Angel Medium Angela Review – Is Guardian Angel Messenger Medium Angela A Scam?

This review is for a psychic who calls herself ‘Angela Medium of the Angels.’ She also goes by ‘Guardian Angel Messenger,’ ‘Medium Angela,’ and ‘Angela Guardian Angel.’ Her website claims she’s been a gifted psychic with remarkably accurate medium abilities for over 40 years.

She then says she wasn’t born this way but became so after meeting “a being of light” when she was just a child and nearly died. Angela tells us that she took a deadly fall at seven years old and experienced a near-death experience. She left her body and saw herself lying on a hospital bed from above. The next thing she knows, she’s in a tunnel full of soothing presences and a light at the end.

Everything was so lovely there; she felt terrific and calming music was playing around her. Then all of a sudden, a “being of light with a benevolent stare” grabbed her by the arm. It turns out that this was her guardian angel. She doesn’t know how long she spent with this angel but knows she was in a three-day coma.

When she awoke from her coma, she could communicate with Angels. This new gift sent her on her mission to help people around her and guide them on their life paths. This story sounds good and acceptable; I believe in guardian angels, so this isn’t too hard to swallow. Unfortunately, I got too many red flags from Angela that I cannot recommend her as a legitimate psychic reader.

Red Flag #1: She Pretends To Give Free Readings

not really free psychic readings

One of the first things I noticed about Angela Medium is that it looks like it’s her website, but you can’t purchase a reading straight from it. First, you have to sign up for a free reading by giving her your email address and having it verified. Once “she” confirms your email address is valid and active, she’ll send you a broad reading.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it, free psychic readings aren’t free! Psychics that claim to offer them always have more extensive plans up their sleeves. This tactic is the first thing that stood out to me and put me on high alert. When psychics claim to give you free readings, they always want you to sign up for them through email.

Once they have your email address, they’ll send you a generic reading and harass you nonstop to buy more readings. I don’t know about you, but that’s not the kind of relationship I want to establish with my psychic advisor. When I have personal issues or questions about my life, I want to be the one to contact them. I like being able to check out each psychic’s profile until I find the one I think can help me the most with my specific issue.

Online psychic networks like these top-rated ones allow me to do just that. Different psychics specialize in different things, and my questions are always varied and unique depending on what I’m going through. Being spammed day and night by one specific psychic aggravates and makes me not trust them.

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Red Flag #2: She Is Run By A Marketing Company

How does a talented and life-changing psychic have so much free time to contact those in need?? The answer could be that she isn’t just a private psychic doing her part for humanity. It’s simple- she doesn’t exist- she’s the creation of a company called Kandinsky and Partners Ltd. Angela Medium isn’t a person but rather a business name for them.

I suppose Kandinsky & Partners may consult a woman named Angela, but we’ll never know because she is untraceable. You can’t just pick up the phone and talk to her if you want. The company is the one that runs the website and the email marketing campaigns that hound you nonstop. I thought it was interesting that they have two different addresses in two countries:

Kandinksy & Partners Ltd.
Flat B
9/F Hua Chiao Commercial Ctr.
678 Nathan Road
Mongkok, KL Hong Kong
Kandinsky & Partners Limited
8A Pittmans Alley- Main Street
GX11 1AA Gibraltar

I’ve mentioned why I don’t trust companies based in Gibraltar here. Please click here to know why this is suspicious to me. The Gibraltar address listed for Angela Medium is the same as the one listed for a fraudulent psychic I reviewed before named “Medium Maria.”

This Is A Fake Psychic Producing Hub

The fact that they’re both owned by different companies at the same address tells me that the same people probably own this address, and it is a hub for companies that fabricate psychics. It’s also interesting that Maria Medium and Angela Guardian Angel have Hong Kong addresses. This is fishy to me because mixed in with legitimate businesses are numerous shady businesses that operate out of here.

The reason is that Hong Kong doesn’t have to follow Chinese laws despite being in China. This lawlessness allows them to get away with much more than other companies, making it extremely difficult to get a refund or file complaints against them. I believe there is no good reason for honest and reputable companies to run their business out of these countries.

Red Flag #3: The Content Of Her Readings

fake psychic fear tactics

The only way to contact Angela or get a reading from her is through email. She doesn’t offer over-the-phone, chat, or video readings, which bothers me. When discussing profoundly personal and intimate issues, I like communicating in real-time with someone. I don’t want just to give some marketing team my name and birthdate to see what they think about me.

Then go back and forth, trying to explain my concerns and wait hours for a pre-fabricated response. There’s no human connection when you do business this way. Aside from that, however, is the issue I have with the actual readings “she” sends back. When I received my free reading from her, she tried to tell me that things wouldn’t work out well for me and that she telepathically knew she needed to check on me.

She tells me that for $69, she can change the course of my bad luck and turn everything around for the better. I do have to act fast, though, because her regular price is $129; however, she’s making a special exemption for me since time is limited before bad things happen to me. I didn’t pay for any readings, but those who have, say it doesn’t stop there. Angel Medium Angela will keep sending more and more emails asking you to pay her for additional readings that will “change your life.” 

If you know anything about me, you know I hate it when fake psychics use scare tactics or tell you there’s a curse on you, and it’s one of the most common psychic scams out there. Genuine and trustworthy psychics will never threaten you or try to invoke your fear. They would never purposely reach out to you to fill you with stress and anxiety.

Red Flag #4: The Overwhelming Amount Of Negative Reviews And Complaints Against Her

psychic scam bad reviews

Though the legal terms on the website claim that you can request a refund for the last service you paid for up to 30 days later, it’s impossible. I came across a staggering amount of people who paid for the services, were extremely unhappy with the quality of the readings, requested a refund, and have yet to see it years later. Only a few people said they finally managed to get their money back but were in the minority.

There were also several complaints of people who kept having money taken from their bank account without their permission. Most people were like me- unhappy with the content of the readings. They were told the same thing- that they were cursed or possessed, and they felt she was feeding off their insecurities and vulnerabilities. Some complaints said they gave two different email addresses and received the same reading.

She claims to give you the name of your guardian angel, but she sends the same name to everyone.

This means she isn’t sending you information on your specific guardian angel, which makes her NOT your personal guardian angel, doesn’t it? I honestly cannot recommend Angela Medium for all of the reasons above. I don’t believe she’s an actual person and is just the creation of a marketing company. The decision to reach out to a psychic for advice is so deep and personal that I would stay away from psychics you can’t trust, such as this one.

There are just too many other actual legitimate ones to choose from. My favorite choices are Psychic Source and Ask Now because they test and verify every one of their psychics. They also offer satisfaction guarantees, so I never worry about getting ripped off. They don’t play games with me or scare me into paying for more readings. Please save yourself the hassle and avoid Angela Medium at all costs!

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Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. Angela, I recieved a message from you but I accidentally erased it. But before I did i seen warning. So if you could maybe please send me the last message, I’d greatly appreciate it. It’s just that things have been more crazier than usual and I’m scared. And there’s a lot of pressure with my family and I really need help. And I can’t take someone else dying on me, and especially being my fault help please

    • Hi Trisha,

      I never sent a message. There is a psychic out there with my same name so be careful.

      • Hi Angela,

        I have fallen for this. They are using you image and your image goes by Ava. I believe in Angels and the higher powers but I’ve had enough of this. Thank you for your voice of honesty.

  2. Scam. I am chasing my money back but not response. The company who charge just wash his hands. I reported to paypal and consumer affair. It is disgraceful. The only message I received it was to buy more things.
    This company got no moral and play with people feelings.

  3. Reply
    My Guides brought me here July 29, 2020 at 10:38 pm

    Angela, Thank you! I was so, so, close to hitting “submit.” I typed my cc # and everything. Then I paused when I seen the address & name of partners. Good thing I typed up the name of partners and address. It brought me to you! What almost got me, was when she said my family was cursed. I ignored that e-mail. Next couple of days she sent another e-mail saying she had a dream about me. If I don’t act now it’ll be too late. I was so close. Thank u again. You are an Angel.
    Peace & Light to you. 🙏🏽

  4. Reply
    john ALEXANDER warner February 18, 2021 at 8:15 am

    My lifes in such a state now, i wish they were real, but know ill get no help from them. sad isnt it? john

  5. Yes I’ve had a few readings from her for free and she told me my angels name but wants me to pay 20 for a celestial reading and 2 free gifts but the reading was so accurate to my life and gave me my angels name Nathaniel was going to do it untill I saw hong kong so researched before I payed so happy I did now wasn’t threatened but said I had bad luck following me which I do most times and wanted me to be free of my burden

  6. I have to say that they hit what I’m experiencing on the head, basically told me I’m an empath which I already knew,

  7. I agree, it is automated, but they must have some formulas there that work as they are working for me. The other thing is, I am noticing “Reverse Hours” and “Mirror Hours” on a completely unrelated site and it is telling me the same things as the the “Angela” site. The Angels Name, what I need to work and why. I got my partner to do a reading also and was completely different. There were a few phrases here and there that were similar, but as I said, it is an automated site, I think they have just got some serious formulas being crunched with regard to B’Days, numerology, etc, combined them all and spitting out these predictions, which is ok for $69 in my books. Would I use them again? No, I want a more personalized approach next time so will be seeking someone in Sydney Australia for it but it’s far from a scam…it’s “Cleverly marketed”.

  8. Hi angela I believe what she’s was saying in Facebook I did give her my email and date of birth no money I never sent but now I am worried if she’s can get any information as she’s as my email and d o b could u please help me Thanku very much Emma

    • I’m happy to hear you didn’t send any money. There’s no need to worry, this isn’t that type of scam. If you didn’t give them any money then just mark their emails as “Junk” or “Spam” and move on.

  9. Hi Angela
    I like others nearly got caught, but I’m a person who likes to do her research.
    Of which brought me to your site and yes I thought it maybe a scam as some of my free reading was true but a lot wasn’t when she described me.
    Thanks for your warnings.

  10. I have been wondering if she is a scam artist. Telling me about prosperity. Money coming into my life. I have been deleting her messages and take it like a grain of salt. I have told her about the Lord Jesus Christ. I don’t think it registers her.I rely on God for guidance and put my life in his hands not,Angela Guardian Angel.

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