Roxane Psychic Astrologer Review- Is Roxane Astrologer A Psychic Scam?

A reader recently asked me about Roxane Psychic Astrologer. Having never heard of her, I wondered if she was a real psychic or just another scam. I noticed she has quite an online presence, so I decided to find out. That was difficult at first because there are A LOT of psychics named Roxane. However, it wasn’t long before I learned it was a total fraud. Roxane Psychic Astrologer at immediately stood out as a psychic scam. Here are my reasons why:

Roxane’s Background

Her website reads much like all the other fake psychics: She was very young when she discovered she was different from everyone else. She decided to study science to explain her special powers and learned about psychology and astrology. Then, she had a life-changing encounter that changed her life forever. This encounter was a meeting with an extraordinary astrologer whose name she will not reveal “out of respect” for him.

That’s all we get about him- no details or helpful information to convince me of this person’s existence. I guess we’re just supposed to take her word for it. This fantastic person supposedly taught her everything she knows today. She realized she could connect to another version of herself and began learning to control her powers.

It was then that she decided to use her powers for the good of humankind. She decided she wanted to make a living helping others improve their lives through her readings. Aside from not telling us more about this mystery man who shaped her life, it could all pass as believable. Everything else I discovered during my research convinced me she was not a genuine psychic.

Is Roxane Psychic Astrologer Even A Real Person?

roxane quantum astrologer

Roxane is just as fake as Master Abram, William Your Guardian Angel, Chris the Extraordinary, Psychic Esmeralda, etc. The only difference is that while these psychics are just model stock photo images, Roxane uses her actual image. The creators and masterminds behind Roxane Psychic Astrologer got sophisticated with her.

They upped their game by realizing they couldn’t just buy a stock photo of a model and give them a psychic name. It’s easy to know when they’ve done that, and it’s a dead giveaway that they’re a scam. The company behind Roxane took a different approach with her. They found an actual woman who would call herself Roxane and pretend to be a psychic for them.

They paid her to use her likeness and image on the website and all marketing emails. That isn’t to say she doesn’t use fake stock images on her website, though! More on that in a bit. Her developers even created a real social media presence for her. Looking through her Instagram can convince you that she’s a legitimate psychic. They did a good job making her seem like a trustworthy woman with genuine psychic abilities. They would’ve fooled me if I hadn’t kept digging.

Why You Can’t Trust Her

Roxane may be an actual person with a real-looking social media presence, but that doesn’t make her a real psychic. I discovered her website is owned and operated by Astroway Ltd. Their headquarters are in Gibraltar, which is a HUGE red flag. That is the same company that created Tara Medium. Tara Medium is a well-known psychic scam that I’ve reviewed. According to, Astroway Ltd is a private software and technology services company limited by shares.

That means a specific group owns and runs the company, dividing all the profit amongst themselves. They’ve started and shut down several times over the years. Each time they start back up, they change their name slightly, so they seem like a new company. However, following the paper trail shows the truth. They close down when they’re close to or have been busted as a scam.

The fact that they’re based out of Gibraltar is one of the most obvious signs of having unethical business practices. Companies who want to avoid playing by the rules or being honest use Gibraltar as their headquarters. Gibraltar is an ‘anything goes’ tax haven for businesses that don’t want to run their business illegally.

There are also no repercussions for companies that break the law there, which means they can steal your money, and nobody can do anything about it. They can take your personal information and use it or sell it without anyone stopping them. Getting reimbursed or taking them to court isn’t an option. I always tell my readers to run as far away as possible from psychics based out of countries like Gibraltar! Other psychics I’ve reviewed based here are:

Esmeralda Psychic

Extraordinary Chris

Medium Maria

William, Your Guardian Angel

Angel Medium Angela

Any New Lotus Web Psychics

Her Readings Are Fake And Generic

roxane email

Anytime I review a new psychic, I always sign up for their “free” reading. Just as I suspected, this reading- if you can even call it that- was INCREDIBLY fake and generic. I should’ve known that since free readings are almost always a scam. There was absolutely NOTHING genuine about what I received.

Roxane told me that “the luck of my lifetime” was here and that I needed to contact her AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to take advantage of it. She then tells me that at the end of an international video conference on “The Powers of Clairvoyance and It’s Hidden Secrets,” someone gave her a virtual envelope.

That envelope contained the names of people who urgently needed help, and guess what??? My name just so happened to be on it!! She said not to ask her to explain how or why they had my name but to just trust her. That is one of the most ridiculous emails I have ever received, if I’m being honest.

She really pulled out all the stops when trying to convince me to pay her for a reading. She went on to tell me that she discovered a curse that’s been following me from an early age. Ah yes, the classic curse scare tactic- an oldie but a goodie. Curses and spells aren’t real, and any “psychic” who tells you they are is trying to scam you. Please stop speaking to them immediately.

Roxane Has Many Tricks Up Her Sleeve

She tried to appeal to my finances, thinking maybe I wouldn’t fall for the curse trick. She told me that a massive windfall of money was waiting for me today. All I had to do was fill out my “great magical intervention” request form and pay her $19.95. Mind you- this would usually cost me $29.95.

However, since she liked me so much and could tell I was in serious need of help, she reduced it for me and only me. If I rolled my eyes anymore, they’d be in the back of my head. Interestingly, she tried to redirect me to a different “psychic” named Isha at the end of a few of her emails. I researched and reviewed Isha Tarot Master here, but spoiler alert- he’s also a psychic scam!

I signed up for her readings under a different name and email address. Exactly what I thought would happen happened- I got emails and “readings” from her that were identical to Angela’s. I wish there were a way to sue companies like this. Businesses that profit from people’s emotions and vulnerabilities are the worst. Unfortunately, their being in Gibraltar makes that impossible.

Her Customer Testimonials Are Fake

roxane fake emails

As if all of the above weren’t enough to convince me that Roxanne is a psychic scam, the testimonials section on her website was. Remember when I mentioned fake psychics using stock photo model images? That is exactly what Astroway Ltd used in Roxane’s testimonials section.

All the supposed “happy customers” are fake; they’re just models who received payment for their photos and not actual customers of hers. They picked out images on stock photo websites of people who looked trustworthy, paid for the pictures, gave them names, wrote some cheesy testimonial for them, and stuck it on the website.

roxane stock photos

You Can’t Believe Anything She Says

What does it say about a company that has to lie about testimonials?? That means she has no honest customer feedback and no problems lying to potential new customers. If she’s lying about this, what else is she lying about? How can I believe anything else she says?? Please believe me when I say Roxane Psychic Astrologer is a psychic scam and should not be trusted! Please save your money and look elsewhere for psychic advice, like the ones on my psychic reviews page.

These online psychic sites have been vetted and have real customer reviews. They are not some fly-by-night made-up psychic company. I’m especially a big fan of Psychic Source. They’ve helped thousands of customers and have a satisfaction guarantee, and that guarantee eliminates the worry of losing money if you’re unsatisfied with your psychic experience. I urge you to speak to one of them if you need psychic guidance before speaking to Roxane Psychic Astrologer!

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Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. thank you, i have been bombarded with emails, all sounding like answers to ones prayers. glad i read this review.

  2. Thank you i was about to send her my hard earned money

  3. Wow. How about Isha and Ron and Mary & Christian. So so many. There is Mary and Sophia Loren. Who do we know we can trust. Beginning to think they r all scams

  4. I have been conned by Magellan,Roxanne,Mary&Christian,Victoria Magnificent Chris,Tara,Angela who talked to the angels and many more I learnt alot since I was scammed but I do believe in karma and what goes around comes around.I think all these Psychics who have prayed on people are disgraceful especially
    Taking money from people that didn’t have the money during co-vid want type of person prays on someone when they are at there lowest point of there life I don’t believe these people have any kind conscience,they are disgraceful and I don’t believe that they should get away with it.

  5. What about Zhara Medium and Astrology Chat, Alyssa?

    Are they legit Psychics?

  6. What about Athena? Is she a legit psychic??

  7. Hi Angela,

    Do you have a list of verified physics, possibly one or two that you know are not scammers? I am a victim of data breach and identity theft and fear having to look at my bank accounts and credit card activity daily, fearing of what has been taken from me since yesterday. Therefore, I am spectacle of everyone and everything. However, I am still searching for answers of who and why this has happened to me. The worst year of my life.

    Thank you in advance for any information or advice you can offer.


    • Hi Dawn. You can avoid scams by going through a company that verifies their Psychics. You can compare the top 8 best online psychic sites and choose a Psychic from there. Hope that helps!

      • i actually for a free reading from ron, but it was like technically two readings or whatnot and i have the option to purchase an advanced reading but he sent me pictures of the cards he drew and like a video of him speaking to me well two but one has his face in it, and he wrote me a bunch in my first reading and the second reading was just 3 more cards to like confirm what he was seeing in my astral chart supposedly. but all the news i got was good, and I’ve contacted other mediums but they all are telling me the same exact shit. saying i need to take advantage of my very beneficial star alignment right now and that they know how to help me benefit from the perfect position of the stars set before my birth chart or whatnot. then at the bottom on the page it’s always a paypal thing. i have been trying to find a like completely free reading but i can’t find one like anywhere really. i mean i wouldn’t care to pay for a maybe $20 super in depth reading from a real medium but paying outrageous sums is beyond me honestly unless i like know im doing the right thing. but yea if you have any curiosity questions feel free to email me 😭

  8. Hi, have you heard of psychics / astrologers called Maria & Sarah? Their contact is at [redacted]

    We need more people like you to out the scammers.


  9. Hi Angela I could really use your advice as 8 sites is still a lot to decide from.I’m sure your extremely busy and get bombarded with emails daily. Basically my entire life has been bad luck and not really much of my own personal sabotaging just your typical human mistakes so to speak. My parents dying at age 7 is when my life I felt was over and haven’t had much of any luck or good fortune since. I’m on my own I do have children who are my world. I’m tired and need some guidance and direction. Sorry for the long message… Nicole

    • Hi Nicole. In my opinion Psychic Source has the best psychics due to their rigorous screening process. If you’re on a budget, and aren’t we all, I would recommend Psychic Access. They are a very small company, but their psychics are top notch and their prices are better than most. They’re based out of Florida as well. Hope that helps! Thank you for your feedback and question!

      • Hi Angela, I would like to understand about Victoria Marks, she runs a shop called Physic Aura in Florida. I have found her through online app and later she reached out to me on social media to get in touch with her
        I paid her once and she is asking for another payment, while her readings have been quite accurate I would like to know if she is genuine

  10. I contacted Roxanne,
    About one or 2 years ago… not falling into this vicious web of lies, I did not buy any of her * predictions *.
    About one month later, I received an email, with a
    ” different name ” scammer.

    Things that I noticed
    New email ~ different name, with Roxanne’s email.
    Different name, with different email, email always sent at the same time.

    Who doesn’t fall, on hard times… if I come into money, like they ALL say, show me the REAL WINNING numbers, they all see.
    OR why do I have to go through a scammer, for my guardian angel to help me ? Lol.
    Hope Noone will fall, for those scammers.

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