Psychic Detective Has Helped Police Solve Crimes For Years

Noreen Renier took the stage wearing a dark outfit and standing in front of a white backdrop. She then asked the crowd before her to focus on a spot between her eyes. Renier asked them to focus intensely, and the group did. Then, Renier stepped out of that area, and her negative image remained in that spot.

How was this possible? Could it be that the crowd could “see” her energy? 77-year-old Renier is a semi-retired psychic. She was invited to give a lecture about her history and her psychic gifts. She shared how she worked as a psychic detective for over 40 years, assisting authorities locate missing people. The psychic clarified that although she was a detective, she did not solve crimes.

Renier simply helped them whenever possible. She was helpful to the police because they use the logical part of their minds, and Renier does not. She told the crowd, “When I come in, I see a totally different arena.” Renier’s lecture occurred at the Cocoa Beach Public Library, and about 40 people attended.

They learned a lot about her and her psychic abilities, including predicting the future, remote viewing, and channeling. She told the audience about a time when she helped investigate the death of a horse. She said that the owners gave her a piece of the bullet taken from the horses’ body to study it, and she held the piece and reflected on it.

Within seconds, she got a vision of the horse owner’s ex-wife.

She discerned that the ex-wife shot his prized racehorse to get back at him for marrying a woman much younger than her. The audience gave a collective “Oh.” One woman asked, “She didn’t put the horse’s head in his bed like in ‘The Godfather?” Renier does not take on many cases now that she is semi-retired.

She said that the last case she had helped with was the Laci Peterson one, and this case was a high-profile murder in Modesto, California, in 2002. She assisted her family in figuring out precisely what had happened to Laci. Unfortunately, Renier doesn’t always get feedback on her work and doesn’t know how many cases she helped solve. Her website has letters of recommendation and testimonials, but other websites also criticize her work.

“We use what resources are available,” said Michael Hunt, Assistant State Attorney. Even though a psychic’s testimony is not enough to be granted a search warrant and can’t be used as evidence in the courtroom, authorities find it a beneficial investigative tool.

One of the attendees was a 75-year-old woman named Martha Masiello, who was very impressed by Renier. She acknowledges that even though there are many psychic “entertainers” and imposters, some genuinely have a gift and feel that Renier is one of them.

“Do I have some doubt that 100 percent of what she says is true? Yes, I do have some doubts, which is normal.”

Martha Masiello

Renier told the crowd how she had a skeptic follow and stalk her one day while enjoying a meal. “Enjoy your life, but leave me alone,” she said, referring to the skeptics.

What’s It Like For Her To Do These Lectures?

The audience had many questions to ask her, and the psychic left the lecture feeling exhausted. She said that when her work gets too intense, she relaxes by enjoying a glass or two of wine. She also smoked for several years and had lung cancer that she had surgery on years ago. Just recently, doctors found a different spot, which causes them concern. She says that if it is cancerous, she will likely just leave it alone and not do anything about it. 

“I’m just going to die,” she says. Jim McCormick was also an attendee at her recent lecture and said he had previously met Renier in Florida at a class she demonstrated in the Sante Fe Community College. McCormick says that Renier took half of the class aside and showed them a picture of Tina Turner, then asked them to join the other half of the class that had not seen the image and mentally projected it to them.

McCormick was in the half that had not seen the picture and said that he could see shapes, including the edge of the frame when they began mentally projecting the image. He could make out Turner’s outfit in the projected image. “It was amazing, as a group, how we could get pieces, parts of this picture,” says McCormick.

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