A Breakdown Of The Different Types Of Psychics

More than ever, people are turning to psychics and mediums for help and guidance. Our world is changing by the day, and people are questioning those things we cannot see and the paranormal.

Is it possible for there to be life after death and a way to communicate with the deceased? Can someone really be given gifts at birth that allow them to see things everyday people cannot see? Millions worldwide believe in these supernatural powers and have been helped by them in one way or another.

However, thousands are skeptical of these mystical powers, and you can’t blame them. Too many fake psychics have given honest ones a bad name. People have been conning victims out of money for years by pretending to have psychic abilities.

One of the most common tricks scamming psychics use on people is to tell them that harm is coming their way. They scare them into thinking they’re in danger or that someone placed a curse on them. They then convince them that the only way to fix their situation is to pay the psychic for their services. 

Curses and spells aren’t real, so if a psychic tries to tell you this, stop communicating with them asap. However, those who are believers have had incredible psychic experiences. They’ve either personally benefited from a psychic or knew someone who has.

Many people can tell you about psychics who knew things they’d never told anyone. I’ve had amazing readings with talented psychics that have changed my life. I’ve been told things by psychics who had no way of knowing them but did somehow.

Sadly, There Is No Regulation In The Psychic Field

fake psychic

A lack of regulation is why so many fakes pretend to be psychics. No certificate or license is required to practice as a psychic, making it easy for con artists to get away with deceiving unsuspecting victims. I was confused when I began my psychic journey and needed guidance and advice.

My life was falling apart, and I had no idea how to fix it. I was so desperate for help that I didn’t do my homework before I visited a psychic shop. It was a mother-daughter team that I came across while driving. I was skeptical, but they seemed legitimate, and I was hopeful.

They told me many things that sounded crazy now that I recall them, but I was naive then. I paid them what they asked of me and followed their directions. It took me a little while to realize they were scamming me. Unfortunately, I could never get the thousands I’d given them back. However, that experience did teach me a valuable lesson.

I was discouraged after that and almost gave up on psychics altogether, but I kept hearing great things from friends. They would tell me about their online psychic readings and how they were able to improve their situation. I decided to do more research, and that’s when I discovered a whole world of live online psychics.

That’s When I Chose To Go Through An Online Psychic Network

I took a chance and spoke to one over the phone. It was then that I realized they have so much more to offer than in-person ones, and I never looked back. I had to spend a lot of time weeding through the different psychic networks until I found genuine ones.

I created this website so that others don’t waste their time and money on fraud. Save time and check out my recommendations for honest, legitimate psychic readers. One of the things I learned is that there are a lot of different kinds of psychics, and the word psychic is an umbrella term covering multiple skills.

Knowing what type of psychic service your situation requires ensures you get the best reading possible and is an excellent place to start. Below is a brief description of the different types of psychics and the services they provide:

Fortune Tellers And Seers

Fortune teller

Fortune tellers are a very misunderstood type of psychic. A lot of people believe that these psychics can instantly see the future. They’re under the impression that they can ask a specific question and get a precise answer. They think a psychic can give them exact dates and details when asked.

This belief makes sense, considering the name, but it’s more complicated than that. Instead of automatically knowing EXACTLY what the future holds, fortune tellers have the gift of ‘precognition.’ This power allows the psychic to use their heightened intuition, powerful instincts, random thoughts, and elaborate visions to predict future events.

They can also see future events due to their ability to connect past and present events. They can use these markers along with what is being told to them to paint a vivid picture of what will happen if one doesn’t alter their path. Fortune tellers also use tarot cards, astrology, crystal balls, and other tools to give information about the future.

However, remember that one’s destiny is never set in stone. People have free will and can alter the direction of their life at any time if they choose to. If you want to change how the future looks, you can always do the work to change it.

Clairvoyants And Mind Readers

mind readers and clairvoyants

Clairvoyants use one or all of the six ‘Clair Senses.’ The difference between them and fortunetellers is that they rely less on tools and more on their highly developed senses. They can see, hear, and even feel information about people and their life, allowing them to see beyond what you or I can see.

Their intuition is also more powerful than most, and they can use this to see what will happen. The word clairvoyant is French for “seeing clearly.” We all know about humans’ five basic senses- sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. Clairvoyants have all these, along with an extra one called ESP, short for extrasensory perception.

The remaining five are also magnified to a higher level than usual. For example, instead of having regular “sight,” they have clairvoyance which is the ability to see things that the typical human eye can’t see. This vision can be a person, animal, or object. In place of “sound,” they have what is called Clairaudience.

Clairaudience is hearing the thoughts and words of energy and spirits. They can go into a trance or deep meditation; these sounds come when they’re ready to receive them. Clairalience is the psychic ability to smell things that others cannot.

This scent can come from a spirit or an object that no one else can smell. This scent relays information to the psychic that they then pass along. Clairgustance is similar to Clairalience, except it has to do with taste instead of smell. Claircognizance is a gut instinct or intuition that comes true.

Psychic Advisors

psychic advisor

Psychic advisors are usually just referred to as psychics. They’re the most common type of psychic people seek out, probably because of how far and wide their gifts range. Psychic advisors use several different methods to help individuals find the path that is right for them. They don’t tell people what the future holds.

Instead, they let them know what is going on with their lives in the present. This insight allows them to answer our deepest questions. They’re sensitive to the world around them and can pick up on information, making them exceptionally in tune with the present.

Some psychics are empaths, meaning they can take others’ feelings and emotions and feel them as if they were their own. Knowing first-hand what is happening inside their clients’ minds allows them to give the best advice. It can be hard to find the words to describe what’s got us down or why we’re feeling the way we’re feeling.

Genuine psychic advisors don’t need you to express yourself in such detail; they can decipher it independently, making them a popular choice. They also have heightened intuition and instincts that help them guide others along. Some psychics can see things that aren’t even remotely near them, called remote viewing.

This gift allows them to collect insights about things, people, or events happening in different parts of the world. Others have the power of psychometry and can get information about someone or something by touching inanimate objects.

Spirit Mediums

Spirit Medium

Contrary to popular belief, even though all mediums are psychic, not all psychics are mediums. Mediums are known as psychic mediums, spirit mediums, and intuitive mediums. It might seem confusing, but knowing the difference is essential.

As I mentioned above, psychics tune into the energy of people or objects by using their basic sense of intuition and extrasensory gifts. Mediums do the same, except they take it a step further. They can use their psychic abilities to see a person’s past, present, and future events by tuning into spiritual energies.

This gift allows them to contact and communicate back and forth with those who have passed away. It’s been scientifically proven that energy cannot be destroyed, only transferred. That means that a part of us is left behind when we pass. Most people can’t see, hear, or feel this energy, but mediums can.

They can relay messages and receive information from the spirits of these individuals to those of us still alive. This information can provide closure if the death is sudden and unexpected, and it can help their loved ones make better decisions. Mediums act as a bridge between the spiritual and the physical world to heal both worlds. For more information about mediums, click here.

In Conclusion

These are just some of the different psychic abilities and skills, but there are many more. That’s why I urge everyone to research before speaking to a psychic. We work hard for our money, and I hate hearing about people who get ripped off.

Protect yourself and your money by learning the tricks fake psychics use. Avoid these known online psychics at all costs and know what to do if you get scammed. Check out my reviews page for a list of verified and trustworthy psychics.

I’ve also listed all of their latest specials on that page. Don’t let bad psychics keep you from genuinely gifted ones who can help. The psychics I recommend follow through with their satisfaction guarantee, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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