Psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker Predicted World Events; Now Gives 2017 Predictions

The psychic who predicted the attack in Nice, France, Brexit, and Donald Trump’s presidential win has shared his 2017 predictions. So far, psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker has predicted a volcanic eruption in Iceland, a fire in the House of Commons, and a deadly flu epidemic. Other visions he foresees include:

  • A drought in the United States.
  • A flood in Europe.
  • The discovery of an ancient creature that looks squid-like in Egypt.
  • A biological terrorist attack on a school.

The British 62-year-old psychic releases his predictions every year on his website,, and for 2016 he accurately predicted Britain leaving the EU, the resignation of David Cameron, and Donald Trump’s presidential win.

Last year, his predictions on the website also included a gun attack in an art gallery that happened and a terrorist luxury resort attack. This year his predictions are shocking and hard to believe, much like last year, but here they are anyway:

  • A kidnap and assassination attempt at the Vatican on the pope that results in murdered Swiss guards
  • The discovery of an ancient giant squid frozen in ice in Egypt
  • Inadequate maintenance causing a massive fire at the House of Parliament
  • America being divided politically between East and West, with gun crimes and soaring riots
  • A flu epidemic that is worldwide
  • Kim Jung-un overthrown, and North and South Korea united as one country as a result
  • A biological or toxic attack on a European school
  • A release of unsavory documents regarding Hillary Clinton that causes her to resign from politics
  • A clash in the Euro, which results in Italy and Denmark leaving the EU
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