Psychic Advice On Stopping Negative Self-Talk Once And For All

Do you talk down to yourself and engage in negative self-talk? If you do, you know how terrible it makes you feel, even if you know your words aren’t true. No one expects you to go around thinking the world of yourself, but constant negative self-talk can become a huge problem, especially if you do it more often than not. I spoke to a psychic from Psychic Source who taught me how to shift my inner voice from negative to positive for a happier life.

Almost Everyone Suffers From Negative Self-Talk

You’re getting ready for bed and can’t stop feeling bad about feeding your kids mac and cheese and frozen fish sticks for dinner. You tell yourself that if you were a “better” mom, you’d have cooked them an elaborate veggie-filled dinner. You’re getting ready for work the following day and can’t stop focusing and obsessing over your “flaws.” You keep telling yourself that if only you weren’t so lazy, you would make it a point to exercise more, etc.

While dropping your kids off at school, you notice the other school moms who seem to have it all together. Their clothes are on point, their makeup is flawless, and their kids are rocking the newest clothes trends. You berate yourself for not being “brave” enough to ask your boss for that well-deserved raise so your kids can have “nicer” things. Does any of this sound familiar? If so, please know that you aren’t alone! Almost everyone does it, but some more than others.

Negative self-talk now and then is normal, but the problem is when that’s all you do. If you never stop to think about the good things you do and accomplish, your blessings, successes, gifts, etc., that’s a problem. This constant negative inner voice keeps you from enjoying your life and can lead to depression. Luckily, you don’t have to be a slave to these intrusive thoughts. According to psychics, you can do many things to turn those thoughts around.

Why Do We Talk Negatively About Ourselves?

Several factors promote negative self-talk, ranging from overly demanding parents and trauma to mental health issues. The world is very competitive, creating an “eat or be eaten” attitude. Ads telling us we must be perfect at all times and in everything we do constantly surround us. That includes our appearance, behavior, work, and even vacations. It’s a sad reality that you can’t even take a family vacation without comparing it to your coworkers’ Hawaii trip anymore. Other factors include:

  • Anxiety about not being good enough or failing in life
  • Low self-esteem
  • Mental illnesses like depression or PTSD

Interestingly, even if you’re an adult who grew up in a healthy household, your negative self-talk can still be linked to your childhood. It doesn’t take much for your young mind to pick up on the tiniest little thing you heard and make it bigger. Maybe your mom never said anything negative about you, but you overheard her crying or fighting with your dad and blamed yourself for it. Or if your parents loved you dearly but divorced each other, that could fill you with negative self-thoughts. It’s time to release the grip your childhood self has on you so that you can be the adult you want to be.

Why Addressing Negative Self-Talk Is Crucial

If mean and hurtful thoughts have become your norm, it’s time to change that. Allowing these thoughts to rule your life will increase your anxiety, stress, and depression. In time, this will negatively affect your health. My psychic put it perfectly: “Negative self-talk disrupts judgement and causes self-doubt, which hurts decision-making skills.

Being afraid of failure can keep you from taking risks or taking chances.” You must take risks and chances to grow and develop beyond your comfort zone, where the biggest payoffs lie. Don’t let that negative voice keep you from trying new things or setting goals because that will only lead to stagnation.

Another thing that suffers from negative self-talk is your relationships with others. It keeps you from connecting intimately with a loved one or expressing yourself adequately. You should always feel free to speak your mind or express your wants and desires, but that voice might tell you you’re too needy or silly and keep you from it.

Not to mention, the more negative self-talk you engage in, the higher the chances of being the jealous type. It makes sense, really; if you don’t believe in yourself, you’re not going to understand why your partner wants to be with you, and in time, you’ll convince yourself that they DON’T and that they’re looking for your replacement. Jealousy is an awful feeling and a true relationship killer.

Quieting The Voice

Regardless of the cause of your negative self-talk, you can always fix and change it. According to the psychic, the first step is acknowledgment and awareness. You must admit that you suffer from it, and it is negatively affecting your life. Chances are, if you’re reading this article, you’re already there. For others, journaling and tracking thoughts can be helpful.

For most, working with a gifted psychic is the best way. They can identify when this damaging self-talk is happening and help you stop it in its tracks. Stopping it in the moment is such a powerful feeling. To track these thoughts yourself, be intentional and mindful. Pay attention to your thoughts, don’t just let them come and go as they please. When you have a negative thought, pause for a second. During this pause, challenge the thought.

For example, fight back if you drop cereal while getting ready for work and your inner voice scolds you. Instead of believing it when it says, “you’re so clumsy, you can’t even get cereal into a bowl,” refute it by saying, “It’s understandable that I spilled because I’m hurrying to get to work on time, so that I can make money to buy more cereal for my family in the future.”

You would defend yourself against a stranger who said something mean to you at the grocery store, right? Why’s it so hard to defend yourself against your bullying inner voice?? You deserve compassion and grace as much as anyone else. Challenge your thoughts and see accidents, flaws, and mistakes from a different perspective. There’s ALWAYS another side to the coin.

Visualization Is A Powerful Tool

Another method the psychic suggested is visualization. It goes like this: As soon as you have a bad thought, pause and picture it as a physical form instead of listening to it. “Imagine yourself catching the thought, wadding it up into a big ball, and tossing it as hard as you can into a trash can next to you,” she said.

You can also picture the negative thought as a balloon floating near your head. Now imagine yourself taking a needle and popping it as quickly as possible. Let it collapse, and throw the remains in the garbage. Different methods work for different people, and a gifted psychic can help you determine the best method for YOU. That leads me to my next point:

When Should You Seek Professional Help?

Not all negative self-talk requires professional help. Sometimes you’re just having a bad day, or someone said something that got under your skin, but you know it isn’t true. You probably don’t need to speak to anyone if you can differentiate between these lies and the truth. However, if the bad thoughts are all you hear, speaking to a professional psychic advisor can greatly help you improve your inner voice.

My psychic said that a good way to know is to pay attention to the frequency of your negative self-talk. “If talking down to yourself or judging yourself too harshly is your norm, that’s a problem. If that voice is louder than the one who praises and congratulates you, or worse, if that’s the only voice present- it’s time to consult someone. Psychics are an excellent resource because they use their powerful intuition, empathy, and extra-sensory perception to guide you away from that voice.

They teach you how and why that inner critic is wrong and show you how to cultivate and listen to your cheerleading voice that we all have buried deep inside. You know you’re a good person, you know you’re doing the best you can, and. You know you should be proud of yourself daily for still keeping on. Life isn’t easy, but from the moment your life began, you’ve been surviving- that means something. Give yourself the grace and credit you deserve by chatting with an authentic psychic advisor from the list below today! I promise you will not regret it.

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