Which Flowers To Gift According To Their Astrology Sign

Which zodiac sign your birthday lands under may not rule your destiny but may offer a peek inside your floral astrology. “Specific flowers appeal to people from certain astrological signs,” says a flower retailer ‘Ferns N Petals’ spokesperson. So, next time you’re confused about whether to send a bunch of vibrant red roses, fun-loving gerbera, or colorful carnations, look to the stars for inspiration.


Aries are open to new ideas in every sphere of their lives. Red roses are the perfect flower for this sign. Passionate, dazzling, and energetic, roses will appeal to their love of bold gestures and appreciation for the unexpected.


Taurus tend to lead a life of indulgence. As a result, they love lilies for their sweet-scented and colorful personality. In addition, the lily’s dramatic form and fragrant perfume will indulge Taurus’s romantic, sensual side.


Gemini love to throw surprises, especially when they’re in love. Roses are the best path to any Gemini’s heart. With the ability to convey various messages and sentiments depending on their color, roses are a perfect match for this birth.


Cancers can sometimes be overprotective, and their loved ones enjoy the warmth of their care. Touch a Cancer’s sensitive side with white lilies, gerbera, or roses.


Leo like to live in style and hate boredom. Therefore, striking gladiolus may be just what the specialist ordered. These stately blooms come in an array of vibrant colors.


Virgos have the sterling qualities of being steadfast and loyal. Striking blue flowers will warm your Virgo, so go for blue orchids, Gerbera, chrysanthemums, and aster, all bright-colored small flowers.


Libra’s are very delightful when their mind is in a balanced state. As a result, their balancing, fair nature finds perfection in lucky bamboo’s unique form and shape. Keep your Libra balanced with bamboo in a lovely vase.


Unfortunately, impressing a Scorpio can be tricky because they have a hard time showing appreciation. However, they enjoy the exotic splendor of richly colored chrysanthemums. Bouquets of Oriental lilies or Anthuriums will also make them smile.


Good luck often follows typical Sagittarians. Send a bouquet of carnations. As a flower known for its inherently long-lasting nature, carnations personify the Sagittarian’s strength and endurance.


Capricorns have soothing voices, pleasant appearances, and influential personalities. The red carnation is bright, cheery, and hardy- perfect for a Capricornian. In addition, it’s associated with symbolism — from love to fascination, distinction to luck.


Aquarians live in the real world but talk about the future. With its quiet beauty, artful form, and inherent grace, orchids or Bird of Paradise perfectly complement the Aquarian’s spiritual and intuitive nature.


Last but not least, true lovers of beautiful things in nature, Pisceans possess a magnetic personality and desire to help others by giving too much. Send flowers that convey your great admiration and appreciation. With their delicate blossoms, Orchids or Alstroemeria capture just the right mix of abundant beauty and quiet splendor.

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