Lena Dunham Tells Jimmy Kimmel A Psychic Reading Changed Her Love Life

Lena Dunham is the mastermind and actress behind the hit HBO show ‘Girls.’ She recently told Jimmy Kimmel that during a reading, a psychic told her she would meet a new guy who would be better for her. Based on that information, she decided to break up with her then-boyfriend. 29-year-old Dunham’s been with her boyfriend for three years, going on four now, and says she couldn’t be happier.

Her boyfriend Jack Antonoff is the guitarist for the catchy pop band ‘.fun.’ It shocks Dunham how different her life would be now if she hadn’t listened to or believed the psychic. “I believe in horoscopes so much. I believe in psychics. Mercury’s been in retrograde, so if any of your technology’s been failing, that’s what’s been going on,” she says.

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“I’ve felt its effects myself. A psychic told me when I would meet my boyfriend (and) I met him. She said I would meet him in April, and I met him in April. I was like, ‘Should I keep going out with this guy? It’s kind of messy. I don’t know.’ And she was like, ‘No. End it. Somebody’s coming in April, and he plays music.’

And she said, ‘I can see him in the corner, and he’s laughing and laughing and laughing.’ He does laugh a lot.” However, Dunham states that she didn’t take the psychic’s advice seriously then. She did follow her suggestion about breaking up with her boyfriend but wasn’t expecting the rest to come true.

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Fortunately, she has a habit of recording her psychic readings and never realized how accurate the psychic was that day. It wasn’t until she played one of the recordings back that she recognized the preciseness of the reading. Dunham was amazed at how much sense it made and how accurate the psychic was.

“The craziest thing was you would think I would be obsessively looking around for men with guitar cases. I didn’t, though. I forgot about it,” she explained to Kimmel. None of them seemed to be able to do, and I have a tool that lets me see if you’re signed up or not- you get it when you become an internet entrepreneur.” “(And then) I heard it, and cold chills went down my body because of the truth of it all.”

The subject of psychics and mediums came up because Kimmel asked about her email newsletter, which features horoscopes. The newsletter mainly aims at women and discusses everything from health to female rights. She expresses her extreme pride in it and laments that her family doesn’t keep up with it. She says her family is clueless about technology and, therefore, can’t view it.

“First of all, the email thing- my family literally can’t figure out how to sign up for it. No-one’s ever been more confused,” she says. “They were like, ‘It didn’t come.’ I said, ‘Yeah, you had to sign up. It wasn’t just like you thought about it, and then it would appear to you.’ And then I tried to sign them up, but they had to click a verification link in their inboxes.

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