Is It Better To Get A Psychic Reading Regularly Or As-Needed?

If you’ve read around my blog, you know I’m a big fan of getting psychic help during difficult times. However, you may not know how often I consult them for advice. Many people wonder if calling on an as-needed basis is better than keeping a regular schedule or if speaking too much to a psychic is possible. While there are no right or wrong answers, there are some differences which I will explain below.

Benefits Of Speaking With Psychics On A Regular Basis

Maintaining consistent psychic “checkups” can be very beneficial. That is what I do, and it’s worked great for me. I like to chat with my favorite online psychics at least once a month, usually at the beginning of the month. That allows me to look ahead at the month and get a feel for what I may need help with. It also gives me a point of reference for future readings.

For example, it holds me accountable for working on myself and my development and facing any problems head-on instead of ignoring them. When I work with a psychic, I can measure the support I receive from them and report whether or not it helped. It helps me compare different psychics and see which I vibe with the best. Since getting a psychic check-in is important to me, I budget for it at the beginning of the month like I do with any other bill.

Personal growth and development are a priority for me, so I treat them as so. It is an investment in my future. I go without things that don’t help me in the long run, like expensive clothes, purses, daily coffee shop purchases, and constantly eating out. Instead, I buy practical items that do the job and make my coffee and meals at home daily. Of course, there are exceptions, but this is what I usually do. That allows me to use that money on my mental health.

How Often Would You Speak To A Therapist?

Before I discovered the importance of getting spiritual advice from a psychic, I used to speak to a therapist twice a month. However, I never felt like I got much out of it. I always felt rushed and like the therapist wasn’t truly listening. They weren’t tuning into my energy and picking up on my feelings as I’d hoped. They just asked me many questions for an hour, then ended the session abruptly.

The sessions always felt cold to me, perhaps due to the clinical setting. It felt more medical and less personal, which kept me from fully relaxing. Flexibility is another thing I love about psychic networks versus therapists. I didn’t have to worry about being charged for an appointment I forgot to cancel. Or the rigidness of ensuring I dropped everything to be at a specific place at a particular time.

With online psychics, I can reach for them whenever is convenient for me, not vice versa. If I can’t sleep at night because I have a lot on my mind, no problem! I can still call or chat with them. Also, I didn’t like therapists’ flat fees because some months were harder than others. I like that I can pay for 15 or 45 minutes versus an hour, which helps me control the cost.

I can honestly say that the help I get from psychics rivals what I get from therapists. For these reasons, I stopped regular sessions with my therapist and switched to regularly consulting a psychic. Of course, these are my own opinions, and I would never suggest not speaking to a therapist if that’s what you prefer or feel is best for you!

Benefits Of Working With A Psychic On An As-Needed Basis

At the beginning of my psychic journey, I was still learning and didn’t know how helpful psychics would be. I used to just call them whenever I felt confused and helpless. I didn’t realize the benefits of adhering to a schedule, but I still benefited from my readings. Some people choose to check in with a psychic once or twice a year, and some only want to call once, and that’s it- there’s nothing wrong with that.

For some, speaking to a psychic is only something they do in extreme situations or when they’re desperate, and one reading is enough to guide them out of that situation. Speaking to psychics as needed is still very beneficial because it leads them out of a dark time. They know themselves well enough and need only situational solutions, not growth and development.

They don’t need the structure of weekly or monthly coaching, just on-the-spot help or advice, which psychics are great at. Some DO want more help but limit themselves to what they can afford financially and mentally. Psychic readings can be a lot for some, and many can’t handle that much knowledge regularly. One method isn’t better than the other. Do what you can when you can, and you’ll still see the benefits.

Situations That Call For Regular Readings

Certain situations benefit most from regular readings over as-needed ones. They include:

  • During a divorce or lengthy separation
  • Working through a significant life change, such as a career change or a long-distance move
  • Being stuck in a rut and dealing with the same problems over and over
  • Healing from trauma or wanting to grow emotionally
  • Trying to develop or improve your own psychic abilities

Consistently speaking to a psychic through these instances will maximize them and help you move through them more efficiently. Also, the more you do it at first, the less you have to drag it out in the future. Ultimately, everyone’s situation is different; you just need to do what’s right for you without going broke or becoming dependent on an outside source. Having said that, it IS possible to speak to a psychic TOO much, in my opinion.

If you find that you can’t make any decisions without speaking to a psychic and feel the need to call them daily for everything, that could be a problem. It signals a dependency, and that isn’t what you want. Psychics are there to guide and empower you, not control and run your life for you. Trusting yourself to make crucial decisions would be best- that’s the ultimate goal. Even if a psychic is terrific, you must still live your own life!

Try working with a psychic on a regular basis to see how you like it and its benefits if you can. You can always cut back later to as-needed once you’ve received initial guidance. Check out the recommended psychics below to find the psychic that’s right for you if you’re reading to get started on your psychic journey!

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