Psychic Says New Royal Baby Is “Intuitive, Sensitive, And Will Probably Talk Early.”

Linda Lauren is a highly regarded fourth-generation psychic. According to her, royal baby George Alexander Louis Middleton’s birth date and time tell us much about his character. She states he’s likely to be extremely intuitive and remarkably kind-natured. New Jersey-based Lauren used the time and date of the baby’s birth to determine the energy and colors surrounding him.

“Being born on July 22 astrologically puts the new baby on the cusp of his birth sign (like his father the month prior, June 21) of the emotionally sensitive sign of Cancer and the willful and sensitive sign of Leo. His energy is that of someone who will naturally be highly intuitive and kind due to his birth during a full-moon cycle,” she told MailOnline.

Lauren observed blue and green energies around the little prince, which meant prosperity, but that is no surprise. She also noted that those colors indicate he will be blessed with good health and have a way with words. “He will probably talk early,” she stated. She said his sensitive nature will “have a strong guiding hand in his mother.”

However, it may also cause friction with his dad over emotional issues. “This family will be led by Catherine, the strong, orderly, and grounded Capricorn. The energy they share as a family is very blue and purple. This color tells me Prince William will bump heads with his son on emotional issues, but they’ll always reason it out. She said that the color is yellow, a very easy, happy vibe,” she said.

Baby George was born on July 22nd, 2013, at St. Mary’s Hospital in London.

 The infant shares his sign, Cancer, with his father and his late grandmother Diana- the Princess of Wales. If he’d been born after 4:54 pm on his DOB, he would’ve been a Leo instead. That would have led him to share a sign with his great aunt, Princess Margaret, and Princess Anne. Catherine went into labor at 5:30 am that day.

Many have suggested that the full moon that approached at 11:16 pm the previous night helped bring forth the contractions. Prince William never left his wife’s side during her stay at the private Lindo Wing of the hospital. This hospital, located in Paddington, west London, is the same one he was born in 1982. Usually, Cancers are born between June 22nd and July 22nd, but the exact dates change a little yearly.

As well as sharing a sign with his father, the royal baby also shares a sign with other notable people. These include Nelson Mandela, Edward VIII, and actors Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, and Harrison Ford. Patrick Arundell, an astrologer, says that the future king will be more conventional because he is a Cancer.

He believes that had he been born the following day as a Leo, he would have been more of a groundbreaker. “Mars and Jupiter are conjunct in Cancer, which will give the baby a tremendous amount of go-get energy already in motion. Venus and the Sun are also in a magnetic connection which will give the baby a star quality and a sparkling charisma,” he said.

Did The Weather That Day Affect Bring On The Prince’s Birth?

“There has been much speculation regarding why the Princess went into labor. Some believe it was the full moon, some an electrical storm, and others think it was just “baby time.” Maternity wards are always busier when there’s a full moon. Still, no one knows if the moon causes women to enter labor. Mervi Jokinen is with the Royal College of Midwives. She states that midwives talk about how the full moon does cause a busy string of deliveries.

“It’s always sort of been an old wives tale saying that the full moon brings women into labor. Midwives usually say, ‘I’m on call, it’s a full moon, I’ll be busy tonight,’” she says. “There was a study about 20 years ago at a hospital near the River Thames. The Thames is a tidal river, and this study showed that they did have more births on the full moon.

The idea is that since babies are surrounded by water, the time of the full moon and the high tide causes the waters to break. But there’s not enough scientific evidence to show it’s proven,” she adds. Zara de Candole, a birth coach with Doula UK, says, “As a doula (birth coach) who has supported many women in labor, there does seem to be some link between labor kick starting and a full moon.”

Many also believe that electrical storms and a drop in barometric pressure can cause labor to begin. The couple’s home, Western Central London, experienced heavy rain, lightning strikes, and thunder just as they admitted Kate into the hospital. This weather event led some to believe it brought the labor contractions on.

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