Can Psychics Really Help The Police Solve Crimes?

The use of mediums by law enforcement agencies may be controversial, but there is no doubt that it happens occasionally. Some departments are upfront about getting help from psychics. Others prefer not to discuss this aspect of their investigations. This secrecy is usually because of fear that the courts may not be willing to trust investigations aided by psychics. They could also be afraid that juries won’t accept evidence obtained through psychics as valid.

Psychics Can Provide Police With Valuable Information

Psychics can provide information about where to find a body in a murder investigation and may also be able to share information about the killer. In kidnapping cases, mediums can get impressions of the victim’s location or the kidnapper’s identity. In addition, clairvoyants may have information on a person’s whereabouts and what led to the disappearance in missing person cases. 

Psychics Have A Long History Of Helping Police

Though not always reported, psychics have been helping police for hundreds of years. They’ve gone by many names, such as seers, prophets, oracles, mystics, or channelers. The use of psychics in police investigations started getting documented in the 1970s.

Since then, psychics have openly assisted in thousands of official and unofficial investigations. Sometimes law enforcement may request help, but psychics usually come to the authorities with information first. Check out this neat article by Readers Digest about 20 cases psychics have helped crack.

One Of The Most Famous Cases Psychics Helped With Was Of John Wayne Gacy

john wayne gacy

Psychics Carol Broman and Dorothy Allison were responsible for the arrest of John Wayne Gacy in 1980. The 1978 investigation into the disappearance of a 15-year-old boy led them to the psychics. Dorothy Allison was already on their radar for predicting the murders of two girls before they occurred. However, no one listened, and unfortunately, they lost their lives.

Since then, police would call on Allison for help in difficult cases. Both psychics gave the police chilling information, and not long after, an investigation into Gacy began. They found about 30 victims underneath Gacy’s house, and this gruesome discovery eventually led to his arrest and execution.

Police Officers Have Written Books Talking About The Use Of Psychics

Vernon J. Geberth, a retired New York City Police Department Lieutenant Commander, is the author of Practical Homicide Investigation. Geberth has over 40 years of experience in law enforcement, and those in the field consider his book “The Bible of Homicide Investigation.” In the book, Geberth discusses the use of clairvoyants and even gives guidance for psychics helping in a homicide investigation.

Geberth states in the book that we should judge a psychic’s performance by the results of the information they provide. A psychic should have a distinctive way of working, though the particular method may vary from one seer to another. The psychic should be considered an aid in developing clues in the case. He also writes that the police should follow up on the information they provide.

Geberth states that since no scientific guidelines regarding a medium’s performance exist, police must decide whether any claims are valid and worth pursuing. Officers who cannot accept that a clairvoyant may be legitimate should not be involved as they can affect the psychic’s efficiency. Geberth also states that the agency should tape all conversations with a medium.

Since taping conversations is one of Geberth’s recommended guidelines, you have to wonder what recordings sit around in various evidence vaults. Geberth’s experience was with the New York City Police Department. It makes you wonder if this means he had first-hand experience using psychics while working on America’s largest police force.

NYPD Doesn’t Officially Ask Psychics For Help

new york police department

That said, they have no “official” policy regarding accepting help from psychics. Department spokesmen have stated that tips from psychics are received and followed up on just like they would be from a public member. While there has never been any indication that they have sought out psychic assistance, there have been signs that the involvement between psychics and the department goes beyond simply following up on leads the mediums may provide.

Retired Detective Louis Pia and Detective Phil Tricolla of NYPD’s 49th Precinct have discussed the involvement of psychic Ellie Crystal in the case of 22-year-old Kim Antonakos, who was kidnapped and murdered. One of the things I got from Ellie when I was present during the interview with her is that it was most astonishing when she said the letter J would be important in solving the case,” Detective Pia said. “The four convicted of her crime, all their first names started with the letter J.” Detective Tricolla agreed, stating psychics are “good at what they do.”

Some Police Are Psychics Too

psychic police

Riley G. Matthews, Jr., one such police officer, worked in the New York City Police Department before leaving and forming a psychic detective agency. This agency assisted in many cases, but the Green River Serial Killer was perhaps the most notable. He later turned his talents into more mainstream endeavors and acting. Keith Charles is another example. He is a British police officer who identified as a psychic.

In his autobiography, Psychic Cop, Charles stated that he used his psychic abilities to solve crimes. He also said that he would then use his intuition to decipher evidence left behind by the criminal, and they would then use this evidence in court. Keith Charles and Riley G. Matthews, Jr. are not the only cops claiming psychic abilities. Many detectives would agree that intuition is an integral part of the job.

That belief likely led a psychic named Rennie Wiley to open Dragon’s Lair in 1984. This Florida agency attempted to teach officers how to use their intuition and possibly even tap into their extrasensory abilities. Dragon’s Lair also combined the talents of mediums and retired police officers to assist local agencies with cases, mainly concentrating on finding stolen property.

Will The Use Of Psychics By Police Become More Mainstream?

Psychic tv show

With the number of television shows dedicated to the theme, the general public is warming to the idea. Unfortunately, those fictional shows will remain most people’s only exposure to the concept until society removes the stigma associated with using mediums. The agencies dedicated to protecting and serving the public will likely continue to turn to psychics, but they will do it behind the scenes. The chances of it happening in front of any cameras still seem low.

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  1. years ago, when i was very intune with my mind and my spiritual side of life (i was in a mental ward a lot) I would write down a question and then write the answer. many of the other patients were like me–very much “NOT HERE” but very much “someplace else”.
    i wrote down dates and places of wars that the US would be involved with–and it was at a time when no one even thought we would be going to foreign soil across the ocean with our soldiers. when a doctor saw what i wrote, he put it in my file. and when i saw it in my file i got scared–and i grabbed it and said “i was just playing around” and i tore it up and threw it away. not knowing that what i wrote was what was going to happen.
    after i got out, i would read articles in the paper about differnt crimes. i would KNOW when the police had it all wrong–but i didnt know what to do about it. because i was extremely suicidal at the time, i was keenly interested in helping families that needed to know that a death that had been ruled “SUICIDE” was actually a murder–i did that 3 different times–the only time i ever saw any results in what i had done was to read in the paper where a death that had been ruled a suicide was re-examined by the coroner and was now considered a possible homicide and the police were now investgating the incident as such.
    i have also learned not to say “Iam a psychic and i know what you need to know”
    i have been followed by murder victims and i have done the question and answer thing with them sitting next to me on my couch and sent it to the police anonymously–what happened? i have no clue. i was once asked “what happened to Lacie Petersons hands and head?” and i almost went into cardiac arrest. i KNEW!
    even though the husband was convicted–and i know he was guilty–he did not do it the way the prosecution showed in court..there were 2 others involved–the head and hands were cut by these men, to use as a way to get more money out of Peterson.
    the things i know–i do not always WANT to know. iam now learning things about how our president JFK died and who was really behind it all…my current question is who killed Marilyn Monroe and why? i really love your wrtings, Dear Angela–and i do think you were named Angela for a good reason…your a definately a Messenger..i like your message very much…
    a fan, Rev. Karina

  2. FYI, The article identifies
    Rennie Wiley, however it is not true spelling. It is Renie Wiley…I should know she was my mother.

  3. I spoke with Riley Matthews years ago when he decided to change his profession. Personally speaking, I have never been a fan of psychics aiding in police investigations. From the studies done many years ago, it showed no real help.

    Also, anyone claiming to know anything about an investigation could end up a suspect. I am a retired law enforcement officer who served 30 years. I am also a magician who uses magic and puppets to teach youth about crime and drug prevention, stranger danger, personal safety and adults about con games and carnival game fraud.

    I am not saying this ability is not real, only that I have never seen an actual case. Angela, I do enjoy reading these articles as I have friends who claim psychic abilities.

    • Thanks for everything you do Glenn, 9 out of 10 times psychics don’t help with investigations but that 1 time makes it worth the small amount of trouble, in my opinion.

  4. Thanks for your work, Angela Moore!
    I have followed Psychic Detectives for a while and love the program.
    What I want to say is this: Truth is a feeling. You can actually feel when something is true. This comes down to Telepathy as well because it’s the case, by those feelings in every one of us, potentially, to say that telepathy is true.
    Also, here is a useful site for “How to develop telepathy”: .
    Best wishes to you and yours,

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