Fake Psychic Who Stole Over $100,000 Wanted By Police

Sacramento police are searching for a woman who allegedly scammed thousands of dollars from victims. She did this by pretending to be a psychic. According to police officer Karl Chan, Sacramento police were dispatched to a house in South Natomas after a report that a large group of people had gathered outside it.

“When officers arrived on scene, they contacted the people and actually found out that they were all victims of fraud that had occurred at a residence on that block,” Officer Chan told a local news station. Upon further investigation, authorities discovered that the woman called herself “Eva Marie.” She had allegedly persuaded a couple to give her over $100,000 in exchange for psychic services.

“Ultimately, most of these victims, or all of these victims, believed the psychic and gave her money. And eventually, the suspect fled with all the money given to her,” said Chan. “It also targeted the Spanish-speaking community,” he added. Officers state that Eva Marie introduced herself to the victims as a psychic. She then gained their trust and promised to double their money and “bless them.”

The Victims Were Tricked Into Handing Over Their Money

Psychic scammer

She told the victims to leave their money with her and that she would return it after performing a ritual on it. “After interviewing the witnesses, it appears they were all victims of the same fraud account,” said Chan. The suspect’s neighbors told news outlets that she had been renting the house for the last two months. However, they hadn’t seen her since the incident. According to one neighbor, Eva’s house had anywhere from six to ten cars parked in front of the house daily.

“It is a little bit of a unique case, which is also kind of helping us in the sense that maybe we can have people to help us with this investigation,” Chan stated. “Sometimes, when things are too good to be true, really look into them. We don’t want people to fall victim to any type of scam,” he added. Investigators have begun circulating a photo of the suspect. They’re asking the public to contact them if they have any information about her or have dealings with her.

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