Esmeralda Psychic Review – Is Psychic Esmeralda A Scam?

I get many questions from my readers about Psychic Esmeralda, so I thought I’d review her for you. For those who haven’t heard of her, she is a self-proclaimed psychic known for harassing people nonstop via email. She calls herself “Authentic Clairvoyant and Tarot Reader Esmeralda” on her website.

Esmeralda claims to have been born into a Gypsy family who was well-known for their accurate predictions and raised within the world of “Sacred Magic.” She tells stories of how her grandmother decided to teach her everything she knows and now calls herself a “master” clairvoyant, tarot reader, and expert in “Sacred Magic”– whatever that is.

No matter how much Esmeralda has managed to build herself up, create interest for herself, and separate people from their money, make no mistake- she is quite the scam artist. She infiltrates people’s inboxes with scare tactics involving curses and promises of a better future. She alternates between calling herself a “certified medium” and an “authentic clairvoyant,” but neither is true.

Her Website Is Owned And Run By A Market Company

New Lotus Web Scam

In fact, according to the privacy policy on her website, her business is owned by New Lotus Web Limited, based out of the country of Gibraltar. It lists her address as:

World Trade Center
1st Floor – Unit 1.02 Suite 253
6 Bayside Road
GX11 1AA – Gibraltar.

A quick web search for New Lotus Web Limited reveals this is an internet-based marketing and advertising company. It appears Esmeralda isn’t a real person, and this is just an advertising and marketing company, not an authentic psychic. This company is the same one pretending to be The Extraordinary Psychic Chris, Maria Medium, and William, the Guardian Angel. 

She Only Gives Readings Via Email

Email psychic readings

Esmeralda never gives readings by phone or video because she purchases mailing lists from companies, then bombards people with emails. She gives them a fake background, and if she convinces them and they’re interested, she leads them to her website. Once they’re on her website, she asks them A LOT of questions, including their address and telephone number.

She requests a lot of personal information from the reader but doesn’t share any information or history about herself aside from her Gypsy family story. The emails she sends are all very generic and can be pretty attention-grabbing. They might sound like they were made specifically for the receiver, but a web search will reveal that she sent the same email to others, only bothering to change the receiver’s name.

Her go-to method to “hook” people is to scare them by telling them they’ve had a curse on them since birth. She will either tell them that someone who didn’t like their parents cursed their unborn child or someone jealous of them placed a curse upon them and that these are the reasons for their misfortune.

She Sends The Same Email To Everyone

Here is an actual email she has sent out to unsuspecting victims:

“Dear (Insert Name)

You must absolutely do something; it is vital for your future! If you don’t intervene quickly, your future could become gloomy…even though it has everything needed to be bright.

(Insert Name), I don’t know what is happening. I have the impression that you are not aware of just how much is at stake. Perhaps you haven’t read my previous emails? In that case, I understand, and I suggest you read them right now.

For the past few days, I have written to tell you that someone you know is about to harm you. It is not the first time, you may say, but this time, it is a special type of harm. I am speaking of sorcery, and believe me… it is invisible harm that does the greatest damage.

(Insert Name), I’m not talking nonsense here… sorcery wreaks havoc! I have great affection for you, and certainly, that is why I had this vision concerning you. Let me remind you that just before I dozed off, I heard a voice whispering:

“(Insert Name)”

‘Don’t you think that someone was warning you through me? I am convinced they were!

This is precisely why I am coming on so strongly again today. It is my role as a clairvoyant to be the link between the visible and the invisible, between here and above, between this dimension and others.”

esmeralda psychic scam email

Initially, she offers the email recipient a free reading but then quickly states that if they give her their $59 and birth date, they can get a more detailed reading.

She Uses Fear And Scare Tactics

esmeralda psychic scam warning

During these more detailed readings, she pulls out all the stops. Aside from scare tactics, she uses emotional blackmail to get people to pay her. This psychic scam is one of the oldest and most common in the book. She makes them believe things like:

  • Someone stole their life
  • They will grow old all alone
  • Their loved ones will turn on them
  • Their health will deteriorate
  • Someone is out to harm them
  • They will experience financial ruin soon

The scamming psychic then says she alone can fix these issues and get their identity and life back on track by lifting the curse for additional payment. The payments never end, either. Once you pay Esmeralda to fix one thing, she comes up with something else to fix for even more money.

Another one of her scams is telling her clients that a deceased family member wants a secret passed down to them but that she can’t relay the message unless the customer pays her. 

She says that if they pay her, she’ll download the information and send the document to them so they can hold on to it. However, some customers complained that they could not download or view the bogus document after they paid her.

I Truly Tried To Find The Good In Esmeralda Psychic But Couldn’t

In the spirit of fairness, I tried to find good testimonials and reviews for her but was shocked at the ratio of bad to good ones. People had many negative things to say about their experience with Esmeralda. Not surprisingly, despite promising a refund if you’re not satisfied, it’s impossible to get a hold of her for one when you realize she scammed you.

She doesn’t provide a phone number to reach her and will keep sending you emails asking for more money without returning yours. Even if you decide to take your losses and move on, she doesn’t stop emailing you even if you unsubscribe or opt out of her emails! “Psychic” Esmeralda is a complete scam artist who you must avoid at all costs! You can’t believe anything she tells you.

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Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.


  2. Esmeralda is sending lot of mails how do I avoid her? I have not replied even didn’t click on the links. It’s irritating.

  3. I am so glad I finally looked up this Medium I knew this was someone not to be trusted. Same letter like the rest of you people got to good to be true my friends were all hyped thinking WOW this really describes your life right now. Sure glad I never took it to the next step. Thanks for the heads up Angela I will now shred the print out I kept of her correspondence!!!!!

  4. Yes,Esmeralda is a total scam.Started texting me June 30,and has not stopped.Always wants a donation of $59.00 for her services.First letter she sent me said I was cursed at birth with the evil eye cause someone close to me was jealous of me.Everything she tells me about my situation is just coincidence!My future in love,money and health will change,according to her and she can get rid of my dark cloud and reestablish contact with my guardian angel!!Every time she contacts me,she would like a donation of $59.00…Already contacted me 10 times so that would be almost $600.00.Wow!! But she gives you the choice to convert U.S.payment into your choice of 10 different currencies,some of which are shady.So once you pay her once,you are hooked and scammed,hoping her next letter brings you good fortune.So you send more money.She tells you what you want and need to hear!!And all this scamming is done from the Island of Gibraltar!!This whole setup is a fantasy designed to prey on the weakness and gullibility of human nature.And preying on people’s emotions,hopes and dreams.So,beware if it sounds too good to be true because it really is.Beware of false prophets.And keep your money in your wallet.Esmeralda does not exist.Unless you want her to!!Hoping my insights have put all of your doubts to rest.I thought this scamming was real.Glad I caught myself in time.Hope that you do too.

  5. Yes i to signed up for her free reading then after that i started getting emails each day from her asking why have’nt replied yet to her emails she states after i pay she will send me the great oracle of love ,luck and money and your life will change and you are going to become rich she stated ive had bad luck most of my life and this is because at birth i was given the evil eye from jealous people around my family circle so i wrote back and said to her how about then if your so sure you can remove the curse and then i will because rich then send me the oracle chart for free so i then know what best days to play the lottery on and the numbers i need to play i said i promise if i win i will cut any winnings with you i am waiting for her reply to see what she says to that so lookout for my up date


  6. I feel like I have the same scammer too. I attempted to pay for something, and after doing so I then see that it would be delivered to my address and then thought, I don’t want my mother to see this, so I didn’t finish the declaring and I wonder if the money I was sending is gonna remain in pending in my bank. She seems legit yes, but you shouldn’t have to pay online for her supposed services. All the emails I keep getting from her, are always different to the last and sent every day. I mean. I tried sending emails to her before, and all I get in return is the exact same email she sent, with my email I sent to her. It is not a reply to the email I sent. And because of the length of time I’ve ignored the emails, she often sends an email offering the lowest donation for her services.
    Truthfully, I don’t believe in the supernatural, but I have my four spirit guides that protect me from any kind of malevolence anyway. I believe their existence is real because I always feel their presence is with me.

  7. Interesting, to say the least. I was reading someone else’s blog about something entirely not to do with psychics and at the end there was an ad that invited me to discover what my horoscope for the day was. So, just for fun, I clicked on my astrological sign and was taken to someplace that asked me to pick cards… two at a time, three times. Then asked for my name and email. I gave one that I use for such purposes. The first email came the next day. It was the one where I was told I was cursed by the evil eye by someone close to my parents soon after my birth. It described my life pretty well, even mentioning where I live. I know about website trackers, so wasn’t surprised by that. Anyway, this morning the second email arrived… with pretty much the same things being said, only slightly different… cursed by someone in the family at the time of birth. Get your story straight at least. So I unsubscribed and then blocked her, which means my email company will mark her as scam. I must admit I am disappointed that this isn’t true… because what she said about my life was true. Ah well… I’m glad I found out before money was paid.

  8. Reply
    Cassandra Goode-Ponder March 14, 2023 at 2:14 pm

    If she was a true psychic, she would not have bothered with the whole love and relationship thing, as that is not my interest. And telling me that I was “bewitched at birth”, baby I’ve been sanctified and blessed before I was formed in my mother’s womb. I’ve been covered from day one, and any and everything that has happened in my life, both good and bad, has been for a learning lesson period for strength and wisdom gaining purposes. And, why should I send money for the Astral Chart that you said would be free? I should have known better, and I definitely repent!

  9. I’m afraid I have been corresponding with Esmeralda for a year now. In the past, she has come up with a ‘solution’ to my problems with promises of how wonderful my life will be from then on, in exchange for £69. She kept expressing her ‘affection’ for me, likely trying to get me to trust her to continue paying out. It was only when she suddenly asked me for £299 in payment for yet another of her ‘solutions’, none of which have ever helped, that I felt suspicious and decided to look her up on Google. I was genuinely horrified (not to mention rather ashamed) at having allowed myself to be taken in for so long. She did offer a 30-day refund guarantee for the last payment I made, but I am now beginning to worry that I may not see it again! I feel such a fool for letting myself be taken in like that, but I was so desperate!

    • This is me back again with an update. Just 2 weeks after I wrote the above review, Esmeralda contacted me again with the exact same story she had come up with about needing the funds to travel to see the same person, who she assured me could assist with my problem. Again she asked for another £299. I replied to her that I would not send her this money, since I had already paid her to make this exact same journey, and adding that I had read a number of reviews about her and I asked her not to contact me again. She hasn’t! I did email her to request a refund of the £299 I had previously paid her, as her ‘solution’ had failed to work for me. I received the money back on my credit card within days, without any contact from Esmeralda, and I have not heard from her since! Definitely a scammer!

  10. I’ve received the same email from her. She’s got to be out of her mind if she thinks I’m about to send her any money!! Something about the whole thing was bugging me as I read the email. I’ve always been told to trust my gut feeling, so I did. Of course, she pulled right up on here, and I barely made it through the first few comments before the deepest disgusted feeling set in. I am going to send an email to the company claiming to be her. May not do anything, but at least it will show them that people aren’t as naive as they think. For those of you who did fall for this, I’m sorry. But, as mentioned before, if it seems too good to be true, it usually is. Hopefully these replies will help the next person she targets.

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