Nurse’s Psychic Abilities Reveal Themselves While On The Job

A nurse’s psychic abilities revealed themselves after experiencing several ghost sightings while working at the hospital. As a result, she decided to switch her calling from nurse to psychic medium. 43-year-old Sally Cudmore was a nurse in the special care ward, where she would often see ghosts and spirits. She decided to use her gift for good and strengthen her psychic skills.

“As a trainee nurse, I quickly got used to death, and I cared for people in their final days. But it was the spirits coming back that I wasn’t ready for,” she says. However, her special gift didn’t manifest while working at the hospital. She’s had this ability since the young age of eight. At that age, she would often see a young girl’s spirit. Throughout her life, she could ignore her gift and go about her everyday life.

However, she realized she couldn’t ignore it anymore about five years ago. Being a nurse surrounded by death made it so she could no longer shut out the spirit world. “Life in a hospital was harder than I could have imagined,” says Sally. “I trained on a special care ward in Lewisham Hospital where patients were dangerously ill, and I started to see events of the future before they happened in my head.”

Sally Began Predicting The Impending Deaths Of The Patients

“I knew someone was going to die when I saw red and black surrounding them, and it became really upsetting.” “There was one occasion where a patient’s family were all remarking how well she looked and how they thought she was getting better. I saw the red and black surrounding her, and within the hour, she was dead. I’m only human, and it does get to you- especially when it’s children.”

Since she has seen firsthand the effects of losing a loved one on families, she decided to utilize her gift and give comfort and closure to grieving family members. “I would see family members that would be coming for their loved ones,” she says. “I was able to pass on messages and comfort people in their grief.”

It only took being a trainee nurse for about a year before Sally realized she needed to make a move and answer her true calling as a spirit medium. “I felt like I had no choice,” she says. “I’d been neglecting my gift. My time in the hospital showed me all of the good that I could be doing.” Last year I reported on another nurse who decided to be a psychic.

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  1. I have met Sally on a number of ocassions, she has also given me, twice I might had a reading for FREE. She in my opinion is amazing and 100% genuine…. I have won a prize trough one of her auctions and I was asked to pay the money directly to the charity and therefore that is why you are asked to prove you have paid and I don’t blame her xx

  2. Jealously gets u no where in life pipe down grow up and finds some bollocks and say it to Sally not behind a computer screen !!!!

  3. Team Sally all the way.!! She is one of the kindest and genuine people I have ever had the pleasure to have meet.!! I myself have had a few readings with her and each time they have been spot on things that she would have never of known.!! I think its disgusting that you can can say such nasty horrible things about this lady when all she does is try her very best to help others and get tro all her fans that are desperately wanting a reading, she has kids and is a single mummy doin her very best for her family so give the lady a break .!! Xxx

  4. Sally your a fake get over it .

  5. Marina, I would say this to Sally but she blocked me because I dared to ask when my reading would take place 6 months after Id paid for it!! And Jaime Im a single mum and I dont earn £30 every half hour like sally does!! Dont know why you have the need to feel sorry for her, my £30 was hard earned and took me a while to save up!!

    • Candy I dont know your name at all, and on my blocked list I also do not have a Candy, so if you would like to reveal your proper name, and if it is true you have Not received a refund then please give me details on here and I will make it my priority, but again the fact that this is under a fake name, I find it very hard to believe.

  6. Worse reading ever! asked me want i wanted to know and nothing came true

  7. Thank you all for your support and lovely words bless you Sally Cudmore x And to Unhappy Customer – lol very amusing but also gets very boring, when people make allegations with No proof

  8. And Jo as for asking people to comment on my page, is rubbish, I get haters regardless because of my job and people that do not believe and that comes with the job and I am thick skinned. I put this on my page as I found it amusing, and at No point did I ask anybody to defend me. I am very lucky for the two or three negative comments that are on this page, I have 1000s of positive on my page, I just would prefer if people have had a bad experience regarding the waiting times to come to me directly rather than trying to get attention elsewhere. Good luck and I hope the ones that have given negative comments, find happiness and more enjoyable things to do with their time. God bless x

  9. And lastly, Thank you Angela, for printing both sides, really appreciated Sally x

    • I try to be unbiased and just report things the way they are. It looks like you have more supporters than detractors Sally and that makes me happy to see.

      • Thank you Angela !! Just been told Melissa and Craig are good friends and they are making false accounts, and commenting on here !! I remember them both they were unhappy as there is a six months waiting list. Thanks again x

  10. Sally Cudmore WOW 5years ago you told me something nobody not even I knew would happen and it did, and now today you told me stuff that’s happened and what’s going to happen there was no arranged meeting before hand so this lady had no way of doing some research on me what you told me is happening you told me the names right down to the description of the person it involved I was gobsmacked this lady is truly amazing xx

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