Psychic Says Not To Be Frightened By Ghosts And Spirits

Who would have thought that those who have passed away could be a good source of love advice? Cindi Sansone-Braff believes this is the case. She’s a Long Island psychic who will be discussing this topic at the New York Witch Festival. “My workshop will be about what I’ve learned talking to the dead and their messages about life and love,” she says.

“A lot of dead people say they should have loved better.” She believes that although the dead are walking amongst us, there’s no reason to be frightened by them. Although television and media make us believe spirits are terrifying and love to haunt us, Sansone-Braff states they’re not scary. They’re just in lingo. They’re willing to offer love and relationship advice to anyone who listens.

Sansone-Braff is holding her workshop at the Witch Festival at the UpSky Long Island Hotel in Smithtown on October 26th. She’ll discuss how anyone willing to learn can communicate with the dead during the first portion of her workshop. People who attend her workshop will learn to listen to and receive messages from the other side. She’ll teach them about visual and musical cues.

A portion of her workshop will be dedicated to informing the audience of how harmless spirits are. Just because someone passes away doesn’t mean they are scary and dangerous now. “The dead are not here to frighten us,” says 60-year-old Sansone-Braff. “They’re extremely funny and really have a great sense of humor.”

Sansone Braff’s Psychic Business Is Thriving

Sansone-Braff has a private business where she consults clients at her East Patchogue home when not teaching workshops. She communicates with deceased spirits and uses tarot cards to help make her clients’ love lives and relationships more loving, long-lasting, and fulfilling. For example, here’s how she helped one of her female clients:

The woman’s husband was very abusive, and she told her father about the problem, hoping he could help her. Instead, she says, “her father always downplayed how bad he was and told her that she’d made her bed and had to lie in it,” says Sansone-Braff. “A month after the father died, she came for a reading, and her father’s spirit apologized. He said, ‘I didn’t know how bad your husband was.’ He listed everything he knows her husband did wrong and told her to divorce him.

As a result of the reading, she got a divorce and has been much happier since.” Melissa is another one of Sansone-Braff’s clients. She states, “I never really believed in this stuff until I saw Cindi. She has a gift.” Melissa says that thanks to Sansone-Braff, she can now speak with her deceased mother and father. Sansone-Braff wants to clarify that she does not brew potions or cast spells.

Unlike most speakers at the Witch Festival, she’s not a witch or a member of the Church of Wicca, the workshop’s location. She simply shares their interest in the spiritual world, and this interest draws her there. “Witches practice spells,” she says. “I’m just a conduit, and I deliver and translate messages from the dead.” For more information about the upcoming Witch Festival, visit

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