Psychic Medium Jennifer Giles Of Santa Cruz California Goes Back Home To Film Television Pilot

Psychic medium Jennifer Giles was always weary of telling anyone but her closest friends and family about her special gift as a young woman in Santa Cruz California.

“It wasn’t something that I felt everyone’s OK and comfortable with. Unless people understood this and understood this work, I just didn’t open up about it,” she says. “My connection to spirit is just so special and sacred to me because there’s just no love on this planet that’s the same.”

Giles is a Santa Cruz High school alumna who feels that just as she was finally able to overcome her own personal doubts and skepticism regarding her ability to communicate with spirits, she was also able to accept the skepticism and disbelief of others. Giles was a hair stylist in Santa Cruz but made the bold decision to leave her profession and move to Ashland Oregon where she has become a psychic medium full time. She is set to film a pilot for television towards the end of June, which is set at a private residence back home in Santa Cruz.

“I’m ready for it now. I’m comfortable with who I am. As long as I’m making a difference for one person, I’ll continue to do it,” says Giles about her decision to accept her new profession and calling completely. “Doing this in my 40’s versus my 20’s, that really makes a difference.”

Giles states that up until her mid-20’s she would always just play a passive role with the large number of deceased that would communicate day and night with her. She then decided she wanted to play a more active and involved role.

“I would literally be sleeping and wake up in the middle of the night and having someone at my bedside, saying a few words to me or a few sentences, and then disappear,” says the 46-year-old. “So, at 25, I decided I need to figure out how to work with this. So, I started talking to them and telling them what I needed for the first time.”

Giles’ 24-year-old daughter Chelsey Emia says that even though her childhood was full of spirits making themselves known in various subtle ways, for instance moving cups or flickering lights, but she was never afraid and always felt that she was safe.

“You make space for these certain people and you just sort of become accustomed to it,” Emia says as she turns to address her mother. “Hair was your passion, but this is your natural passion, as far as you’re really good and really helpful and caring and loving. There’s just no effort that needs to be made with that.”

The psychic medium states that since high school, all she has ever known and been consumed by was working as a hair stylist. However, soon word of mouth about her abilities began to spread and she went from conveying a message to a spirit here and there, to organizing full-fledged psychic group events, to giving over-the-phone readings with clients on a national basis. She then started feeling like her life was in need a major change. She decided to go full-time with the psychic readings and it wasn’t long before one of her Hollywood clients encouraged her to see how she would fare in television with her gift. Giles did not want to disclose too much information about the pilot, such as who her coworkers would be and said that the name of the show as well as other details were all still in the works and that it was still going to be decided what TV network would take it on before the project can move ahead.

“I just wanted people to understand that and know that you haven’t lost that person,” says Giles. “They’re there in a different way, but they’re still there. I can teach you and tell you how to recognize their role in your life.”

Giles wants it to be known that she is in no way attempting to convince non-believers to change their minds or sway them into believing something they do not believe in, she simply hopes that filming her experiences communicating with spirits will help anyone who has lost someone they love.



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  1. Hi Jennifer,

    Like you, I have always been psychic and never told anyone because of my religious upbringing. At five I knew something was different than anyone because I would see people and talk to them, and ask my mother who that was and she would tell me not to talk about it. I kept it quiet to all my friends and other family members because I thought they would think I was crazy. When I got in my 40’s I started seeing and hearing spirits more clearly and now at the of 63 my gift is full circle. I live in Soquel and would love to talk to you, our stories are quite similar. I have a following who I a give reading to also. If it would be possible, I would love to talk.

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