Melanie Barnum Pursues Her Calling To Become A Psychic Medium

Ridgefield, Conn.: Medium Melanie Barnum is aware that not everyone believes in her power and unique gift, and she understands that. “Most people won’t believe until it happens to themselves,” she says. The medium states she is merely an open channel for spirits to communicate with her. She feels there are always spirits amongst us; you just have to believe to see and feel them.

Barnum has a psychic shop in Ridgefield, Connecticut. Aside from being a psychic medium, she’s also a life coach, reflexologist, intuitive coach, hypnotist, reiki master, and published author of three books: “The Book of Psychic Symbols,” “The Steady Way to Greatness,” and “Psychic Abilities for Beginners.” She will be releasing her fourth book in November.

Barnum, her husband, and two children moved from Norwalk to Bethel and have lived there for over ten years. She believed reading and feeling people’s emotions all her life was normal. However, one day she received an injury to her head, and it was then that a voice told her, “This is the job you need to do.”

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Barnum’s Life Before Becoming A Professional Psychic Medium

Before taking her psychic abilities to a professional level, Barnum was a controller in a large company. After that, she became a small shop owner to spend more time with her children. Since realizing that her life’s calling was sharing her abilities, she learned that many of her family members are also gifted. She feels that being gifted with this ability has positively changed her life. “I love what I do, and it’s fantastic,” she says.

Barnum offers several classes in her office, from awakening your psychic abilities to developing your psychic abilities. Additionally, she provides workshops teaching life coaching, intuition development, and hypnosis. Her next class will be online with Belle Salisbury. It will focus on developing your psychic abilities and will cost $25.00. Lastly, she offers downloadable programs to teach individuals meditation on her website, Barnum adds that there are many sides to the spirit world and that even she can be skeptical sometimes.

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