What Happened To Missing Child Madeleine McCann? Psychic Weighs In

Burnley, U.K.- John Warne, the same psychic medium that helped the FBI capture a serial killer in the past, is now speaking out about Madeleine McCann’s disappearance. 85-year-old Mr. Warne has been a Spiritualist for about 57 years.

He decided to investigate this case on his own after hearing television psychic Derek Acorah’s claims. Acorah said a messenger from the spirit world told him that McCann was deceased. “She’s not on this earth any more” Since then, Acorah has apologized to Madeleine’s parents for this comment and claimed that the media misquoted his statement.

“I always thought the police would find the little girl. I didn’t want to bother looking into what has happened to her because it is a lot of strain, but when Derek Acorah said she was dead, I had to do it”, Mr. Warne said. “It doesn’t make sense to go to people and say she is dead. It’s diabolical. If it was the case that she had died, he should have known what happened, who did it, and where she is now. It is terrible to say that someone’s missing child is dead.”

Because of this, Mr. Warne decided to conduct his psychic investigation. Due to things he’s seen and felt, he believes that Madeleine’s kidnapper is an American man. He thinks the man was staying at the Algarve holiday resort the day before he kidnapped her. Additionally, his instincts tell him the kidnapping occurred sometime in May 2007.

madeline mcann

Here Is What Warne Thinks Happened:

“The bloke who took her was in his early 30s with brown hair. He was 5ft. 8 in. and in a light blue outfit. He checked her out the day before it happened. Once he grabbed her, he put her in a car around the corner and drove to a waiting boat. By the time anyone raised the alarm, they were gone. The guy was an American but didn’t take her for himself; he was working for someone.”

Mr. Warne strongly believes that Madeleine is alive and doing well. However, he has no information about her early life following the abduction. “I know she is at college in Minnesota. It is a reddish-brown building with several stories. I have never been there, but I can see it,” he said of what he believes is her current life. The psychic has successfully worked with the police in the past.

Because of this, Warne hopes that police and any investigators working on this case will follow up on the lead he provided. One of his most successful cases came when he worked with the FBI in Atlanta, Ga. Investigators were searching for a serial killer when Warne told them to look for a professional photographer of African American descent. They looked into his prediction, found the murderer, and arrested him.

“Imagine Maddie’s parents reading that she is dead. It must be terrible for them. That set me off. I know it is not true.”

John Warne, Psychic Criminologist

Read Proof That Some Psychics Can Be Valuable In Criminal Investigations for more information on psychics that help solve missing person cases.

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  1. Very interesting…however little Maddie was only 4 when she disappeared in 2007 and NOW is in college? mmmmm….wow that must make her the youngest college student ever! and if that was the case I am sure that some newspaper would of written about it.

    • Why is there not one single person in the western hemisphere who can provide clear concise information. It is all very strange. The amount of psychic rubbish is akin to a rock slide from a mountain. Every kook, with access to the internet and email from so called remote viewers to some old granny at the spiritualist church on a Sunday morning not forgetting the crazies inbetween with their stones, stars, incense and omms has offered nothing of any substance..

      I would like to believe, I really would, but seriously I think Warnes may have been the straw that broke the camels back.

      • RE “Kit Winters – Very interesting…however little Maddie was only 4 when she disappeared in 2007 and NOW is in college? mmmmm….wow that must make her the youngest college student ever! and if that was the case I am sure that some newspaper would of written about it.”

        As you may (and should) know, psychics/remote viewers do not get solidly clear info’ most of the time. This is not a science. It is an art. They can become ‘distracted’ by interesting nearby things to the ‘target’, and focus on that instead.

        For example, it could thus be that the ‘college’ as ‘seen’ has an employee who allegedly has connections now/previously to the child/location, or, that she has been to that college accompanying someone, or, is being housed nearby to the college, or, that the college as ‘seen’ is not in Minnesota, and, that if the child as ‘seen’ is not the child in question it could be another child taken from somewhere else, but by the same abductor allegedly connected to the college, or is nearby to it, or is elsewhere but connected to matters in some other way. And so on.

        For example, a quick Google online reveals the book: ‘Spain and Portugal in the New World: 1492-1700’ was allegedly published in 1984 by University of Minnesota Press, 1984.

        Can you see the words Portugal and Minnesota here?

        Likewise, ‘Portuguese Studies’ are seemingly run at the University of Minnesota.

        Can you see the words Portuguese and Minnesota here?

        The psychic in question may thus have simply read either of these 2 innocent things in the past and his subconscious mind has conjured things up via it.

        It could simply be that someone from the college as ‘seen’ has previously holidayed in the Portuguese location in question.

        Or, it could all be wrong.

        However, any data is better than nothing to work with. Police often work from hunches. You have to evaluate all possibilities/intuitions before sceptically writing off the data.

        Ian Huntley in the UK for example was a caretaker at a UK school. He murdered two 10-year-olds. Previous interviews with him for other child-related incidents/alleged offences had not been full correlated by Police, hence they seemingly missed him as a suspect for quite some time.

        The US’s Amanda Berry had been missing for 10 years and was deemed dead by many, but was found alive. She had been kidnapped, and kept.

        None of the above is nice nor easy to consider nor be faced with, but if you have someone who previously gave reliable data to the FBI (as this psychic allegedly has) it would be reckless to write off what has been offered by him, without consideration.

    • Good point Kit! I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this Psychics predictions are probably not true. =)

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