Crime-Solving Psychic Works With Authorities To Locate Missing People

Angela McGhee is a crime-solving psychic. She believes that Malaysian Flight MH370 went missing due to political motives. She also urges the parents of Madeleine McCann to keep their hopes up that she is still alive. 56-year-old McGhee will be at the Isbourne Holistic Centre in Cheltenham, Great Britain for any of you located in this area and interested in hearing her speak.

She will discuss her work in helping authorities solve missing people cases, amongst many other things. Since the age of four, McGhee has known that she was different from other kids she knew, and she’s been receiving psychic visions since then. A nun from the Catholic convent she belonged to even became a spirit guide for her.

“It has taken a lifetime to come to terms with my gift,” says McGhee. “I just wanted to be like everyone else; no child wants to be different.” However, no matter how much she wanted to be ‘normal,’ her gifts were not going away. She then decided to embrace her gifts and began holding spiritual classes. These classes caught the attention of the local police department, and they asked for her help in solving a murder case.

She has since helped them solve hundreds more. There was one case in particular where her assistance was priceless. It involved the murder of a pub owner in Staffordshire, and her psychic vision resulted in the conviction of three men. Witnesses say she relived the attack ‘as if it were a film reel’ at court that day.

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McGhee’s Help Locating Missing People Is Invaluable

She also assisted in locating the body of a woman from Shrewsbury named Mandy Franks, who was missing. “I had a vision of where her body was going to be,” says McGhee. “I kept saying that it was in the water, but since it had been lashing with rain, it was 30 miles away from Shrewsbury where they were looking.” The body was exactly where McGhee had told them it would be when all was said and done.

Her visions revealed details nobody except the police officials working on the case could know. Some details the police were unaware of later showed to be accurate. The police department was so impressed with McGhee that the chief inspector endorsed her work in one of her books. McGhee has even foreseen events in her own life.

She has attempted to change the course of these events by warning friends and family about them. Unfortunately, that has never kept the event from happening. For example, she was driving past her daughter’s house one day, and a vision hit her. She saw smoke billowing out of her daughter’s home. She later discovered that her daughter spoke to a door-to-door salesperson the day after her vision and left a pot on the stove cooking.

Her daughter took longer than expected, and the pan started to catch fire and smoke the house out. “Another time, my son was going to Greece, and as he went out the door, I said, ‘Have a nice holiday but don’t go on a moped,’ said McGhee. “Of course, he didn’t listen and had an accident. But all I could do was to forewarn, and it meant it didn’t come as a shock.”

Her Predictions Are World-Famous

Several of her psychic visions have also been made and proven in front of the public’s eye. In 2006 she accurately predicted the winner of the World Cup, and Italy won as she had foreseen. When asked how she knew that, she explained her vision and said, “I felt after the death of the Pope, they had an extra man.”

She was also on a dating show once called Take Me Out and publicly predicted that her very own son would meet and fall in love with a northern woman who was 5’6” and had long hair. This prediction proved to be true sometime later. “Mark Wright (on the ITV2 spin-off show) said to Danny (her son) that he had a spooky mum,” she laughingly recalls.

When asked about current mysteries baffling people worldwide, such as the disappearance of Madeline McCann and flight MH370, she said, “I haven’t had visions, but I have a feeling that something underhand has happened,” referring to the missing flight. “I don’t think it’s a fault with the aircraft; I think it’s all political. I do have hope that authorities will make progress and they find the parts.”

On the Madeleine case, she said she’s been working with the police on this issue since she began getting visions about it on the 2nd day of her disappearance. “I saw barren land, tall trees, and boulders,” she said. This vision was the village of Monchique, and they discovered that a pedophile ring had been operating near the town. This newly discovered information gives her parents hope that they’ll find their daughter alive.

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  1. Madeleine is in Spirit. Perhaps you are seeing where her body rest, it’s unfortunate that this case base been manipulated and publicised to cover up a crime against a child of which clouds any clear vision in phychic ability.
    A Cadaver dog alerted 11 times to articles & property of the McCanns other physical evidence points to parents involvement ,but unfortunately not enough to charge them as it seems they have people in high places to protect them & themselves from a scandal.
    I ask how can there be hope for a child in the grips of a peadophile ring I think death would be the better option.

    • The dogs were used months after the event happened and after the car & apartment had been rented several times over. Dogs are only reliable if they’re tracing a scent of an U contaminated crime scene WITHIN 48 hours! Also if you watch the video of the dogs you will notice that they bark and react to spots where their handlers are clapping and drawing attention to. It’s a complete farce. When you couple this with the fact that there is a very high ranking VIP pedophile network operating in Portugal where police have been accused of coverups and stalling other missing child investigations- the water gets muddy indeed. For instance, did you know that detective Amarillo- the one making money of this unfortunate event, has never even met the mcccanns? Did you know that he is accused of beating the mother of a missing local girl, in custody until she agreed to sign a confession that she accidentally killed her daughter? Look up Casa Pia scandal in Portugal and this other case and a very different story begins to unfold. Madeleine was kidnapped and the police DOD cover it up.

      • If you search net or ask on #mccann where you can find the confession recorded on film of her Uncle confessing to Joana’s murder,you also forget to mention that the child’s mother got 6 mths extra for perverting the cause of justice as she lied about the beating which was carried out by other prisoners. Goncarlo Amaral the lead detective was charged for the same crime for signing some document protecting his officers who were under investigation. He did not carry out the beating.

      • Hi Laura I think the Eugene Zapata case blows your statement out of the water. He moved his wife’s body around and the Cadaver dog marked each property where the body had been some 30 yrs after the murder without no body present. Police dog handlers always point or guide a dog to where they want them to search , maybe you need to watch a few documentaries.
        I have also found this article which you can pass on to other people who spread propaganda to deflect from the truth.

    • One should always think of hope that madeline mccann will be found alive. No body then she is alive

  2. I would try anything to find my daughter so why don’t they let Angela McGhee go to Portugal and try to find maddie even if they are not convinced about psychic abilities anything is worth a try or maybe they know the answer….

  3. I can’t get that little girl out of my head! I have so many emotions over it, please even go over there for a holiday and shed some light

  4. I am a medium and have recently connected with Maddie. She is in Spirit, and I know the story of what happened. I also know roughly where the remains are. I am working with Maddie to tell me where exactly it is, at which point I am hoping to get this info to someone to check it out and finally put this case to rest.

  5. I, too, have received — I’m reluctant to even say it, for fear of being criticized — but information psychically and I, too, feel Maddie is in spirit; that she died from an accident in the apt., that she died the day prior, on May 2nd, but that the accident happened because she was running away from a person, was running to hide behind the sofa, but slipped and hit her head — causing the blood on the underside of the tiles — I also feel she broke her back — I also feel she was NOT being pursued by any abductor; that the abduction story is just that, a story. I strongly feel she did not die instantly and perhaps could have been saved if she had received prompt medical attention, but then her body held other secrets which could cause problems and an investigation. Rigor mortis “comes and goes.” The body will go into rigor, become stiff as a board — origin of the term of a dead person a “stiff” — and then it will leave. When rigor leaves, the body begins rapid decomp; that said, slow decomp also begins approximately 90 to 120 minutes after death. Cadaver dogs trained by this same man were instrumental in the conviction of a man in the US where I believe they hit on an area in the basement which happened 27 years prior. Do not use that as fact, but he was the first person ever to testify in America — the dogs do not solve the crimes. They are but one tool of the many available to investigators. the police solve crimes.

    There is also another person involved, not of his own choosing/volition. He was specifically called on to help hide her body afterward, on the 2nd, because the people who did this, knew he, by law, had to keep their secret.

    But for whatever reason, this is August 2017, Madeleine wants to be found — but her body has been destroyed — but she wants the truth to be known — this terrible secret has played on the conscience of the 3rd unwitting partner, and I feel he may soon confess his part. He has already confessed to another professional who is required by law to keep his secrets.

    The above is merely my feelings on the case. I do strongly feel her body was kept, in essence, in cold storage until it could be moved to the place where it was eventually destroyed. And of course, it all could be a pile of fluff — but she died in fear, she was crying, and the people who were supposed to be her champions “let her down.”

    In any event, God bless little Maddie; may she find peace in the light and love of God — she also wishes that peace for her parents, whom she loved very much. Her message to them is always the same one she gives me — “only in truth will you be set free.”

    • It crossed my mind that the priest in Praia da Luz knows. 2 hours later I read your comment.
      I have also believed for some time now that Madeleine died by accident in the vacation apartment, her parents discovered her dead body and – as cold and ”rational” as they are – they decided to hide her body until they have buried her somewhere in Praia da Luz.
      And my thoughts were that the local priest knows their secret or a part of it.

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    MISS JENNIFER JANE GARBETT October 17, 2020 at 9:12 am

    Angela Mcghee is not a very good psychic at all, came to my house all of her reading were really bad. She still owes me money which she has not returned.

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