Psychic Medium From Mt. Pleasant Pennsylvania Chronicles Her Life And Paranormal Experiences In New Book

Beverly LaGorga is a psychic medium from Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania. She started seeing things most children never experience- black shadows, for example- at age 8. LaGorga grew up in Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania. She states these black shadows were more prevalent when visiting her grandparent’s home. Seeing these things scared her. “When I would tell my mother, she would say, ‘We don’t talk about these things.’

Same with my grandmother. I would ask her, ‘Don’t you feel anything that happens within the house?’ She would reply the same way,” says LaGorga. It’s only fitting that the name of the book she wrote about her life is titled ‘We Don’t Talk About Those Kinds of Things: The Making of a Psychic.’ “A psychic can foresee the future but cannot communicate with spirits,” she says. “A medium can foresee the future and communicate with the spirits.”

Eventually, LaGorga learned she would feel so much psychic activity in her grandparent’s house because a Civil War Confederate soldier haunted it. “Every time I would go over there, I would sense a being,” she says. “And then, at night, when I went to bed, more details would come to me about him. Things like the sword he carried, the color of his uniform, and the tassels. Eventually, I found out he was a general in the cavalry. To me, they seemed like nightmares, but they were actually visions.”

The Psychic Has Quite A History

LaGorga’s had this extraordinary ability throughout her childhood but didn’t begin to understand it until she was an adult. She began working with a paranormal investigation organization based in Belle Vernon called Spiritswp in 2009. This organization would take unusual or mysterious events and scientifically analyze them. “The founder, Barry Brudnak, helped me better understand my visions,” said LaGorga. “He helped me with his team to truly validate my abilities.”

The psychic states that she’s sharpened her skills over several years. She’s even worked with two other paranormal investigative teams to understand her special gift better. So far, she has investigated 12 locations for paranormal activity in different counties. These include Washington, Fayette, and Westmoreland counties. She speaks in detail about six of these investigations in her book. One of her more famous investigations is the Geyer Performing Arts Center in Scottdale, PA.

Ed Kelemen is LaGorga’s longtime friend and co-author of her book. He says he was with the psychic during her theater investigation. This case was particularly interesting to him because he acted in the theater several times and had experienced strange activity there. While investigating the theater, built in the early 1900s, LaGorga discovered several spirits.

These included an unidentified male, a woman (possibly a performer), an older couple, a little girl, and the spirit of the man who owned, managed, and called the theater his home in the 1950s- a man named John C Bixler. They even captured the little girl giggling on an audio recording during the investigation. “Her investigation of the theater was very professional and thorough, and her findings were in line with what other ghost hunters have found who have asked to investigate the theater,” said the center’s president, Brad Geyer.

Why She Chose To Write A Book

LaGorga says many people encouraged her to write a book about her experiences, so she decided to listen. “My main goal for doing this is to help people so they’re not afraid like I was growing up. Also, so they don’t think they are crazy,” she says. “The paranormal is out there, and it’s getting more well known. More people are coming forward and sharing their paranormal experiences.”

LaGorga had planned and even began writing the book alone. She states that she later decided to have her friend Kelemen help her would be wiser. It made sense because Kelemen was already an established playwright, columnist, and author. Several national, regional, and local publications have featured his work. He has also authored many other books before this one, such as “The Little Drummer Girl of Gettysburg” and “Pennsylvania’s Haunted Route 30.”

Kelemen instantly agreed to help her and was happy to because he thought a book about her life was a great idea. “I wanted to do it to help other people in the same situation and for her to (have a chance to) get it off her chest and let people know what she’s been going through all of her life,” he says. If you love psychic authors, check out Psychic Medium Pat Bussard Reveals A Darker Side Of The World In Book and An Interview With Certified Psychic Medium Laura Lynne Jackson.

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