I was involved with in the UK was the murder of Mark Green. I did a reading for his aunt, who thought he was missing, but he came through and told me he was dead. 

Mark then provided information about his murder, and his aunt passed the tape of her reading to the police. At first, the detective constable leading the investigation thought it was a missing person’s case. However, I spent five hours walking around Birmingham with another officer and Mark’s spirit guiding me. I led the officer to the Highgate estate in Birmingham, where they found Mark’s body.

I provided more details about his murder and the materials involved. Thanks to my input, authorities upgraded the case to murder. I also predicted that a TV show would smoke out the killer. Mark’s parents later appeared on TV, and afterward, James McMahon came forward and confessed to helping the killer. The killer was McMahon’s brother, Robert McMahon, and James helped him bury the body in his garden.

Both men were convicted, and they sentenced the killer to life in prison and his brother to two years. I would love the police in the UK to be more open about using trusted psychics, and I agree with the new guidelines. Yes, there are questionable psychics, but the good ones can provide valuable clues, all with the help of the spirit world.

Tracy Higgs, Hertfordshire, England

45-year-old Tracy Higgs is from Hertfordshire, has been a medium for 14 years, and goes by TJ. Her first experience working with the police happened about nine years ago. “In 2006, I appeared on the TV show Psychic Private Eyes, which investigated unsolved crimes and aired on CBS. I had been a professional medium for three years, but the show brought my gifts to the attention of grieving families and the UK police.

Soon people who had violently lost family members started asking me for readings, and they wanted to know what had happened to their loved ones. When I do one of these readings, the victim’s spirit gives me details about their death, the murder weapon, where the body is, etc. I relay this information to the loved one. I always tape these readings, and the relative usually passes the details to the police. Often these readings include details that haven’t been released to the public yet.

At this point, I receive a phone call from an officer investigating the case, and I’ll provide more information if I can. Sometimes the police contact me directly. I tune into my spirit guides, who clairvoyantly show me what happened. It’s like watching a film, and it’s upsetting, but I’ve learned to deal with it. Often the police give me a photo to work with or a name, which helps me connect with the victim and the murderer.

Tracy’s First Missing Person Case

My first police case was nine years ago. A murdered woman’s mother came in for a reading, and I gave her specific evidence about the killer. I told her the killer was her daughter’s boyfriend and that he had stolen things from her flat, which were hidden at his workplace and not his home. The mother passed this information to the police, who found the items at the killer’s workplace.

Another case involved a woman named Bonnie Barratt. A relative came to me for a reading, and Bonnie’s spirit came through immediately. Bonnie told me she was a prostitute and was insistent her murderer was a client and that he had killed another woman. I also picked up that the killer was from Preston, Lancashire, and the relative passed this information on to the police.

Several months later, Derek Brown from Preston was convicted of Bonnie’s murder and sentenced to life. When I hear of a conviction, I feel glad that I’ve been able to help give the families closure. I’m pleased with these new police guidelines and will always try to help solve crimes. I believe it’s one of the reasons why I have this gift.”

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