What Is Numerology And How Can It Improve My Life?

Numerology is one of the most popular and highly confused concepts today. Humans have always been keenly interested in what they can’t understand- the supernatural. Still, Numerology is a science of numbers and how they affect our day-to-day lives.

Numerology Dates Back More Than 10,000 Years

A great mathematician named Pythagoras, whose theorems are used in modern mathematics even today developed Numerology. He was the first to organize it over 2600 years ago in Greece. Since then, many have researched the field, and it’s come a long way from where Pythagoras originally conceived its concepts. Numerology deals with the nine numbers from 0-9.

All numbers that go over these single digits are converted into single digits, other than two ‘master’ numbers, 11 and 22, by following the principles of Numerology. Several factors go into obtaining these numbers, including the individual’s Name, Date of Birth, Time of Birth, Governing Planet, and Place of Birth. Like psychics, Pythagoras was an extraordinary human with unique, otherworldly powers. Read some fun facts about this incredible man here. 

Numerology Can Be Beneficial For People Who Need Direction


It is also extremely helpful for those who wish to enhance their lives and further their opportunities. It analyzes the sole components one brings into the world and alerts us on how they will react with other materialistic objects in our world and the people around us. Furthermore, Numerology can dissolve compatibility issues between individuals, clear up discrepancies in ideas, obtain insights into a person’s personality, and uncover how to improve overall well-being. It provides people with bio-data that may have seemed impossible before.

Numerology Can Help Lift The Limitations People Impose On Themselves


It’s not uncommon for people to unknowingly place limitations on themselves. As a result, they don’t do everything they’re capable of. Numerology helps people reach greater limitations unknowingly placed by themselves. It helps people reach greater heights than ever. Additionally, it points out strengths and weaknesses and helps people stay on the right path. It keeps people from straying or moving in the wrong direction.

It’s no secret that numbers govern our day-to-day lives—for example, setting your clock for 6:30 a.m. or knowing what day of the week it is. Or perhaps it’s remembering your favorite TV channel or your partner’s phone number. Equally important is increasing your bank balance or remembering how old you are. The fact is, everything in life is simply a collection of numbers. That’s why we must integrate Numerology into our daily lives.

Many may think of it as pseudoscience, blind faith, or hocus-pocus, but there is a science behind it. This science stands strong and has helped thousands improve their lifestyles, grow, and lead much better lives. Ultimately, it’s all a numbers game, and the numbers are already there. It’s just a matter of exploring our life by looking at it from a slightly different perspective. It involves discovering what the numbers mean and what they’re trying to tell us. Check out my reviewed psychics to get your numerology reading today!

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