Is There Such Thing As Christian Psychics?

Psychics exist in every culture, religion, race, gender, and age. Regarding having the “gift,” religious orientation doesn’t influence it all. So, do Christian psychics really exist? Psychics of every religion exist, including Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Atheist.

However, people with psychic abilities rarely claim to have chosen them. On the contrary, most of them were either born with the abilities or experienced a traumatic event that unexpectedly triggered the manifestation of the psychic gifts. Some people have tried to develop psychic abilities through research and experimentation, but very few have succeeded.

Why Many Believe That Christian Psychics Don’t Exist

satanic pentagram

Some Christians believe that only God, or one of his helpers, can have supernatural powers. They know things like foreseeing the future, telepathy, reading another’s energy, and all the Clair senses aren’t gifts everyone is born with. As a result, they believe any human claiming to have psychic powers is lying or in union with Satan or other evil forces.

For them, there is no doubt in the question of whether or not there are Christian psychics. Their answer is loud and resounding- “No!” But few can give specific or solid reasons when pressed to explain the basis behind their belief. They simply state that “the Bible says that only God can have psychic abilities.”  However, they can never pinpoint exactly which passage says this.

The Bible contains rhymes and puzzles, and people shouldn’t take what they read as literal. At the time of the Bible’s writing, times were different than they are today. Although they are firm in their beliefs, they cannot support those beliefs with written Christian literary facts. That leads people to believe they’re just saying what they think Christians should say and aren’t studying the Bible and coming to their own conclusions.

Is It So Hard To Believe That A Christian Could Have Psychic Abilities?

Another question we should ask ourselves is, “what makes a person a Christian?” Is it simply someone that believes in God and Jesus Christ? Is it someone that believes that Jesus Christ died for our sins, rose from the dead, and took our sins with him? Or is it a person who doesn’t go to church but treats everyone with kindness and respect? Is a Christian strictly someone who’s been “saved” and has given themself over to Christ?

Why should it be impossible for someone who believes these things also to have psychic gifts? And if God didn’t give them these gifts, where did they get them from at birth? Even men and women “of the cloth,” like preachers, ministers, bishops, and Popes, have taken actions that many would deem “supernatural.” Maybe they haven’t called it a “psychic phenomenon,” but that’s what it is sometimes.

Also, let’s think about prayers for a second. Christians ask for prayers when someone is going through a difficult time, right? Most of us have been there, praying to God or asking anyone who believes to pray for us. What are prayers when you think about it? They are a collection of thoughts and energy going out into the universe. It’s putting our intentions out into the world for manifestation, and that’s no different than what psychics do.

Was Jesus A Psychic?

jesus psychic

Jesus of Nazareth was an extraordinary human being, regardless of anyone’s belief that he was the direct Son of God. He walked on water, transformed one material item into a completely different one, and could read a person’s thoughts. He knew that person’s life history and could instantly cure a person’s sickness with a touch.

Jesus was even able to bring a person back to life. Are these not psychic and supernatural abilities? And if God made us in his image, why wouldn’t this include some God-like abilities? The fact is that no one, no human being at least, can convincingly answer any of these questions.

The Greatest Psychic Ever Known Was A Christian

Many people believe that Edgar Cayce was the most remarkable person deemed to be psychic. A devout Christian, Edgar Cayce lived from 1877 to 1945. He was humble and didn’t like getting much attention for his “gift.” He truly believed God gave it to him to help his fellow man. Cayce knew he had to reach beyond his life to change the lives of those around him. This highly revered Christian psychic had a decades-long daily routine.

He would lay on his couch, get himself into a trance-like state, and then answer all types of questions that people would ask him. Although Cayce acknowledged his psychic ability, he was constantly conflicted about being chosen to have his “gift.” He frequently expressed his opinion that all men and women should follow Christhood. He was also a Sunday School teacher for many years.

Do We All Have Psychic Abilities Hidden Inside Of Us?

The human mind has accomplished many remarkable feats over the last 100 years. We’ve accomplished things like splitting the atom, creating the internet, advancing computer technology, and finding cures for many diseases, to name a few. Many scientists believe that despite these advancements, humans have only tapped into a fraction of the brain’s potential. 

Some say that only 10% of the brain’s capacity gets used; others disagree and believe the number is closer to 1 percent. Can psychic abilities be hidden somewhere in the brain, waiting to be discovered? Are psychics, Christians included, born with their supernatural abilities unlocked? The reality is that researchers still don’t know the total capacity and possibilities of the human brain.

Modern Christian Psychics

christian psychics

So can there be Christian psychics in modern times? Of course, there can. Christian psychics today have similar views about it as Edgar Cayce did: that psychic abilities were a gift from God that needed to be used to help the lives of those around them. Christian psychics do not believe they are God-like or somewhat superior to everyone else. Instead, they see their “gift” in the same sense as someone who does their skills in art, medicine, or athleticism.

Most are very humbled about being chosen to possess these gifts. Many of them are reluctant or afraid to acknowledge the true extent of their abilities. They know how people might view them, especially other Christians like them. Christian psychics often choose not to have the gift if they could. They would prefer to live a “normal” life like everyone else instead. 

Can Christian Psychics Be Trusted?

trusted christian psychics

A person’s religion shouldn’t have anything to do with whether or not they are trustworthy. Every human being is unique; being a Christian shouldn’t mean anything. Is it possible for a Christian psychic to be deceptive? Sure. However, it is just as likely for a Christian banker, teacher, doctor, or other Christian professionals to be dishonest. People, as a whole, are honest and compassionate and only want to see the good in others, which holds true for Christian psychics and anyone else.

Should A Person Go See A Christian Psychic?

Christian psychic

A person who wants to see a psychic should choose one based on their talents and experience, regardless of the psychics’ religious preference. Many Christians may feel more comfortable seeing a Christian psychic because there will already be that common ground between them. If a person is a Christian, they will have the same love of Christ as another Christian of a different calling or occupation.

Christian psychics don’t claim to be Christ. Most psychics, including the most well-known Christian psychic, Edgar Cayce, tend to be overwhelmingly humble. Anyone interested in seeing a Christian psychic shouldn’t let the fact that the psychic is Christian determine if they should seek their guidance. Christians may discover that the psychic being Christian helped make the entire experience more comforting and moving.

Psychics come from all walks of life, including those that follow Christ. People considering using a psychic should spend more time researching the benefits others have experienced from them. They should also see how others who consulted the psychic felt about them. Learning how much they’ve helped other clients is more important. These things hold more weight than the psychic’s religious beliefs.

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Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. I have known that Christians who see the future with trances, visions, hear voices etc… Have a title. There are examples that are in the Bible they are called Prophets; Jeremiah, Elisha, Elijah, Samuel, Jesus, Peter….Cornelius, Anna, and Simeon….Etc…

    They knew things without having access to see or hear just in a natural way- They realized and found those things to be true through revelation….

    Balaam heard his donkey talking to him and an Angel with a drawn sword appeared to him…. All of these people where on a journey to help or deliver a message or to know something that could alter the fate of Nations, people or themselves… They were messengers for God and wanted to help God do his will or were chosen to do so…by God. Jonah didn’t get excited when God asked him to be his Prophet to Nineveh and Elijah struggled as well as Jeremiah with responsibility of carrying heavy words and weighty messages to those whom God had sent them to….Fearing both God if they didn’t and humans who would hate them for speaking truth….

    Today there are people who still get slighted for being the voice of truth and intimidated for going against the grain to follow their convictions despite what people would say, and there are still messengers…who still will…

    • I am a Christian and have psychic ability/awareness. The Bible does not condemn this in and of itself. After all, if all that exists is of God’s doing, even this quirky side of nature is His. Some, who aren’t experts in the Bible, will quote from Leviticus and Deuteronony to try and gain purchase in an argument antipsychic. A little research there yields that charlatanism is that which we are being warned about. Some tricksters of Biblical times used to even master a form of ventriloquism and claim the voice was that of a spirit speaking through a leather bottle, or “oboth,” common in those times.

  2. Absolutely love these articles and all speak such truth.

    Thank you all

  3. I have been studying this subject for many years and have learned so much. On the other hand I realize I know so little.
    My grandmother was a psychic in a sense. Her own daughters called her a freak. Strangely the same gift was given to me and my daughters think the same about me. But looking at it from their side I would say the same thing.
    However being born again and a Christian scholar I wanted to find out more about the subject. But the more I got into it the darker the paths had become.

    For you see it is a power of which demons can take the reins from you and distort it. So much so that I became intrigued of the ghosts who walk this earth only to find those ghosts were not of the people who had died and remained on earth but actually demons who were fabricating the dead to convince us that its not so bad on the other side.

    Does this sound freakish to you? Well it is to me also. I’ve been wanting to write a book on this subject called “The psychology of demons”. But having interviewed demons personally along with encounters with angels and Jesus has made me wonder am I over my head.
    But just recently I’ve discovered some things unusual. Subjects like divine intervention, mind healing, foretelling future events. (For instance I have been able to determine the sex of all 3 of my grandchildren correctly long before they were born including my first child a year before her birth).

    I have seen spirits and able to tell if they were of the devil or Godly. The list of all these events seems endless but so interesting.
    However I have questioned if I should come out of the closet? My wife and the preachers I have talked to all oppose my writing a book on this subject. But now that I know their is a godly side to psychic abilities I begin to see the good that can come from channeling the good side of psychics. My wife is a great example of the kind of research I would like to get into. She is a people person (unlike me) but so many times we have been able to read each other’s minds. She is pure of heart and easy to read since her spirit interacts with mine. The perfect subject with fantastic eye opening results!

    In my study of psychics most of them are in it for the money. Having met all kinds of psychics I am convinced it can be for real. But how much does it benefit the individual or society as a whole? That depends on the psychic. The subject is revealing to the extent of being horrifying to blessed. Let me explain …

    • A Christian psychic? Sounds too good to be true. This would regard health, stubborn conditions that can cause challenges. Do not want to offend the Holy Spirit but work with Him. Trying so hard to please God, receive His favor and get past this stuff.

  4. I appreciate and love the psychics that guided me on my life journey. I won’t say their names. I wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for them. However I must face my Pastor who is a Methodist and tell her I went to see psychics in my life. I go to a place called the Christian Health Care Center and I picked them out because they are Christian. Now my medical doctor doesn’t want to help me because he doesn’t believe in Psychics. My doctor thinks I am to religious because I emailed my parents a Christian prayer who are Jewish. If you can help me out without giving away any identities and offer advice. My email isn’t secure.

    • Hi Andrew. Most church’s won’t understand why you go to Psychics, they may even judge you harshly for it. They fear what they don’t understand, there is nothing evil or satanic about Psychics however. To them I would quote Matthew 7:1-2 which says “Do not judge so that you will not be judged. For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you.”

      I’m almost certain a doctor can’t refuse treatment based on your religious/spiritual views either, it certainly violates the Hippocratic oath and probably a few federal laws as well. I would report him to the board of medicine in your state and find another Doctor. Anyone who lets his personal opinions and beliefs get in the way of treating his patients is deplorable and more than likely a terrible Doctor to begin with.

      Andrew, I hope you find the strength and courage to continue visiting the Psychics that have guided you so well this far, despite the trouble it may have created in your life.

  5. Thank you so much for your article and the comments. Spiritual insight is very important. I had seven demons assigned against me. God interceded and led me to a Christian psychic who was discerning and helped get rid of them. Now I have holy Angels helping me. They are full of God’s love. I have grown spiritually so much since then. I encourage everyone to read and meditate on their Bible and let the Holy Spirit see you are seeking God. He will help you to grow in your Christian faith and day to day life. James

    • Thank you for your comment James. This is what I have been saying for years now. God and Psychics can coexist and help each other. Psychic ability is a God given gift not a black magic art. A gift given to certain people that should be used to help others.

  6. avoid the trap of believing that a psychic, even a real one, is never wrong. look at Cayce; he made many a prediction about the discovery of Atlantis, and they have all been proven to be dead wrong.

    also, it is wrong to make a religion out of psi, as the new ager’s do.

    being psychic myself, my experiences have taught me that nothing, psi or otherwise, can substitute for salvation that comes thru faith in Jesus. there is no substitute or ‘plan B’
    if anything, my experiences have only strengthened my resolve on that point.

    and when people talk of finding God their own way, i have to reply that they need to find God His way. “all paths lead to God!” the say. well, maybe, but only one gets you into Heaven.

    Psi is like keeping a loaded handgun around the house; neutral, but carries with it the potential for great harm if not treated with maturity and respect.

    • I agree Linda, no Psychic is 100% correct. The greatest gift God ever gave us was free will. Free will allows us to change our future. Psychics help you see the current path you are on so that you can change it if it is going to lead to a bad outcome.

  7. I know someone who claims to be a Christian psychic, but uses Tarot cards, Ouija Boards and various other means of divination which goes into the realm of being occult. Honestly, I feel this isn’t Christian in nature, but something else entirely. My belief is that if some Christians are truly psychic, and God has endowed them with special gifts, then they don’t need to use these things of divination in order to have the 2nd sight. It will automatically come. And in the Bible…it’s not necessarily being ‘psychic’, but having the ability to be able to prophesize which all linked to God and the Divine. There’s a difference.

  8. I do not know if I am psychic I could just be a sensitive. I really do not know anything about myself and I still am trying find out the person who God made me. Every since I could remember which was when I was 5 I have seen things. The first thing I ever saw was a figure that was giant in size and appeared to be male maybe.

    The figure was sparkling and for some reason I was not scared or maybe I was shocked because after a minute of staring at the figure I ran to my dads room. Sadly though there is a scary side to my abilities because I get attacked and have since I was 5 or 6 as well. Though I have seeked help since I was 7 I have found known. The second thing I ever saw a something on my folder next to my mirror and it had a read face and horns and it was laughing at me.

    I never used that folder ever again after that. My own daddy said if I prayed more I would not have these problems so he blames me which hurts. The third thing I have ever saw was when I was 15 and it was because I told my friend I get attacked and that night while I was sitting on my bed watching TV the TV went blank. In the distance you could see a Skelton moving slowly towards me and it kept getting closer and closer until I ran to get my mom.

    When we came back it was gone and the TV was normal again. The last thing I have seen was something that happened this year. I was laying on the floor next to my nieces. The whole house was pitch black and I hate the dark and always have. It was around 3:50 when I saw a green floater appear. I did not think anything about it until it started to come closer to me while it was going around some of the room. Then it finally got to me and hovered over me.

    I was so scared that I was shaking under my blankets until it was 4:00. Though I have only seen a handful of full figure things I constantly see orbs that are white and black, static or sparkles all over the wall even when its reflected in the mirror, I see flashes that can be bright or small though they are usually small, and I see floaters of anything I stare at or things that randomly appear in odd shapes. I have heard things like my name being called when I was 12 to 14 though the last time it happened was this year when I was reading a prayer.

    I started to hear voices all around me that were whispers in my ear. I turned around and they were gone. I thought it may of been the TV so I went and sat down again. Then a few seconds later I hear them whisper in my ear again. I then ran downstairs so I could escape the voices. I am sorry I run so much or flee in my story and I am sorry it is so long but this is the last section I promise. As a child and now I have felt energy’s though only when it was a bad energy because all I deal with are sadly bad things.

    About once a month from the time I was little I always had demonic dreams. In the dream I am running through my house and it is dark and then when I get to my garage I wake up. During this dream and other demonic dreams I feel sparks on my back for the whole dream. This feeling lets me know its demonic in some way or spiritual. I have also once had a feeling that someone was evil and guessed who they were. Me and my daddy were at the park and it was a music festival. It was dark so we were leaving until this man walked up to us.

    My daddy was tense while they were talking. I do not know how or why I got a vibe from him but it was the worst feeling I have ever gotten in my life about somebody. While walking out the park I asked my daddy if he was the man my mom cheated with. He asked me how I knew I told him I just felt something off about him and evil. My daddy said it was the man and It was my gift that told me that info. I do not know if it was a gift or really just good guess though in my family we have people who have abilities like mine.

    In each generation a woman has a spiritual Gift like my cousin who has dreams of the future and possibly a lot more. They both think I am the one who has the spiritual gift in my family though I do not really know. I am done know and I am also sorry again because I did not mean to talk about my experiences or myself so much I just want help is all and all the answers I can find about myself and who I am. Thank you so much for reading this I hope you have a great day.

    • Don’t apologize Marinda, thank you for sharing your stories. It sounds like you have some Psychic ability manifesting. Don’t ignore it or hide from it, it is a gift! You should encourage it and seek out things that scare you. There is nothing to be afraid of, you are blessed with this ability.

  9. Hello Ms. Angela,

    I wish this message finds you fine.

    I would like you to know that I’m sending this email for you, Angela; for a human being who is trying to help people get over any difficult circumstances they had or are passing through.
    I know a successful lady like you, must be a successful listener as well, and that encourages me, ask you to kindly watch and listen to the speaker on this video:

    I will be so glad to receive your feedback, dear.

    May the ” True God ” of this universe guide us to the correct faith and path………….ameen.

    • Hi Rose!

      This isn’t the place for a religious debate, especially not one about which religion is the “true” religion. Every religion believes their God is the “True God.” It’s up to humans to decide what they believe and accept that some people will not believe the same thing they do.

  10. Christians call theirs ‘prophets’ while calling all others ‘psychics’, ‘demons’, ‘devils’ and their favorite, ‘false prophets’.

    Bigotry at it’s finest.

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