How Can A Past Life Reading Help Your Current Life?

Whether you know it or not, your soul has lived many different lives. It has had numerous life experiences, some good and some bad. Every life experience you’ve had has caused a major vibrational shift. This vibrational shift affects the actions you take and the choices you make in this lifetime. Below are some of the ways negative experiences can impact your life:

  • Constantly choosing the wrong type of person to be with
  • Making wrong decision after wrong decision when it comes to money
  • Applying for jobs that make you unhappy
  • Feeling sad or depressed without knowing why
  • Suffering with low self-esteem or feelings of unworthiness
  • Fear of speaking your mind
  • Feeling pressured to please everyone around you
  • Feeling lost or hopeless

Of course, issues you’re dealing with in your current life can cause these feelings too. It’s crucial to figure out whether you’re feeling this way due to your current situation or stuck in a previous life pattern. It helps to ask yourself: “What is it inside of me that’s causing this?” and “Why does this keep happening to me?” To answer these questions independently, you must be highly reflective and intuitive. 

It can take months or years of constant inner work to figure it out. Many people choose to reach out to a genuine psychic for help instead. An authentic psychic is far more in tune with these vibrational shifts in energy. They have experience with past lives and know what to look for and how to interpret their findings. If you’re interested in going this route, there are plenty of reliable online psychic networks you can consult, like the ones listed on my reviews page. 

You must know how to spot a fake psychic and avoid them at all costs. That’s why I only use the psychics I know and trust from the list above. When performed by a talented psychic, a past life reading can give you valuable information about your current life. Below are four ways your life can benefit from a past life reading:

Change Your Future By Looking At Your Past

past life psychic reading

Looking into your past and discovering who you were in previous lives helps you move forward in this life. If you’ve done everything possible to improve your current life but still feel stuck and unhappy, you could be missing something. A past life reading can help you discover what this might be, and it can help you understand why you keep experiencing the same problems over and over.

You could have learned life-changing lessons in your past life which you could use now. The more lives you’ve lived, the more you’ve experienced, and the more you’ve learned. The fact that you don’t remember them doesn’t mean they didn’t happen. It doesn’t make sense to leave all that valuable information behind when that life ends, and your new one begins.

The information is still in your body and soul because it’s made of energy, and energy never dies. It can only transform, but a lot of times, it gets lost along the way. Let a psychic retrieve the things locked deep inside you so you can learn how to avoid making the same mistakes once and for all.

A past life reading can help you stop seeking the types of partners that only seem to want to hurt you. They can show what kind of job would bring you the most purpose and passion. It can also uncover things you already know about yourself but are buried too deep inside. All your experiences and knowledge are still inside you; they just need help coming out.

Release Energy Trapped Inside Of You

release energy

As I mentioned above, the more lives you’ve had, the more experiences you’ve had. These experiences were not all glamorous, and you may have had to overcome complex challenges that taught you how to survive and protect yourself. During a past life reading, the psychic can lay out all your different lives and tell you about them.

This information allows you to pick the past life that’s the most relevant to the one you’re currently living—the one that had the same types of issues and feelings you’re experiencing now. Referencing and using the appropriate past life is like finding the key that unlocks the door and releases all the trapped energy. This newfound energy can help you understand why things are happening the way they are in your life.

Along with the trapped energy, you can also get information about money’s role in your life. Were you part of a wealthy family once? Or did you worry about where your next meal would come from? Were you giving and generous with what you did have? Or were you greedy and possessive with your belongings?

Did you squander any money you ever made? Or did you save every last penny your entire life? The way you were back then with money can tell you a lot about how to handle your money today. That’s especially helpful if you can’t seem to get ahead, no matter how much you make or how many hours you work.

Learn More About The Important People In Your Life

past life best friends

Is there someone in your life today that you haven’t known for long, but it feels like you’ve known them forever?? Past life readings can give you information about people in your current life that played an essential role in your previous ones. There are almost always people you know today who were a big part of your life in the past.

Seeing who they are and how you knew them previously is so enlightening. It shows you how you learned and grew together and tells you about the difficulties you’ve endured. It shows who stood by your side when things got tough and who ran at the first sign of trouble. Who helped you when you were desperate and defended you when you couldn’t do it alone? Understanding your relationship with someone from a past life can help you fix issues you’re experiencing with them today.

Maybe you and your best friend fought and aren’t speaking, but you still miss them daily. A past life may help you realize why you’re having this type of fight, and it can make you feel compassion for their journey even if they recently hurt you. Understanding how far back your friendship goes can help you overcome arguments in this life.

Find And Keep True Love

Unconditional Love

Learning about your past life can also help your love life, and it can help you connect with a potential partner later in life, someone who feels instantly familiar to you. When this happens, it’s considered a “healthy past life connection.” That means you were destined to be together but spent many years apart, learning and growing as individuals. Developing yourselves into the best people you can be.

Then when you’re ready, the correct lifetime comes around, and you reconnect with each other. That leads to you discovering and experiencing true and unconditional love. Moving forward together in this life (and hopefully others), being the best versions of yourselves possible. You understand each other, listen deeply to each other, and pick up on each other’s feelings as if they were your own.

You instinctively know when something is wrong and how to improve it. These are the kinds of relationships that last a lifetime and that most people strive for. Getting a past life reading teaches you what personal work you must still do to get to that point. That way, you’re ready when you meet that special somebody.

It can help you figure out how to find your soulmate when you’re ready- what to look for, what to avoid, where you’ll have the highest chance of meeting them, etc. As you can see, recalling your past lives with the help of an experienced past-life reader has incredible benefits, and it helps you heal negative patterns and stop the cycle of bad choices rooted in your past.

“The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.”

Theodore Roosevelt
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