Halloween Time Thins The Veil Between Spirits And The Living

Langhorne, PA- There are many different names for Halloween, depending on what part of the world you live in. Regardless of how you refer to it, we can’t deny that something spiritual happens in late October and early November. Does focusing more on spirits and ghosts during this time mean we have better chances of contacting “the other side”?

Psychic Source, the leading source of online psychics and the most esteemed provider of psychic services since 1989, states that you can make spiritual contact with the other side year-round if you know what you are doing. However, your chances of making that spiritual connection are most definitely increased on Halloween. Especially for psychics who are not as experienced as others.

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Even with years of experience, Halloween and October are easier to look past the “curtain.” This is because of an abundance of energy focused in that direction. “I know they say the veils are the thinnest during this time, and maybe there is some truth to that, “ says Psychic Source psychic Mena.

“But who’s to say if it’s that or the mere fact that we are paying closer attention at this time?” Another Psychic Source psychic named Shanti agrees with this statement. She states, “the heightened awareness of the public to the spiritual world (although admittedly commercial) makes it easier to connect.” Psychic Yoly believes that much of this has to do with all our Halloween traditions.

There Are Certain Things We Can Do To Increase Our Chances

“Having candles lit all over the house welcomes spiritual connections, and therefore spirit guides are more in tune,” says Psychic Yoly. “We magically sense a deeper level of spiritual truth as the spiders spin their webs at night,” adds Psychic Josephine. According to Psychic Karenna, if you want to “open the clairvoyant channel,” you can do so any time throughout the year.

You just have to use a professional, qualified psychic to do so. Still, getting a spiritual reading on Halloween is extra beneficial because “messages flow effortlessly” that day in particular. Psychic Monique states, “spiritual happenings occur 365 days a year, but you can most definitely take advantage of the spiritual focus placed on Halloween to make spiritual connections to the other side.”

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