Interview with Rheda the Ordained Minister from Psychic Source

First I want to thank you for taking the time to sit down with us and answer a few questions. We appreciate your time.

I am honored to give you my time and always I am open to share my heart, so thank you for the opportunity. Love and light and gratitude I send to you.

Let’s start from the beginning. When did you first learn about the Psychic world?

I have always been aware of the ‘Psychic’ or ‘Spiritual’ world. I don’t recall a time when I was not acutely tuned in to the ‘other’ realm of the ‘Spiritual’ world. Born into a traditional Baptist background; faith played a huge part in the overall development of my psychic gifts.

At age four I had a profound spiritual awakening; a result of authentic communication to the entity and introduction of Jesus Christ. Shortly afterwards I began to comprehend that I could actually see and hear spirits of deceased people.

I was also ‘filled with the spirit a few days later.’ Filled with the Spirit is a religious term for ‘speaking in tongues.’ Glossilalia some call it; I suddenly had the ability to pray and sing in other languages; then I was able to interpret what I had heard and then write songs from that knowledge.

The Baptist faith typically discredits this gift of Glossilalia; so naturally my mother was quite astonished. I am certain she must have thought me ‘mad’ for years. My imaginary playmates had names I couldn’t have known to make up; it was the little things like my friend ‘Cassandra’ those really Psychic things that occurred all around me all the time that made me different.

Noises that go bump in the night seemed to intensify when I happened to be present; so much so that many of our relatives thought that our house was haunted. I suppose it was simply the ‘good spirits’ communing and preparing me.

While in college I fell in love with actress Shirley MacLaine while studying theatre and journalism. I began to read her books and I had a few epiphanies. It was her open spirit and her teaching that transformed my Baptist upbringing into a spring board for a lifetime of personal searching and spiritual growth.

She planted seeds within my soul with her writing became a light unto my path; eventually pushing me out of my traditional comfort zones and ‘out on my own limb.’

How long have you been giving Psychic advice professionally?

My first undeniable experience with my gift transpired over 25 years ago. I traveled with a professional entertainer for several years as backup singer and tour manager. During one of our visits to Texas to see her family in between shows I held a newborn baby.

While holding him I suddenly had the knowledge that he was going to die. I told my friend and on the bus we prayed for God to spare his life. Upon arriving at our next destination we were shaken to discover that the child had passed because of an undetectable heart condition.

I was so upset that the child was not spared; I couldn’t understand why God would tell me this was about to happen if he didn’t intend to save the child. I know now that it was God’s way of trying to get me to understand that I am an authentic seer.

I finally reconciled that we sometimes know things for no apparent reason and that this is when we must fully realize that we are not in control. Directly I have been giving professional psychic guidance for over 25 years.

What made you decide to give readings professionally?

My spiritual teacher in California threw a deck of oracle cards on a table and told me to ‘read’ for a girl who had shown up on her doorstep for a reading. She, my spiritual teacher Nancy was a veteran reader that I had commissioned to perform spiritual work for me in order to help me go to the next level of spiritual enlightenment.

I was mortified! However, the ‘fear of God’ combined with the ‘wrath’ of Nancy that always lived just beneath the surface of ‘Nancy the psychic,’ was far more frightening that my potential failure. I began the reading simply because I didn’t know what else to do. The spirit of the girl’s deceased grandfather came through immediately giving me his name and occupation.

This particular girl had no closure with the death of her grandfather because she had not been present when he died. He was able to deliver many comforting message that brought instant healing to her. She began to weep and I saw the healing begin to flow through her.

All the years I had spent trying to learn the Bible the virtue of Christ, holiness and the ‘secret’ of healing with traditional faith suddenly dimmed to the miracle I now witnessed. I was bowled over and had no clue what to do or say next. It was surreal. I knew for certain in that moment that my career path had been thrown a curve ball; and that I would never be the same on any level.

The Universe has a way of proving itself to you. It will prod, push, and spew hot coals if it has to; but in the end it will get the message you are meant to hear across. I realized that even with all my gifts of music and writing etc, that my intuitive abilities were the greatest catalyst to actually help change people’s lives and promote overall evolution within the Universe.

Connecting the human family and its overall evolution is the most important thing to me personally and I finally had finally come face to face with my greatest fear; that reading was the best most beautiful approach to being an authentic healer and comforter. I knew that day that ministry for me would never be traditional, nor did I want it any other way.

Why did you choose to partner with Psychic Source to give readings?

I researched their professional standards with regard to client integrity and found them to be revered in the industry; initially I was drawn to the amazing reviews and reputation that they have kept intact over the past 20 years.

I decided to partner with them because they give leeway to the diversity of psychic gifts and do not interfere with one’s ability to ‘read’ naturally and organically. There also appeared to be an openness and readiness to facilitate professional growth from within the resources of the company while maintaining as much individual freedom each of us needs to work as a professional readers and healers.

I loved their professionalism and the sense of family and team effort that they put into everything. Psychic Source has many of the top psychics in the world and I was honored to be chosen to be one of them.


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Psychic Source has the absolute best psychics available anywhere. Their rigorous screening process means that Psychic …

Many believe that Psychics derive their gifts from the devil, or dark spirits. Do you struggle with this as an Ordained Minister?

How did you deal with it?

Now that is a loaded question and this may take a while, so bear with me. Yes, I have actually been ordained in the United Christian Church for closer to 20 years. I became a devoted lover and student of the Bible early in life; in fact my mother taught me to read the Bible before I entered first grade.

Originally I planned a career in television evangelism. I attended two very prestigious Bible colleges; I was actually blessed to have studied the Bible under the direction of some of the most advanced and inspired Bible scholars of our time.

However, it became quite clear that my unwillingness to ‘accept’ everything I was told as if it was the absolute ‘truth’ would prove to make me a spiritual ‘black sheep’ in certain Christian circles. These ‘certain circles’ that rejected my more modern approach to ‘judge not’ were the people I needed to propel my ministry forward; so I suffered being an outcast; and years of trying to shut up and ‘fit’ in; finally I was forced to face the fact that I would never be accepted nor would any of my gifts.

I prayed, cried, cursed, blamed God and everyone else; and then finally like a light bulb going on; I gained the ‘grace’ to accept myself just as I was. Often made to feel as if though my gifts of prophecy or music were obsolete in the Christian world; it was in the midst of this that I let go of any hope of ever using my gifts to serve God and help others, or so I thought.

I made a cross country trip that changed my life and the course of my destiny; a trip with a party of two; namely me and my Dog Frank Sinatra, big blue eyed Wolf-Great Dane hybrid. Well a party of two and a few dozen unseen entities. During the course of my travels I discovered that I was a natural born psychic.

I used my intuition, oracle cards, pendulum, prayer and meditation to determine which restaurant to approach each day to sing for tips that evening in order to get to the next town. All the money I had was what I earned singing each day. At the end of 3 months and 4 days I completed my journey.

I thought all along that it was my prolific gift of songwriting and entertaining that had scooted me across the country successfully. Long story short; I wound up trading my guitar in for tarot cards and my songs for predictions. My book ‘SongPeddlar’ about the entire journey is nearly finished.

As I pushed through the grueling path of this passage I came to realize that the spirits I had been taught to believe were evil were actually guiding me and that without them I wouldn’t have survived. I suppose that because I was reared in an open family where we could talk about anything I accepted early that God was able to choose for himself what he would use to connect with each of us.

I came to the conclusion that the entities and gifts being used to honor the spirit of humans and God could not possibly be ‘dark’ or ‘evil.’ I had wrestled and prayed for many years about it all. Then on this path toward the unknown I discovered I had held the breath of truth I had been searching for in church and Christianity my whole life right in the corridors of my own humanly beating heart.

The path itself was made clear to me and as I began to see through the illusion of believing that Psychic gifts were of the ‘devil,’ I found constant comfort from all my spirit guides, the Angels, Michael and Gabriel to mention a few, the teachers that appeared out of ‘nowhere,’ became too obvious to ignore. At the end of my cross country trek and the end of the day I had been granted a solid and deep knowing that there was something very Holy about ‘peeking’ through the veil.

Still I had to convince myself that it could be true; so I researched the Bible and exhausted all my own arguments until I arrived at the shuttering testimony of Jesus himself as perhaps the greatest ‘seer ‘of all time. As I read the passages of Jesus and the woman at the well, the story of Jesus telling the disciples where to go to find the colt I knew it was true.

I was going to be able to do the same things he had done and maybe even some things he hadn’t had time to embark upon. The New Testament lists and names the gifts of the spirit and they yes, they were the spiritual gifts spoken of by the Apostle Paul. I realized that there were levels of enlightenment and that Christianity and many other world religions are the basis for which most spirituality often takes it first roots and begins to grow within the human heart.

I found peace in knowing that my gifts which served my brothers and sisters were God’s hand and voice to the hurting hearts, the misguided or lost souls and I felt honored, convinced and grateful that God’s wisdom had given the foundation of Christianity from which to teach the depth of God’s secret wisdom.

What are some of the obstacles that you had to overcome personally when you discovered you were Psychic?

I guess the greatest obstacle was a life time of religious teaching that I would somehow ‘blaspheme’ the Holy Spirit by communing with familiar spirits. And I had to get through a spiritual passage. On two different occasions I had to hit ‘rock’ bottom in order to fully hear the voices that were trying so hard to give me heavenly messages.

I gave away or lost many possessions three different times in my life. I suffered violent persecution from different religious leaders whom I loved and admired. I endured a very difficult and humiliating time while living in California when I actually had a two year stint of living in my car, so I could afford to pay a spiritual teacher.

There were times when I actually questioned my sanity, but I with my faith in God and connection with the Holy Spirit and Christ, the Angels, teachers and guides I fought through it and arrived at the conclusion that I simply had to move forward at all costs both literally and figuratively.

I worked at the Santa Monica Pier for several years giving $5.00 readings and working a full-time job just to pay my teacher. While living in my car I had to shower in the backyard of my friend’s home with a water hose and finally the greatest test of all; I was forced to find a home for my dog Frank Sinatra in order to move forward on the journey.

A broken heart, years of struggle, trial and a lot of error behind me I can candidly say my greatest obstacles was my disbelief. Well, happily the Universe has made a believer out of me.

How does your family feel about what you do?

I am blessed with the Ultimate open minded family; and remarkably I was reared in the heart of what some may consider ‘back woods Appalachia’ where one might simply assume upon first glance prejudice might abound.

On the contrary my parents have always had deep faith in me as a person to make the best decisions for my life and they’ve always taken comfort from knowing that I had a deep spiritual life that always gets me through anything. Devout Christians they are profoundly proud of my gift; and they are constantly telling people that I’m a ‘famous psychic.’

They gave me ‘roots and wings.’ They are exceptional people who fully embrace the ability of God to use anyone or anything he creates for his good. My dad readily tells everyone that I’m following in Jesus footsteps. He actually considers me more a preacher than a prophet and that is okay with me.

Although I must admit I love being a ‘seer.’ My mother proclaims I am a perfect angel, using my gifts to heal the world. Even my most skeptical kith and kin proclaim in my favor that if God can use ‘Balaam’s Jackass, ‘donkey’ he can use anything.

Actually they, my family are my greatest cheerleaders. Everyone in my family has always treated me like royalty regardless of my choice in career or personal matters. I have a great family and did I mention; my great grandmother was a Native American Medicine Woman; so this ‘psychic phenomenon is not ‘news’ to them.

The fact that most of them are Baptist they would much more readily accept me as a ‘psychic’ than a preacher; preachers being reserved by ‘God’ and tradition for those of the male determination. LOL

What gifts do you possess, and how do you use them to help your clients?

I have all the traditional psychic gifts; clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience precognition, used in predicting future events and post cognition used in medium ship or connecting with the deceased. I am a medical intuitive and I am able to perform energy work for healing; including Native American Energy Work, Reiki, Angel Therapy and Chakra alignment, sealing and balancing.

I also have a method of healing that I developed for use with clients called Dimensional Vibration Healing which is prayer and meditation infused with the direct energy of The Holy Spirit for the purpose of healing the chakra system, as well as, many common everyday illnesses.

I also use meditation, visualizations and past life regressions to heal emotional imbalances and teach people to manifest their dreams. I am a life coach and spiritual Christian counselor. I utilize Prayer as the basis for all the above gifts.

What is the most extraordinary reading you have done?

Oh my goodness; that is not for me to say. I believe they are all extraordinary; I believe its okay to say that because they have so very little to do with me personally. I mean, I am simply a willing vessel to something much larger. Every reading is like the first one; they are all as unique and lovely as the soul seeking the reading.

I love connecting as a medium and as a seer equally, but I relish with delight when departed loved ones show up giving closure to grieving family members. Maybe that is in part due to the magic of the first reading I performed where the young woman’s grandfather came through, I don’t know.

I would have to say that every reading I give that astounds an individual and causes them to grow or become more enlightened to the truth of God in some fashion, facilitating spiritual growth and perhaps reconnecting them with their own faith is possibly the most valuable readings I give.

Well, at least to me personally that is one of the most validating. Honestly I can’t say really which the best or most extraordinary is; asking that would be the equivalent of asking a mother to choose her favorite child. Any and every time the Angels, God, the ‘Good Spirits’ Ascended Masters, Teachers and departed loved ones see fit to enter our space it is always extraordinary.

I continue to be amazed every single time I get names and dates, and places during readings. I’ve learned not to judge them because I never want to insult the spirits and I realize that they have exactly the perfect information for each person seeking them.

Ironically sometimes the readings I feel to be weak or not as dramatic seem to be the most revered by the client. I suppose or I hope at least, that I have not yet performed my most extraordinary reading; I pray I never do, for I would never want to take the ‘gift’ for granted.

What is your ultimate goal in this life?

Wow that is a huge question. I simply must break the answer into categories; as I have many goals and dreams I simply can’t be limited to only one. There is so much to achieve and relatively little time to accomplish it all.

Ideally and Spiritually I hope to continue to polish my spiritual gifts and hone my skills and techniques to the highest level attainable for myself and my souls evolution in this lifetime; and with that evolution I would like to fully awaken my spirit; becoming a living picture, a witness if you will to the a place of ultimate highest good for all humanity universally.

I dream of continuing my work as a seer, medium, healer, author, musician, singer-songwriter and spiritual teacher- and Christian minister until I am well too old to even think about not doing any of it anymore. In other words; NO RETIREMENT PLAN!

Professionally I would like to write at least 50 books on spirituality and as soon as ‘SongPeddlar’ is completed my next book will be on ‘Twin Flame’ love and the different paths toward manifesting that love. The title is tentatively ‘Threading Twin Strands.’ I would also like to facilitate programs that would teach young people the power of meditation, prayer and manifestation and have those tools taught, accepted and reintroduced into public and private education; alongside the fundamentals of reading writing and arithmetic.

Arithmetic, now that dates me doesn’t it? I hope to become a leader striving toward bridging the gap between secular and sacred, God, The Goddess, Buddha and Mohammad and the countless other spiritual entities; facilitating an inner connectedness between all God’s children.

And perhaps throw in world peace as an additive. Dreamer, that is me…I believe the future really does belong to those who dare to dream. I would like to aid in educating people about the alternatives of holistic and spiritual paths for true authentic healing for major as well as, minor illnesses. And I would like to use DMV to cure souls suffering with mental illnesses.

Publicly I dream of being able to utilize the platforms of television and radio to do mass readings similar to John Edward and; ‘Long Island Medium’ Theresa Caputo; although I prefer to work in a ‘theatre’ style setting. And, for the ‘Record;’ the title will be ‘Appalachian Seer.

In the end my ultimate goal always is simple and simply put; it is to strive for excellence in everything I do spiritually, professionally and publicly. Above all I pray to love each soul I encounter everyday and somehow awaken the ‘light’ within them, to follow paths of purest highest love for all, at all cost; and in doing so, to honor God with all the blessings and gifts of which I have been entrusted.

My motto is ‘Live to laugh, laugh to heal, and pray to grow … Evolve!


Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

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