Five Astrologers Choose Obama over Romney For Next U.S. President

New Orleans, LA- At a convention on Tuesday, five astrologers teamed up and all predicted that Barack Obama will win the vote in November and will therefore be serving another four-year term as our president.

When asked how did they come to this conclusion, the astrologers all replied that they mostly studied Obama and Romney’s celestial charts, with some of them focusing on the date of the actual election and some of them focusing on upcoming presidential inauguration date.

Nina Gryphon, who is also a corporate lawyer, is one of the astrologists involved. She advised that her prediction was based off of studying the Aries ingress, which is the exact time when the Sun enters the sign of Aries. She says, “it’s obvious, Obama stays where he is without a change in status.”

About 1,500 people attended this New Orleans conference, which is known for being the meeting place of some of the top astrologers in the world. The attendees participated in panel discussions and workshops.

Although many confuse astronomy with astrology, it is important to note that they are two different things. While astronomy is the scientific study of objects and matter outside of the earth’s atmosphere and of their physical and chemical properties, astrology is the divination of the supposed influences of the stars and planets on human affairs and terrestrial events by their positions and aspects.

Another one of the astrologers involved in this prediction, Chris Brennan, stated that his prediction was made by focusing on the public profiles of both Obama and Romney, who he claims are both “entering into peak periods of eminence in the next few months.” However, he did note that there was a major difference in the two; he says “Obama’s peak period stays consistent throughout the election, whereas Romney’s seems to falter a few weeks before the election.”

While the majority of the astrologists felt very certain of their prediction, a small number of them did mention that Obama might face some difficulties after his re-election.

Brennan was noted as saying “the ingress of Saturn into Scorpio may trouble him. It won’t cost him the election, but it may indicate difficulties in the first half of his second term.”

Although Brennan was unsure of exactly what the problem may be, he did say that it pertains to his career and his reputation.

Brennan also mentioned that the highly debated 2000 election might be revisited.

 “We should all be aware of the Mercury retrograde that will occur on election day,” he said, in reference to an optical illusion that has the possibility of temporarily making the planet appear in reverse direction. “Most astrologers are pretty certain that this could cause problems similar to what happened in the 2000 election,” referring to the highly debated Florida vote that was finally settled by the Supreme Court ruling that George W. Bush should be the president instead of Al Gore.

He also said that the retrograde seemed to imply that there is something up in the air about the election until sometime later in the month.

“It’s possible it won’t be finished for Romney until the last week of November” he says.

The panel that accurately predicted Obama would win presidency four years ago in a similar convention included two of the same astrologers involved in this most recent panel.

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