Can Pet Psychics Really Help Your Furry Friend?

We cherish and love our pets. They keep us healthy and remind us that we are loved. Pet owners develop a special bond with their pets, no matter what species or breed. It’s important to remember that, just like humans, every animal has a soul. There is a world within every living thing. Cats, dogs, fish, rabbits, and other animals are no exception.

They suffer as we suffer, and they sometimes need our help. Sometimes pet owners notice that their pets are acting strange. For example, it may have changed its behavior or slumped around the house. The first thing most owners do when they notice this change is take them to a veterinarian. That’s a good idea and highly advised; it should be your top priority when it seems to have hurt itself or is in pain.

However, there are times when pets are physically okay but emotionally hurting. Like humans, pets can also get depressed and feel unhappy. In cases like this, other alternatives may be better for your pet, and cats and dogs in this situation may benefit from a more holistic approach. If nothing you do seems to cheer your loyal companion up, don’t give up. Pet psychics can help.

A Veterinarian Isn’t Trained To Solve Emotional Issues

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Unfortunately, there is no overnight solution for a pet that’s been sad for a long time. We know when our pets are not well- you can see it in their eyes or how they carry themselves around the house. Don’t try to wait it out or assume your furry friend will “fix itself.” The sooner you act on it, the better it’ll be for everyone involved. Imagine your dog with a defeated look and downcast eyes. What can a veterinarian do to make them feel better after eliminating all physical causes?

That’s when it’s time to put your trust in a pet psychic. Pet psychics understand your pet and can bring them relief during emotional times. However, many people are skeptical because they believe there is no way to communicate with an animal and that pet psychics are a scam. It is true that pet psychics are uncommon and that they practice a different form of medicine on animals. However, pet psychics are real and important to an animal’s health.

Pet Psychics Use Both Physical And Mental Communication.

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Some pet psychics can speak to animals through physical cues, while others can connect with the pet on a spiritual level. These gentle spiritual practitioners respect the pet and earn its trust. Once the pet is relaxed, the pet psychic can begin communicating with it. They may position themselves in a certain way that the cat or dog responds best.

This process creates a dialogue between the pet psychic and the pet. Eventually, the cat or dog can tell the psychic what is wrong just by lifting a paw or shuffling on their legs. Other pet psychics can connect with your pet spiritually, and that may involve a mental link or a deeper emotional connection. Pet psychics can feel the pet’s feelings, putting them in their troubled state.

At this point, the psychic may understand the source of the pet’s pain by feeling its emotions. Once they identify the source, the psychic will instruct the owner what to do to relieve the pet’s anguish. If the psychic has energy or Reiki healing training, they can perform that on them.

Pets Get Sad For Many Different Reasons

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Owners are quick to judge themselves for their pet’s sudden turn in behavior. There are usually various reasons for an emotional change, many of which are not simple fixes. That’s why a pet psychic is so essential. Pet psychics can speak with your four-legged friend and understand the complexity of their psychological distress.

Healing does not happen quickly and needs to be coaxed from a pet by a professional. Some common symptoms of a pet in need are lack of sleep, eating disorders, social anxiety, irregular bowels, and rebellious behavior. The bad part is that these actions are the same ones that appear when there’s a disagreement between the owner and the pet. That’s why most owners are quick to blame themselves.

However, it is essential to remember that pets do not judge good owners; a neglectful owner will negatively affect a pet and experience the pet’s rebellion. Good owners don’t have to worry about this. If you notice a sudden mood swing in your pet, you should monitor them for a few days to see if they return to normalcy. But please don’t wait more than a couple of days. If two or more days have passed, it’s time to seek and consult a pet psychic.

They may tell you to give the pet more time alone or that they desperately need more attention than usual. They may also be able to ask the pet to return to its standard behavioral patterns, and the pet will do so. Pets are people pleasers who only want to make their owners happy, but sometimes they need a little direction from a third party.

Louie’s Pet Psychic Success Story

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Animals aren’t as cut and dry as people seem to think they are. Their minds work in their unique way. Sometimes the cure for their depression is challenging to pinpoint and takes a lot of work to improve them. Other times, all it takes is to let them know their behavior is causing their owner pain. As I said earlier, if you treat your pet right, they will want nothing more than to make you happy.

Though many success stories about pet psychics exist, one is incredibly moving. A woman named Diane wrote in to tell me that a stray black lab started showing up at her doorstep regularly. She lived in northern Washington, where the winters are harsh winters and the urban areas are far apart. The dog looked malnourished and would growl when Diane tried to offer it food, but she left it on her doorstep and went back inside. The dog would take the food, leave, and return the next day.

That lasted for some time, but the dog never completely trusted Diane. She finally contacted a pet psychic, and the psychic communicated spiritually with the dog and understood its story. The dog was named Louie, and he had escaped from a dogfighter and Louie had been close to dying in the ring. That was why he was so afraid of people.

The Pet Psychic Helped Diane and Louie Trust Each Other


He relaxed after the pet psychic spoke to him and started to trust both the psychic and Diane. Eventually, he agreed to try some confidence exercises with Diane, and he grew to trust her and others. The pet psychic helped Diane understand Louie’s fear and that he needed a safe space. She described to Diane in detail what he had already been through.

The pet psychic could see into his emotional distress and figure out what they needed to do to make him happy again. His lack of trust wasn’t personal towards Diane. Once everyone understood what was going on, he could open himself up entirely to Diane and her to him. Diane decided to keep him; he now has many friends in his community and is very happy.

Animals are sacred creatures; they are innocent and depend on their owners to care for and do right by them. It’s important to remember that they can get depressed and emotionally scarred just as easily as you and I. Finding a pet psychic may be the only way to help your pet find relief. Check out my reviews page for the best pet psychics available! 

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  1. Hi Angela!
    Although my religion doesn’t allow me to converse with Psychics, I do beleive there are some that truly do have ‘The Gift’, such as some of the one’s I’ve seen on real detective shows that help the police.
    Anyway, I have a friend whom has been searching for her dog for quite a while now…and I feel confident to say that she dies of old age, she will still be searching for this dog on her last day if it isn’t found before then! That’s how much she loves and misses it!
    She recently put this comment on her facebook page:

    {Thanks to all who continue to share this page. I believe she is still out there. A week ago this past Saturday I was going to work, a different route, and I felt her presence. I can’t explain it but couldn’t shake it all day and the feeling is still with me over a week later. It was really strong going thru one neighborhood and it was actually one time I wasn’t thinking about her and it just hit me like a train. It was over in the neighborhood east of FOOD MATTERS & CAFE. It let up about .5 mile further east. I’ve heard stranger things.}
    I do believe the bond they had is so strong that she really can pick up on her dog’s presence when it is close by. (or could it be that it was killed in this area?) I would NEVER suggest that to her, in fact I feel like someone has her baby and refuses to give it back! Shes had similar feelings like this in the past.
    She actually cries over her dog every night, but like me, she is single (and and can not afford to pay someone very much. I was just wondering if you know of a “True” psychic in her area, Hickory, NC that may could help her to find her dog or at least bring some sort of closure for her?
    Thank you! Deb

  2. Wow just read your story, how heartnreaking, know the feeling, thou mine is different, I feel her pain. Woo wish I could help! Please let me know if there’s anything I can even say, to help her!

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